Blue and White Christmas Decorating

kswl2November 5, 2012

One of our bedrooms is blue and white, and I have part of my collection of Scandinavian Christmas plates on the walls year 'round, which gives me a leg up on holiday decorating :-) I usually have a 3 ft tabletop tree decorated with small Delft-type ornaments, as well as a few white wood reindeer for the shelves. I'm interested in how others decorate around blue and white or use those colors in Christmas decor, as I'd like to add something to the room this year and am looking for ideas.

The painting in this room has been framed now, but this shows the white thingies on the shelves. Last time they were on the armoire

A later, non-Christmas photo:

The tree (not fully decorated but the only photo I have):


Across from the bed:

The color on the walls is a muted but saturated gold, the furniture is all a medium fruitwood and the flooring is a neutral sisal type carpet.

Ideas greatly appreciated in advance!

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I think it's gorgeous!!

The only thing I may do if you want to add something, is maybe some snowflakes....don't know why but winter/blue/snowflakes go together for me.

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Snowflakes are a great idea! I use a flocked garland along the shelf above the bed at crown molding height and could hang a few snowflakes from that! Thanks!

More ideas welcome!

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You're very welcome.

Looking back at your pics....I don't know how much 'bling' you are comfortable with, I may even add garland on top and the sides of your mirror with snowflakes hanging from there.

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In general I am not too much of a bling person, lol, but i could definitely see some nice Christmas garland of the string type somewhere on the mirror. Those Christmas plates are there year round. In fact the reason I have a blue and white room is to provide a home for them :-) I don't think they would mind being draped with stars or small snowflakes!

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Wow, what a beautiful bedroom! & the colors blue & white are so pretty! I can add just a couple things & they are 'if it were mine' ideas... I'd spray some 'snowy' stuff on the tree before decorating it ... or even the possibility of using a white tree if you like that idea...but the spray snow works wonders for 'lightness!'

And of course, 'snowflakes' like GGail says above ... even some 'silver' or 'glittery' ones would looks great! Love that 1st pic w/your white Holiday accessories on that ladder type shelf! Have fun with whatever you decide! & glad you posted! Jeanne S.

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Hi kswl. I don't have much to add, other than you might browse google (blue christmas decorating ideas)and look at photos there.
My main bathroom has blue walls, so I always do blue and silver and white decor in there for Christmas. If you have some large cloches or 'jars', fill them with ornaments in those colors. Add some sparkly snowflakes in the bottom to enhance the look. You can spray paint pinecones in blue also. I'm a big fan of painting pinecones, LOL.

hugs, Karen

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I looked thru our Forum's Christmas Inspiration albums and found these blue decor photos. They might give you some ideas. I'm also posting the link for our albums for everyone again...getting that time of year. ;o) The link opens to all the tree pictures, then the sub albums are listed on the side for various others things. Mantels, centerpieces, etc. Somewhere over a 1000 pix in all, and more to come this season of course.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: Christmas Albums for Us

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Thanks for the additional replies---- it seems everuone likes the idea of snowflakes, and I am already looking for them! I am especiallly thankful for the pictures and gallery link. What a treasure trove of images and ideas!

We start decorating Nov. 16, as we have some early events this year. I'll post photos of how the bedroom turns out, and again, many thanks. Sometimes it just takes a fresh eye to look at a space ....I do tend to try to recreate the same holiday decorating each year just from sheer laziness, I think, but I always enjoy the parts that have been freshened up the most!

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Kswl, Welcome, beautiful room! Love the gold with blue color scheme. You have me thinking I might be changing out my black for Blue! I'm ready for a change but haven't wanted to repaint. I have some blue dishes in the closet that never come out too.Hmmmmm

Love the idea of adding snowflakes. glitter and snow. Seeing Karen's pictures should give you some ideas too. The corner ladder shelf w/white tree and deer is stunning.

Hope you will continue to share pictures of your Holiday decor with us.


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