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autumn.4May 26, 2012

Hello all-

I have attached (I hope) a floor plan that I mostly like and a cubby plan that I found on here posted by Summefield - it's awesome and a pantry picture also but I can't remember who's it is (sorry) but it looks very organized and spacious without having a walk in pantry. I think I've given up on finding an already made plan that meets all of our needs. I tried messing with this plan using ms paint but that didn't work out so well. :(

If you would be so kind to take a look at the floor plan I attached (I've circled the areas that are troublesome) and let me know if you think I can fit these additional items in without changing the square foot too much? It's 1816 sq. ft. and I'd like to stay under 1900. I am definitely function over form and do not want any 'wasted' space or rooms we will not use.

First off - we don't need a stairwell up - we aren't planning on building the 'bonus' room but we do need the stairs down as we will have a basement - walkout or daylight.

Wishlist using the current plan but with mods:

Mudroom that runs the width of the house out to the end of the garage to possibly have a door and stoop as we have a dog and I think that would be helpful (plus added daylight). I'd like it to house washer/dryer/chest freezer (31.5x22), cubbies and possibly a landing station? I do want to keep a storage area in the garage but maybe moved or rotated to accommodate the mudroom?

Powder Room (doesn't have to be big).

I'd like a closet or place for a bench or something off the foyer for guests coats. I'm okay with the flex space being smaller or maybe the door positions changing?

What do you think of those linen closets by the 2 bedrooms? Wasted space? I guess not much else you can put there.

Kitchen layout - it appears to be mostly open but a little secluded from the great room which I like. It doesn't look like there is room for a double oven. I don't think it's a deal breaker but I might like one? Does it seem to flow okay? Do you think it HAS to have a door into the flex space? I'm a little bit nervous about how open is too open - don't think I want just one big room. I have no idea given this design just how big that pantry will be? My current kitchen is 10 x 10 with lots of trouble spots - fridge and stove in awkward spots, peninsula that closes it off.

Thank you all for any input. Couldn't get shutterfly to work so I opened a photobucket and that was simple enough. :)

Thanks again in advance. I appreciate any and all input - even if it's regarding another area of the plan.

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Sorry - one last thing. Do you think it'd be possible to reconfigure the master to have his/hers closets? It seems like a lot of open walkway space....


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I think, this plan can be reworked as you like; but also search here for phoggie and a plan by summerfield for her. Actually, I found the link; look below.
This plan is officially smaller than your 1800 sq feet idea; but it might be worth looking at how it was arranged and how that might work for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: phoggie's plan by summerfield

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Thanks kirkhall. That is a very efficient use of space, summerfield does great work, amazes me. It still leaves me lacking a few things-but fixes others. I am not very good at picturing things in my mind or knowing how much space is needed to hold what I envision. I marvel at those who can. I keep trying to picture how our needs may change as our kids grow up and eventually we become empty nesters...dont want to then have to downsize....decisions decisions!

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Oh and I did find a plan that summerfield did that was nearly perfect for is, only issue was its 2200sq ft. too big. Bummer!

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Post that one up too. Maybe we collectively can meld the plans to something around 1800 sq ft that fits you better. And/or maybe Summerfield will weigh in too.

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Good idea. Summerfield drew this up based on this person's specific needs and incorporated them all. That said - my needs/wishes are a little different but please don't take this as me critiquing to diminishing the plan she drew. I think she does a fabulous job and it amazes me how she can get things so well over an e-mail conversation. :) Overall it's the right layout for us, just not dead on. I'd also love to see the exterior facade of the home. I'll post a picture of what we like as far as that goes too. I'm not sure how that works as far as what you can do on the outside with a given layout on the inside.

The things I love:
The overall layout of the home.
The split bedroom layout and configuration of the bedroom/bathrooms
The laundry mudroom area

The things I'm not sure about with this layout:
The bedrooms (kids) could be smaller.
The kitchen is pretty open and in the middle of the house- I like the other kitchen set up better - and there is no kitchen window which I'd prefer, I'd actually love a garden window in the kitchen
The coat closet for the entry looks like it's out of the way
I don't need the desk in the hall (would prefer a dropzone in the mudroom).
I would like a bathtub in the master.
We do have a king sized bed.
Not sure about 2 entries into the house from the garage. In this plan it's perfect so you can easily access the kitchen and the laundry so I guess I'd see myself using the kitchen but I'd want the kids to use the mudroom and not sure that would always happen.
Maybe the stairs could be moved and the pantry.

Ack - I don't know. I'm not good at this stuff.

Here is the link to the other thread with summerfields plan and a pic of the exterior that we like.

Thanks again for all of your input.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thoughts on my Ranch floor plan?

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Very Doable. :)

What I suggest, is to email Summerfield with these 2 plans and ask that they be modified to make them smidge smaller.
It will actually be not that hard (I don't think).

But, since they are Summerfield's designs, it'd be best to let him/her tinker with them a bit to preserve the creativity there. And you never know, someone might have had a very similar request to yours before from somewhere else in the archives of Summerfield's computer (not GW) :)

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Hi Kirkhall-
Relieved that you think it's doable.

I'm not sure how to e-mail someone on here? Do you mean put up a posting directly to Summerfield? Can people e-mail me? How does that work? I found all the pic directions in the kitchen forum maybe I'll check there for e-mail instructions too.

Thanks and enjoy the holiday. Had to kick the air on today. It's unseasonably warm/humid this weekend here in MI.

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To email Summerfield, find a thread where she has posted a message. On her post, next to her name is a "My Page" link. When you click on that, you'll go to Summerfield's page. There you'll find a second link that says "Email me". Click that and write to her. GW will forward the email directly to her.

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Hi Bevangel! Do you have any good ideas for this poster? You are also good at this.

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I did send her a message -thanks bevangel for the instructions.

All input is welcome. :)

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Sweet of you to say so Kirkhall but I'm visiting family of town for the next couple of weeks and am stuck using a borrowed MAC laptop that doesn't have my CAD program on it. And if there is a MAC analog to the PC Paint program anywhere on this thing, I can't find it! I feel totally handicapped w/o my favorite tools so I'm begging off from responding to any design help questions till I get back home.

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