Fall/Thanksgiving Bakers Rack decorated today!

jeannespinesNovember 11, 2012

A unusually warm day here ...sunny, windy & some cloud so I worked on my Baker's Rack on the outside patio ... decorated for Thanksgvg/Fall:

Here's the bunny shelf:

Another bunny view:

Then hop on down to the next shelf ... old enamel pan that I grew Herbs in this yr ...moved it to Bakers Rack today...still has 'Sage' growing ...added a blue pumpkin & some goodies:

Bottom shelf ...it was getting dark...gets dark early now w/time change ...I gathered pinecones from the woods & filled another enamel pan that I bought yesterday for $5 @thrift shop:

And here's the full view ... nasty weather coming tomorrow & for the week...cold, cold & rainy...we need the moisture. So, I still need to 'tweak' a little...I've added some pinecones to the greenery I cut today ...but I'll wait for a nicer day. Happy Fall/Thanksgvg to you, Holiday-ers! TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

WHOA! I just used Photobucket's NEW * IMPROVED downloads...sorry for the size! I'll work on that next time!

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Everything looks fabulous, Jeanne! I just love decorating with things collected from nature!!! When I was young, one of my jobs was to collect "ground pine" for my mother to make her holiday wreaths. :O)

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I'm lovin your Bakers Rack Jeanne. It looks perfect for this time of year.
The bunny is terrific, and the insulators add the right punch of color.
Somewhere in my basement I have a kettle like yours, I'm going to dig it out.

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Darn you! Now I want a bunny shelf. How very cute :)

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Jeanne, once again your bakers rack looks wonderful
all decorated for the Holidays. The little bunny
is adorable! I always enjoy the pine bows with all
the old items.

So glad you had an unusually warm day
to help with the decorating. We aren't that Lucky
here. We have snow and it's in the teens.Yikes I
tried the new Photobucket one day and gave up and
went back to the old one. Guess I have enough
learning curves in my life w/o this one for now.LOL


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Now I'm afraid to log in to photobucket to see what they've changed -- but am glad to know there's a way to go back to an old version. :)

(Shout out to Punk: where are you located that you're getting such horrible weather?! yuk!!!)

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Always look forward to your Bakers Rack Jeanne.
You did an outstanding job again with your arrangements.
Love all the mixed elements you used. It all looks so
I've been very frustrated here with my house up for sale..
very limited decorating going on...so I'm living thru you
guys and loving it!! Hopefully next year I'll be able to 'go wild' again...lol
In the meantime...you help me get by with all your beautiful decorating.

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Jeanne, your bakers rack always looks so fabulous!
I only use mine in the summer as I use it on the back patio and it gets too windy here in the winter to have anything on it!
So, I am enjoying yours. The pieces you have on it are arranged perfectly and the greenery adds just the right touch. Your new enamel pan fits in perfectly, but you better keep an eye on that bunny! He might disappear, cause somebody else on this forum REALLY loves decorating with rabbits! LOL

I always love your bakers rack decor and this is no exception! It looks like something that would be in an expensive boutique. We have a really cool store here called Cozy Cottage and it sells expensive home decor including a mix of antiques and vintage looking items.
I go there to look and only buy when they have things on clearance.
Your rack would look right at home in that store.


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Oh, thanks for you sweet comments, Holiday-ers... I enjoy this bit of Fall/Winter' gardening!' It's fun to change out the Baker's Rack...yes, I get 'wind,' too but at least it's tucked in a corner where it probably won't go too far!

& you sure could see things CLOSE UP in this large format! ... I can't seem to resize my pics as they download (like the old PBucket) ...not liking the changes & the new PBkt keeps popping up...anyone figure out how to change to a smaller download size??? Thanks! Jeanne S.

ps ..the bunny is cast iron from my gardens...so I hope 'no-bunny' can hop over here & snatch it up! LOL!

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1. Go to your album.
2. Click on the picture you want to rezise.
3. When the new screen comes up, move your cursor to the top of the picture until a menu appears across the top.
4. Click on Edit.
5. When the new screen comes up, click on the Adjustment Button at the bottom, underneath the picture.
6. When additional buttons appear, click on the Crop Button IF you want to crop some things out. THen click Apply.
7. Then click on the Resize Button, Make it the size you like, and then click Apply.
8. Go to the upper right corner and Choose Save.
Now, I am NEVER able to save unless I chose Save a new copy - or some such wording. I have to make a new copy of the original and then go back and delete the original.

I am very unhappy with the new format thus far.

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Thanks, OA ...that was a real pain in the rear to do each pic!!! Went back to the 'old' PBkt...hope it just stays around as my pics 'download' automatically to the right size I want to share as an HTML file.

Here's a centerpc I'm working on for my round mesh top table on the patio... old canning jars in a 'canner rack' ...zinc lids on the the surrounding jars filling with pinecones, Buckeyes from our tree, rose hip, cinnamon sticks & that sort of thing...the center old jar has a solar lid I made a couple yrs ago & it's still going strong in all weather! Cold & wet here so must wait a bit to collect some more goodies for the jars!

I'll be able to 'wire down' in a couple places ...the canner rack to the mesh table ...so wind shouldn't hurt anything...problem will have trouble w/moisture collecting inside & maybe breaking a jar...giving it a go this yr!

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Jeanne, you've never shown a photo or decoration...inside or out...that I didn't really love. I practically inhale your place thru the pix.

Speaking of which, I too have been checking out the 'new' PB. I'm not real good with change, LOL. But I was liking it till I found out no themes for pages, and also I wasn't able to get pix to upload on the new one. So I'm sticking with the old for as long as possible. I really love having the theme backgrounds in my albums.

Guess I won't be "hopping over" to claim the cement bunny.
hugs, Karen

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Your bakers rack is always one of my favorite things and you've sure "done it up pretty" as usual.
I love the bunny especially and the vintage metal pieces. I'm jealous that you have access to live greenery on a whim to. lol
I did the pinecone hunting thing earlier in the fall and with the spider drama that followed, sure won't be doing that again. lol

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Marlene Kindred

I want to come and live with you! :-)

I always love your decorations...they are so welcoming and warm....really beautiful Jeanne.

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Love those blue jars! So glad you remind me to bring
ours out to enjoy through the seasons.


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