Electrolux Dishwasher EWDW650GS...is this a good product?

clc08June 22, 2008

We saw this at Lowes for $1199. Seems study with good configuration options. Husband seemed to like this model. I can't find any reviews/ratings anywhere on the Electrolux.

Any advice here?


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I would log on to the Electrolux web site and download the user manual for the DW. This could give you an idea of what it would be like to use it.

I went to the site and see a manual for it. Unless I am looking at the wrong model this one seems to have a variety of cycles: Heavy, Auto wash, Normal, Eco.....and others....it has adjustable racks and a pretty nifty operating panel

It seems to use a lot of water but still isn't any quicker than most.

4 to 9.5 gallons for heavy
auto wash 10.7 gallons ?
Normal 4 to 9.5
Eco 5 to 6 gallons.
Quick wash 6.9 gallons
Rinse hold 2.8

Seems like a lot of water compared to Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Bosch and others. I guess it would be amazing if anything came out of it still dirty.

I don't have any experience with this brand but going to their web site and seeing if you can locate material may give you some ideas about their use.

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I think $1199 is the list price for this machine. It is brand new so there is no track record on it. It seems like a nice DW and has a db rating of 45, which is much quieter than most DW's. Reliability and performance are the only real question marks.

Electrolux is a huge company, so I presume they will satnd behind their products.


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Would you risk buying a new product, or would you head towards a Bosch or KitchenAid?

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Every productwas once new and a lot of the old ones have new changes. Electrolux has made dishwashers for a very long time, these are just a new design. That said the water usage is disturbing.

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If you want an alternative DW that looks almost identical, with the pro handles, try the Thermador 6 cycle machine--the second from their top 9 cycle machine. It is just about as quiet and is made by Bosch, with some extras thrown in by Thermador.

Price is comparable


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I just received my Electrolux Wave-Touch EWDW6505GS dishwasher a few days ago.
So far it is the best dishwasher I have owned, and is better/quieter that the 2-year-old GE Profile it replaced.
I can hardly hear it filling with water and no longer have to hear the "whistling" sound the GE made. When the wash/rinse cycles are
running, you can "slightly" hear the water hitting the dishes, but it sounds almost like a "soft rain". The Motor and Pump are
completely silent (I can't hear them at all).
Under the "Normal Wash" (which I'm using to begin with) there is a setting for "Air Dry On/Off" and "High Pressure On/Off".
I turned the Air Dry On (which turns off the heated dry to save electricity), and turned the High Pressure On, so that more water
pressure is used to clean the dishes (the high pressure option adds about 1% more noise, but is still very quiet).
Using the Cascade 2-1 Packs (that have the Dawn gel in them) and Cascade Rinse Aid, the dishes, silverware, and glasses came out
clean and dry. The only problem was with plastic items (cups, containers) as the air drying still leaves them damp, but the GE did
this as well. I don't mind towel drying the plastic stuff, as it cuts-down on the electricity used.
I did remove some of the extra baskets that were in there, since we don't use them all, and to free up more space for dishes and

Even though it's twice the price of the GE that we had (PDW7300JCC), the Electrolux is much better quality and is extremely

We were debating to get this unit or the Bosch, but decided to get the Electrolux since we like the overall look better, and the way
the racks are laid out.

I'll post an update after a few weeks of use.

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I am glad to see all of the favorable response. I ordered on e of these units as well.

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When the dishwasher was installed last week, a part was accidentally damaged.
The installer didn't have the side-mount screw drilled in the cabinet far enough, and it scratched the right edge of the silver plastic trim.
I called Electrolux yesterday and there was no wait-time for someone to answer.
They said the plastic panel is one integrated piece that also contains the wave-touch control board.
They had it sent out FedEX Overnight and arraigned for a local service company to do the work.
I got the part today and 2 hours later the repair guy came out.
He got it changed out in under 30 minutes.
So far I'm pretty impressed with the Electrolux customer service.
I've had issues with GE and KitchenAid Customer Service over the part few years, so I ruled both companies out when it came to buy a buy dishwasher.
I just hope this unit lasts more than 2 years, unlike the GE Profile unit it replaced.

