Fall Decorated Hutches and Buffet

phonegirlNovember 6, 2013

I couldn't reset the table w/o redecorating the hutch and buffet some. Here's the new fall looks. As you will
see in the photos, my lg pumpkin platter had fallen and I didn't realize until I opened the door to take a
close up shot. Thank goodness nothing broke! I added some fall leaves and grapes, turkeys, figurines, etc.

I added my white tureens, DM's thumbprint plates, Green Turkey by BORDALLO PINHEIRO plates
and most of my turkey platters. I've hidden most of my pumpkin bowls with lids and for the life of me
can't think of where they are. Hoping they didn't get donated this summer.sigh

DD brought me more dried hydrangeas so placed them up on top.

I still have the painted Fall In Love tray I painted for DB. When he was here for Christmas last year
he wanted to take it home and I couldn't find it.

I picked up this red Casa Cristina Collection Vase for $3. The price tag on the bottom is $49.99.
The lamp was a quarter.Score

This china cabinet has been left out since I bought my lg one. It does have my Tea Rose turkey
platter on the top shelf tho.

Enough playing tonight. Hope you enjoy looking.


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Enjoyed it, loved it!
Everything is perfectly placed and layered.
You have so many wonderful pieces, I can't take it all in.

Will have to revisit later.

Fabulously Fall!!


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Like Candy said your Hutches are Fabulously Fall.
Now I have turkey platter love. I cannot, will not, start another collection!!!!
Seriously I have no where to display them.
And it's really nice visiting your home and looking at yours.

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O M G, Punk, it's like gorgeous hutch-mania!!! Beautiful!!!

Like you, I have "hidden away" so many things and it's getting so I can't find what I'm looking for at the time I want it. Or worse, I am finding things that I completely forgot I bought! :p I definitely need to re-organize and box and label stuff. Good luck with that, right? :O)

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Marlene Kindred

Well I was going to start naming all of the gorgeous things I loved, but heck, I love it all!! Your platters, your pumpkins, everything! Your hutch looks like it should be in a magazine Punk....great job!

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Punk...your cabinets look amazing! What a beautiful
display of FALL! So many lovely collections..love all the platters and tureens and well just about ALL!
Wonderful decorating arrangements.

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Well I am lovin' so many, many things here, punk ....

I love that cabinet w/all the 'whites' in it & still think the criss-cross pattern on the doors is wonderful! ...a showcase! And speaking of 'white,' I love the white turkey platter, pumpkins, & those tureens are always to DIE for ... look so very cool in your other cabinets.

Also your variety of pretty colored pumpkins! Awesome! Everything looks wonderful ... I just made a remark in Jane's post about what you said about downsizing .... ;-) It's all wonderful, punk! TFS! Jeanne S.

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What a great eye for decor you have!

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You ladies are sooo sweet with all your comments. So glad your still enjoying seeing the cabinets decorated. I'm sure redecorating it all the time will eventually wear off. I have so much Christmas that it will be hard to decide where to start.


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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE every single thing. Not only do you have wonderful pieces, you have such a knack for displaying them. I love Fall, and seeing your collection is the best eye-candy!!

Have to laugh over you losing things too, could be a tight race between you and I on that. Tho I don't have near as much as you to lose. LOL. Maybe when you repack you should do a VERY detailed list of what you have and where you put it. :o)
I keep trying to do this each time I put stuff up, but somehow I still manage to lose things. Usually 'new' finds I've brought home during the year and stick anywhere I can at the time. Its not good to find Xmas things in the Easter cabinet tho. LOL.

I will be having to look at these pictures over and over to take in everything. WOW!!
hugs, Karen

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Thanks Karen, I think the problem here is I have to many totes for each holiday. I didn't go through all the fall and Halloween totes this year. When the season is over, I can't wait to stuff everything away so I can move on to the next.haha

I have so many Christmas totes and alot of them I need DH's help to get them down. So I grab what ever is handy at the time and start decorating. I haven't even thought about how I want to decorate the tree this year. Most years I have my color scheme idea way ahead of the season. There is only 40 some days till Christmas so I need to get on it.LOL

Thanks again, Punk

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