What is the the typical width of fascia?

swampwizMay 12, 2009

I was wondering what the is the typical width of fascia. Also, is this typically a set height to match some manufacturing standard, or is just something that the framers just cut to.

This is important because there is a correlation between this width and the length of eave and the relative height of the soffit (as well as the thickness of the rafter.) I'm trying to figure out what this relative height would be.

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The vertical height of the rafter tail.

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normally we use a 2/6 for the fascia board on the rafter tail so it would be 5 1/2 inches

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Everything depends on the slope of the roof and the design of the cornice or roof overhang. There is no standard size to my knowledge. If you want to understand the detail you should draw it to scale.

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Every one is different. I usually use 1x8 fascia's and frieze boards. I like the roof to have a more substantial feel and I think this does it. The style of the house sometimes affects this as well.

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I got a house with fascias made with 1/2 x 7 inch exterior plywood (actual thickness)). Most I see are 1X6 pine board 3/4 thick.
Is this a code violation in GA? Can it be a problem. Previous fascia was wasted due to no drip edge and roofing way past due an oil change.

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