Appliance help please!! Looming deadline

canuck82June 27, 2012

Hi everyone,

My builder needs us to finalize our appliance package, but I'm getting confused and overwhelmed!

We were going to go with:

Subzero fridge

Miele double ovens master chef

Miele steam oven

Probably Wolf induction

Miele speed oven (instead of microwave)

Bosch dishwashers

However, I'm reading about the temperature problems with Miele ovens. Our designers would like to keep the look consistent, but I'm wondering if it makes sense to go with wolf ovens.

Any suggestions/feedback? I'm scared to make these huge purchases and then to regret!

Thanks in advance for your help!!

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There is no evidence the Miele oven issue has been resolved with software update. Maybe it has or maybe not.

I would not jump into that mess knowingly.

I would look at Wolf or Gaggenau. For the steam ovens too. I prefer Gaggenau. Their steam oven is plumbed no water tank.

The best product Miele makes is their dishwasher. I would get Miele dishwasher(s) over Bosch.

Wolf induction is good but also look into Thermador. They have a 4.6kw power hob. Cheapest one with 4.6kw hob is $3k.

Full surface induction by Thermador is $5k.

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We just not have seen much proof that the Miele oven temp problems are fixed. I do believe there "May have been" just one poster" that bought a new one and did not have any problems, alto I think they said they had not actually measured the oven temps.

Most of us here in GW buy the best appliance for the job, few of us are into the ""Matchey Matchey Thing", especially where we "Might" take a hit performance wise trying to buy all appliances from the same manufacturer.

I have not checked other sites recently (in about a year) to see if folks are still having problems. Some sites to check are Chow Hound, Epinions, Fixya, ADMadison oven reviews, or just "Google Miele oven temperatures" and check the date of the posts.

If I had to choose between the 2, I would get the Wolf, alto fortunately I Had more choices and bought the Elux more than 5 years ago now and it performs very well, has 3 gliding racks instead of one, and has been trouble free.

Good luck with your pending purchases.


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Thanks for the quick feedback!

I will look to see if I can find a gaggeneau dealer in my area. Plumbed in sounds awesome!

So now I'll look at wolf double ovens and a Gaggeneau steam oven. Do you think I would also get use out of the speed oven or should I save money and just purchase a comventional microwave?

As far as the Miele dishwashers go, my husband is concerned that we are too lazy for the cutlery tray....or do you just get used to it?

Thanks for your help and patience with me! This house building stuff gets crazy ( especially when sleep deprived with a newborn!

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How much value you get out of a speed oven varies widely between individuals.

Some people love getting cookies done in 3 minutes when children are waiting or having dinner done withing 15 minutes of getting home from work.

My life is slower paced than that. I skipped the speed oven but some people use it more than their convectional oven.

As far as Miele dishwashers go the time used in placing the utensils in the cutlery tray is time saved storing flatware.Plus, flatware gets cleaner and dry spotless in the cutlery tray. But you can buy a flatware basket from Miele or use an old one in the Miele and remove the cutlery tray if if you wish but I would not recommend that.

If you walk into a Gaggenau dealer you must check out the side opening conventional ovens. They are fantastic, no need to pull out racks to get your pans.

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I agree in general with the "matchy matchy" statement above (especially since I am gradually replacing 15-20 year old appliances as they die). But it does kind of depend on how imposing an appliance is - where it is located in relation to other appliances - and whether things that don't match exactly at least coordinate (or contrast in a pleasing fashion). My kitchen is "all white" - and I think it's easier to do this with white than SS finishes judging from appliances I've looked at lately. Robyn

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We recently got the Master Chef Miele Speed Oven, regular Oven, Warming Oven, Dishwasher and Cooktop. I was concerned about the temperature so I made the installers callibrate the oven. They said that the problem is caused by not being connected to the proper 240 v. (should not be 220 v.).

My temperatures are as set and we've had no problems. We use the speed oven for everything, unless we need a bigger oven. It's wonderful, much better than my old microwave. The drawer in the dishwasher is very useful and roomy and the dishwasher even warns you when you need to check the filter.

Hope this helps.

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"As far as the Miele dishwashers go, my husband is concerned that we are too lazy for the cutlery tray....or do you just get used to it?"

Be reassured that it's not an issue. In fact, we find it easier to load flatware with the slots than dumping them into the traditional baskets. And when it comes time to remove them and put them in the drawer, it's so easy that I can't imagine going back now.

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Very timely post for me... Just got the summary of appliances with prices from the store we're buying from. Yowee! Even though I knew roughly what our total would be, there still is a bit of sticker shock. I tried to look at lots of oven/cooktop options, I kept going back to Wolf. Everyone that I know that has a Wolf cooktop and/or oven loves them. We are definite on the Subzero ss so with the current SZ/Wolf rebates, it works for us. I am trying to save on the microwave oven and will look over everything again before "writing that check"!

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