Quick survey: What Range/Cooktop do you use?

roanjohnJune 21, 2012

Knowing that the participants here at Garden Web are knowledgeable when it comes to ranges/cooktops - would like to know what you guys use at home...... :)

More interesting if you guys can elaborate on pros and cons etc...

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Viking Induction Range -- only a week old but induction rocks..I cant believe how controllable the heat is ...plus simmer is amazing ...

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Kitchenaid Architect Series II Induction cooktop

-Induction rocks (for details,see thread "you know you have induction when...")
-mine has bridge burner
-KA has minimal clearance requirements, can put a drawer right below it
-power boost
-11" burner

Cons: KA regulates heat level by turning magnets on and off, producing soft clicking noise at low and med temp settings. Also hums or buzzes softly. Annoying at first, but I got used to it.

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Thermador CIS365GB induction cooktop. We've had this exactly 2 weeks, so I'm still on the steep part of the learning curve.

-Induction - can't believe the speed, responsiveness, steadiness and evenness of heating
-Power - Thermador has 13" element, most powerful single element available, 3.6kW normally, 4.8kW on boost (more than 34,000BTU/hr). DH thinks he can weld with this! Sears beautifully.
-Controls - very easy and intuitive, sensible layout, lighting etc.
-Safety - no more singed potholders! The cooktop shuts off if a pot boils dry, or if it overflows. Neither has happened yet, so I'm just quoting from the manual
-None of the humming or other noises reported by owners of induction cooktops

- can't use my huge collection of aluminium pots, including vintage Magnalite, Calphalon in every size

Thermador also has SensorDome which I haven't tried yet. It's supposed to keep pots at a steady preset temperature. I ignored this feature when buying the cooktop because others told me it doesn't work. I plan to do my own testing.


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30" NXR NRG3001 Gas Range

- Best price point for what you get than ANY other stove.
- Great burners, all 4 are 15k BTU and all 4 go down to a super low simmer
- Nice oven, convection.
- Very nice Infrared Broiler
- Heavy duty stainless oven racks
- Heavy duty cast iron burner grates
- Oven door stays cool to the touch

- Harder to find than most
- Wasn't free

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DCS all 30 in. gas/propane range. The simmer on all 5 burners can't be beat, infra red broiler, bakes and roasts great. I prefer a range because I broil fish and the vent over the range removes all odors. I prefer gas because I like to cook when we have power outages.

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Fori is not pleased

I have an older Jenn Air downdraft range, electric. Ummm, it's electric and I don't like that but the convection oven is really good. I don't use the downdraft because it isn't vented properly.

It IS however a good quality appliance and it's not its fault that it's an electric downdraft.

Came with the house. Not my choice. Sokay.

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Bertazzoni Professional 36", 6 brass burner cooktop,

Dual Power Brass Burner: 750 - 18,000 BTU/h
2 Rapid Burners: 750 - 11,000 BTU/h
Semi-Rapid: 750 - 6,200 BTU/h
Auxiliary: 750 - 3,400 BTU/h

The cooktop is stainless steel and very easy to clean. It performs wonderfully...and I love the dual power burner!!!

No cons sofar!!

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GE Monogram Pro 36" 6 Burner Rangetop


-18K BTU on all burners
-All burners the same size
-Double stacked burners for super low simmer capability
-Grates flip over to hold a wok for stir frying

No Cons so far.

Our ovens are wall ovens and also GE Monogram Pro 30" Convection that have worked perfectly so far.

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Bosch 500 series 36" Induction cooktop.


Kitchen doesn't heat up.
Cleanup is easy.
Heat control is magical.
I love the controls, about 17 or 18 power/heat levels.


I have to relearn timing for all foods as things heat up much much much quicker.

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Miele 36 inch induction cooktop.

Control is fabulous.
Cleanup is so easy I don't even bother to put down newspapers, even when I'm doing something messy.
Love the burner configuration
The turnoff timers are handy
Power, high and low. Sears beautifully, brings water to a boil incredibly fast. I can get a true simmer on stocks, melt chocolate without a bain marie and never scorch the rice (see above on turnoff timers).
No nooks or crannies to catch dirt or crud. (A major issue with my last range)

If my fingers are really cold, it might take a sec to get the sensor to recognize my touch. I can live with that.


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Samsung Induction Range

Responsive burners
Love the convection oven to roast turkey and duck
looks great

Odd burner layout but that has not been a problem for us
Fan noise but doesn't bother me
sometimes I too easily turn off the burners while cooking

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Bluestar 36" 6 burner gas range.

22K open burners
Ease of cleaning
Cavernous oven size
Rock solid and even oven temperature
Infrared broiler
Ball bearing mounted oven racks
Simplicity of design
No sophisticated electronics to break down
Available in any color

Oven not self cleaning
$$$, but worth it.

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Annie Deighnaugh

36" GE induction cooktop

Most delighted with it...it heat boils water so quickly yet I can keep a cream sauce warm without boiling it or melt chocolate without a double boiler. I also like being able to gently use it as counter space as need be.

You do need all new cookware and you do need to learn how to cook with it...mainly turning the burners down at regular intervals to keep it from burning things as the pan and the surrounds heat up.

30" GE trivection oven....still not sure on this one. I've had some real success and some not so success...I think it's practice and familiarity with using the speed bake feature. Success: 3lb pork loin roast cooked to perfection in 30 min.