This week I've started to use the "Automatic Wash" with the "Air Dry On" option.
Doing this seems to take about 30min longer than the cycle I used last week, "Normal Wash/High Pressure On/Air Dry On".
It doesn't give you the option of selecting High Pressure On when doing the Automatic Wash.
Either way, dishes, pot/pans, silverware, and glasses come out clean.
I might try the Eco Wash or Quick Wash next week to see if I still get good results, since it takes less time.

Inside the dishwasher door (when the repair guy had to take it apart) there is a service manual paper.
I took it out and it shows the cycles the dishwasher goes through when using Heavy, Normal, and Quick wash.
Heavy has 3 prewashes, main wash, 2 rinse, final rinse, and drying.
Normal has 1 prewasher, main wash, 1 rinse, final rinse, and drying.
Quick wash has 2 (short) prewashes, 1 short wash, 1 rinse, final rinse, and drying.
It shows all of them out on a chart with the times the pumps, heater, water intake, and draining takes place.
It also says that under the toe/kickplate there are LED lights to indicate different errors.
On the other side it shows a diagram of how the parts work together and what their functions are.

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We too were choosing between Bosch SHE58C05UC and Electrolux EIDW650GS. They both are supposed to be very quiet. We opt for the Electrolux mainly because we're getting an Electrolux range so it'll match better. The DW was installed few days ago and we've been very happy with it. Ours doesn't have wave touch but has a digital display on the front to show you how much time is left for the cycle.
It was amazingly quiet. Our small kitchen is adjacent to our family room so we need a quiet machine. We can hardly tell it's running. We did have some issue with very wet dishes the first time it's run. After a few trials with different options, we found a way to get dry dishes without using any rinsing agent. Though plastic plates and cups are still wet but that's expected and it's no difference than our old DW. This and the Bosch are quiet because they don't have a built in grinder and that means we'll need to clean the filter periodically. However, we rather clean the filter than have a noisy DW.

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We are also choosing between the Bosch SHE58C05UC and Electrolux EIDW650GS, which I saw in Sears the other day. This was the first I had seen the Bosch in person and they seem very small inside. We liked the Electrolux a lot - does anybody have any more reviews or opinions about the water usage?

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Miele Excella or the Electrolux EWDW650gs

Looked at both dishwashers. The Miele was nice but the racks looked chintzy and cheap. I am in a kitchen remodel and looking to buy the stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave.

Has anyone looked at the Miele?

Why did you select the Electrolux over the Miele?

Thanks for your help


I do like the favorable opinions on the Electrolux. I just want a machine that will clean the dishes.

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As a follow-up to my earlier post, I've had the EWDW6505GS for almost a month now. So far haven't had any major problems, other than the part that was scratched durring the install (and replaced). Everyone that has seen it loves how it looks and the rack design. One person with a high-end KitchenAid dishwasher that cost $1500 says the Electrolux is even more quiet.

The only design flaw that I've come to notice is with the Cabinet Trim Kit. It has 3 black rubber strip and fit on the top and sides to fill-in the gap between the dishwasher and surrounding cabinet. The one on the top fits fine, but the left and right pieces have a tendency for their ends to come lose. I ordered new parts from Electrolux, but after a few days they start to come lose as well. I might have to pull the unit out and tape them to the surrounding metal.

Two weeks ago I visited a Home Depot Expo store to look at a few things, and stopped by the dishwashers. They had the Miele brand on display. I opened it up, and the racks looked like junk! I don't see how they can put those type of racks on a dishwasher that is suposed to be high-end.

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wahmom, you mentioned that you figured a way to get the dishes dry without rinsing agent. What IS the trick?

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wahmom, I too am VERY interested to know your method of getting the dishes dray without a rinsing agent!! Hope you see this!

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Just a follow up. I had the Exectrolux dishwasher removed and returned after using it for 3 months. It had a few service calls due to some problems, and never could get it fixed. The hinges would start to make noise over time, and the side-mounting screws would scratch the sides of the control panel. I'll be replacing it with a new Miele Diamante or Optima.

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somehow, it is quite confusing if you try to find it at electrolux website. i found some link regarding electrolux 650 product specifications & instructions:
well, i am not sure if those the correct one, or perhaps you may want to check at http://viewpdf.co.cc and just type what u need! cheers :)

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