another facebook issue even for those not on facebook

ravencajun Zone 8b TXJanuary 20, 2011

Facebook Photos: Opt-Out or Tag You're It


"Sharing photos is one of the most popular options for Facebook users. More than 100 million people are tagged in photos each day the Facebook blog posted proudly in December when Facebook made photo tagging easier with facial recognition software that suggests people's name to tag in photos. The software groups similar photos together with suggested names of friends who have been tagged previously. If you love posting pictures, this is a handy feature, but if you didn't want to be tagged? Too bad, so sad as the burden to untag yourself is on you.

Worse, still, if you don't want to be part of Facebook ... this feature alone could more-or-less "force" you into joining. That's because the only way to control if your photographed identity appears on the social networking site, is to have an account that sets privacy settings."

"What if the photo is not an adult, but of children at family gatherings or birthday parties? Should children be allowed to be tagged in photos? It happens and many parents resent it."

That really upsets me, I want no part of facebook yet someone can put my picture up and then it is up to ME to police it and I MUST join facebook to be able to do so.

Wrong wrong wrong.


"An opt-out instead of an opt-in privacy policy is ludicrous, yet why should Facebook change its ways when this is its standard operating procedure? Time and again, Facebook violates privacy first, then fixes the problem after a public outcry."

They try to get away with it hoping no one will notice and then when it backfires on them they act all innocent and opps sorry let us fix that. How many times can they get away with that BS.

and then people wonder why they show up on search engines!!! or even worse their child's picture is found on a pedophile site.

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I fully agree. I do not have facebook, don't want it and refuse to post grandkids and greats on the internet, just for the reasons you stated. It is also happening on YouTube as shown by the gal that fell into the fountain. Someone from the store posted her picture and now she is talking to a lawyer. Good for her. Picture phones the same, who is taking your picture and where will it end up on? Stuff is showing up on certain search engines that is true for me and I really do not like it. no pictures, just addresses. Sad to say, I think my information came from KT, thru no fault of theirs.
Oh, by the way, how can I get the information off of the search engine?

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I don't like the idea of being tagged either but of course, the only people tagging you in pictures are friends, family, and acquaintances. Obviously a stranger can't do it, so a good place to start might be to tell those folks that you would appreciate not being tagged.

Seems to me that it would be easy enough for Facebook to change the tagging system so that you can only tag those who appear in your friends list. Of course, they don't have a lot of incentive to do that.

It should be pointed out that Facebook is far from the only pace pictures can be tagged.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

unfortunately no Mike it could be enemies or those frienimies that once were friends and are no longer, often times they would do things like that simply because they can and they know it would be upsetting. Those people likely would not honor a request to please not do that. Or people that just get off on being A-holes they seem to be abundant.

Also some people have been in groups or clubs etc and are no longer part of them, pictures of groups end up and not everyone in the group pic said it was ok to plaster their image every where. In fact I have been in pictures as a by stander and found my pic, had no idea it was there was never asked to be in a picture or to have it posted.
Used to they had to ask permission to use your pictures and get signed release forms. Not to mention just being the polite thing to do.

the thing about facebook is the opt out feature not opt in which makes if a bit different ballgame.

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I don't know what to tell you. I don't think it's right either but I'm not sure what could be done about it. I suppose you could take some kind of legal action. I don't know if it would be against Facebook (or whatever site) or your family, friend, ex-friend, etc.

With something like Facebook, as I said, it seems likely they could set something up so that photos could only be tagged with people from your friend list. There are plenty of other sites that allow tagging as well.

I think we're in a new age.

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PKponder TX

I was going to say...who is posting the pictures? Maybe make it completely clear to friends and family that it's not ok to post pictures of you or your kids anywhere. Really, anything on the net is fair game, not really an answer but I'm not sure how it could be stopped otherwise.

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My Face on FaceBook

I have sent that link to all my chilluns and told em don't. I said, "I want nothing to do directly, indirectly or otherwise with Facebook or any other similar program."

Any pix I want them 2 C,
Will be mailed on a CD.

M. I. Paranoid? Yup!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I was not posting this as a personal problem this is not something I am having a problem with, I am probably on some peoples facebook pics but no one would use my real name so no problem(although it would be nice to at least be asked), this is just one more of the things facebook is doing that is done wrong and is meant as a heads up to those that did not know it was happening. My guess is that most people have no idea it is set up this way including those with facebook pages. The people that I know who have facebook pages (family members, friends) have limited pc knowledge, limited security knowledge and very little knowledge of all the facebook settings and changes, much like the average user. They need the heads up each time these changes are made.

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I have a facebook account not with my real name and do not put any personal info. or people pictures on it, also the security settings are friends only not friends of friends. Face book is sneaky they change the rules and don't tell . One that is worse is they put your address phone number, map to your house , what your house is worth your personal wealth and hobbies and other personal info . you have to jump thru hoops to have it removed . They are facing a class action law suit .

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Facebook, etc.,. Is that a teen thing or do "adults" use it? If "adults" use it, Freud would ask "Why?" How does one know if his/her name and picture is on a Facebook type site? These are rhetorical questions of course.

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My face book is mike fakename and hidden from search and hidden if not friends. Yet,, I can search Yahoo for Mike fakename and find me - nothing to see but they then see my friends.

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My facebook is mike fakename, and hidden from search and hidden if not friends. But,, I can search Yahoo for Mike fakename and it finds me - nothing to see but they then can see my friends - so I compromise my friends privacy.

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I tried it with a fake name and didn't like it, I had much rather visit or call someone. I watched a Criminal Minds episode and I know it is fiction, but "on the net forever" was right on. People post when they are going on vacation, where they are going and when they will be back. It's open invitation to "take what you want from my home."

On my last search for my self I didn't come up with anything. Years ago I would search for my ID and would find posts that I had made in forum such as this.

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