27" Viking convection oven....love it...I use it more than the GE oven and it is a pleasure, though learning curve too as tru convection takes longer to pre heat but faster to bake than recipes call for.

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GE 30inch freestanding induction range. Love it! Arrived the week before Christmas.

-see above re:induction, also some good threads here to look at
-can cook with a paper towel under the pan if cooking something messy, though it cleans easily since stuff doesn't get baked on
-warming drawer. Thought it would be storage, but to my surprise we actually use it!
-oven is great so far, though I don't really bake. We often sear steak in a cast iron grill pan and finish it in the oven and it is fantastic, better than the old range, maybe the convection helps?
-I like the electronic buttons
-power boil setting!

-have to click multiple times to set burner temp, though it's not really that bad
-display is a liitle hard to read at night, buttons are not back lit but do light up when touched. In fairness, we have no lighting above the range, our OTR MW is limping along without lights, blowers, or a handle until the remodel.

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Kitchen remodeled 3 years ago and all major appliances new at that time

GE Profile 30" induction cooktop
fit nicely in 30" cabinet without need to shave sides
all the reasons for induction YEAH

KitchenAid single wall oven with convection mounted under countertop
matched the KitchenAid 36" wide counterdepth refrigerator that stands next to it
has one heavy duty roll out rack that I haven't used because I don't make heavy roasts
has convection roast for baking in deep pans and convection bake for flatter cakes and cookies
broiler has setting for heating the middle of broiler only

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LG LCE30845 induction cooktop (since 2008). It replaced a Jenn-Air induction cooktop that we purchased in 1999, so we are almost a third of the way into our second decade of induction cooking.


o Exceptionally skinny under the countertop,
even slimmer than our former Jenn-Air; we keep all
of our spoons, spatulas, etc. in a drawer immediately
under the cooktop.

o Relatively low current draw: rated at 32 amps,
which gives an extra margin of safety for our
40 amp wiring.

o Relatively quiet, and the cooling fan vent is
above the counter and does not vent into the
space below the counter.

o Inexpensive (relative to the "my cooktop can
whip "your cooktop" bragging rights brands) and
inobtrusive (no "styling" gimcracks to call
attention to itself).

o True bridge burner: a third element activates
between two round elements to make a continuous
large oblong element for a griddle long enough
to cook bacon without bending the slices.

o More than ample power for any task we ever have
thrown at it.


o Cooling fan on/off is related to whether an element
is on or off, not according to the actual temperature
(that is, it is not thermostat-controlled). So
far, this design decision has had no adverse impact.

o Liquid spills onto the touch control ares confuse
the cooktop's logic, requiring a power off/on cycle.

o Steps between power settings on the burners seem to
fall short of full linearity: that is, the step
between, say, the 3 setting and the 3-1/2 setting
seems to be a slightly larger increment than
the step between the 3-1/2 setting and the 4
setting. (But that is a difficult matter to test

o It's an LG, which means that if the cooktop ever
needs to be serviced, Lord help us; LG customer
service is nonexistent. (We have been lucky so

BOSCH convection wall oven (circa 2000 vintage) mounted under-counter in a standard counter cabinet.


o Short vertical dimension allows us to have a
shallow drawer underneath the oven for spare oven
racks, cookie sheets, etc.

o Analogue controls. Personal preference: we
prefer visually assessing settings from the position of
dial pointers to reading digital settings and we prefer
turning dials to fingering touch-pads.

o Concealed bottom element under the oven floor
so inside-oven drips land on easy-to-clean floor instead
of on or under the heating element.


o None.

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Another advantage of the LG with bridge burner is that it comes with a stainless griddle that fits the bridge burner (at least it did last year). I have a bridge burner on my KA, but I've only used it for making pan gravy because I don't have the long griddle. Finding a good, light-weight griddle for induction is not easy, although as time goes on they should become more common.

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Thermador PRG366JG. with 22" high back (great place to keep plates hot while oven is on).
Pros: cavernous oven, full sheet fits. oven has all settings i want from self clean to roast.
enameled burner surface, easy clean up, 22k on one burner, 18k all others, true simmer and non clicking xtralow setting.pedestal burners easy to clean beneath.
have convection micro same badge MCES is model. great for single baked potato or anytime i don't want to fire up the beast.
and she is a handsome addition to my kitchen.

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I have an old Kitchenaid cooktop (16 years old) - no induction. Electric. Only cons I can think of after all these years is electric isn't as flexible as gas in terms of temperature regulation (which may mean lifting a pot off a burner instead of turning off the heat). OTOH - we don't have gas here - and I didn't want to install a propane tank. Other con is rim around black cooking surface is white enamel over some kind of metal. Paint can chip - and we repaint once every 5 years or so (easy job with spray paint assuming one is good at using lots of painters' tape).

Big pro - I am 64 - and have been assembling a great collection of pots and pans for decades. I am still able to use all my great original Magnalite stuff and similar. Couldn't stand the thought of having to throw away pots and pans that I love. Robyn

P.S. I also have separate Kitchenaid 30" double ovens.

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Kenmore Elite 36-inch induction cooktop next to a Cooktek 3500-W wok induction hob.


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36" miele induction cooktop
the best.. would never go back to gas or electric coil (had both).
all the reasons cj47 gave.

wolf "e" series single wall oven. love it.

miele mastr chef speed oven..use everyday..great appliance

am really hard pressed to find any cons...
the one is the glass tray in speed oven is hard to clean.. i have to use the razor blade on it every once in awhile but other than that have no complaints.

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