A Big Thank You To Auntie Jeanne and Dollbaby From TJ

phonegirlNovember 13, 2011

Jeanne & Dollbaby sent TJ this new outfit when they Welcomed Teegan with her new purple outfit. Isn't it darling? So warm and fuzzy and pink is her color.LOL

Thanks for thinking of TJ while out shopping. Your so sweet. We're getting our first snow!


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Oh, that should keep TJ nice & cozy while looking out at your first snow! I'm sure it may be a bit big...but she looks great! Pink is definitely her color!!!

I buy DB 6 mos up to 12 mos & sometimes I just safety pin stuff in back neckline & rubberband sleeves. So I hope that works for TJ, too! LOL!

She looks adorable! TFS, punk! Jeanne

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Jeanne, this was a great fit and I din't have to alter at all. I see I'm really far behind on the posts so will say 'Thanks Again' and you made my day.


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How adorable. I love her vest! And definitely Pink is 'her' color. Tho she might have to forego it for a Xmas outfit. LOL.

I'll get some pix of Teegan soon.
hugs, Karen

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Karen, I do have a Holiday dress that belonged to DGD that I plan to dress her in for Christmas. Hope it fits or she'll be wearing her snowflake jumper from DGD. I set my TG table in pink today so TJ would match.LOL

I would love to see Teegan again soon.


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Yes, purplemoon, go ahead & be crazy with us! (talking to & dressing dolls!) I saw Teegan in your album when I posted the Inspiration albums earlier ...& she so needs to come out of the closet! She is so darn CUTE!!! ;-) Jeanne S.
Do you have a 'sled' she could sit on? LOL!

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I agree that TJ is definitely a 'Pink Girl'.
She's is so sweet looking. My DGD would love her - AND her Pink Clothes (her favorite color)!
Auntie Jeanne picked out the perfect outfit!

Karen...we're waiting on Teegan to come out and play. Also her two little friends are getting excited to see her too!


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Ok, ok...LOL. I'll try to get some photos tomorrow. She is out of the closet and in her high chair (with a pillow to make it fit better). She's in my study and Mr O still has no clue. Perhaps he never will. ;o)

And yes, Jeanne, I DO have a sleigh she could sit on.
Haha. (tho I hadn't even thought that far ahead!)

hugs, Karen

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Karen, I've searched all over the net trying to find you a high chair pad set like TJ's for Teegan. The few I've found are UGLY colors and we can't have that.LOL

Jeanne, I have a lg white sleigh with a white santa in it and I have a sled.hum The sled is old and not in great shape but... Not sure I could pull santa out of the sleigh but TJ would probably fit. Also found DGD's Angel Cheeks that is just like Dollbaby's while going through some of my Christmas stuff. Hope we can find one for Teegan. Would be neat to have matching Angel Cheeks for all the girls.

Oh what fun with these girls!


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Thanks for the 'hunt' you've been doing for Teegan, Punk.
The bed pillow I'm using has a pink sham on it, so it looks pretty good. The reverse side is brown, so can use that too. It was on my oldest granddaughter's bed when she lived with me one summer. Don't know how I ended up with this one sham but hey, it works! And the bed pillow is actually perfect for her to fit in the chair now! ;o)

My GW has almost nothing it seems, or I suspect stuff for children and babies gets snatched up real fast. So many of our local Mexicans shop there, and its a great place for them to clothe their little ones with the economy so bad.
They usually have big families and I know it must hard on them especially.

Sorry no pictures today. I decided to clean out and organize my garage. Was out there for hours, got half done. My body is screaming, and I want to scream myself as I found some "missing" things I don't need NOW. Stuff I'll probably lose again before the next time most likely. Arrrggghh.
And I still have so much to do out there but I probably won't be able to tomorrow. Hopefully will remember to get photos of Teegan tho.

hugs, Karen

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