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luvstocraftNovember 20, 2010

Know you all remember the neat subway art our friend OA had shown us on the top of her kitchen cabinets. I thought it was so neat and especially liked that she had used names of places that held special memories for her and her DH.

I repeatedly told her how wonderful I thought it was, and that I should get something like that for my DH's birthday, since it is so hard to think of neat things for him.

She told me to send her a list of words and she would create one for me to have printed. After considering song titles, cities lived in, etc., I finally settled on a list of the jobs my DH had worked in his lifetime. I should mention that he was in the military when we married, and he often worked an extra part time job to help with expenses. (Don't want you to think he just bounced from job to job!) LOL

Not only did OA create this work of art, but she tweaked and tweaked it to perfection! Thank you so much OA. We met up at Kinko's and had it printed and laminated and then placed in a frame I had purchased. The two of us got to have lunch and chat while this was being done.

DH's birthday was on the 13th--which also happens to be OA's birthday, how's that for coincidence? When he opened the gift, he was reading the words, and he looked at me and said "where did you find this, it has all the jobs I've done?" It took my son, my DIL and I all three explaining that it was "made by my friend especially for him." Even the next day, he would pick it up and say "this is really really neat!" I was so thrilled to give him something "with meaning and memories" that he will enjoy and it can be passed on to our son and maybe later to our granddaughter as a special memory of DH. OA, I just can't thank you enough! ;o)

Without further adieu, here's a pic. I had so much trouble with the glare and reflection, so know this just won't do it justice.

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That is wonderful, luvs! OA did a terrific job on that...a labor of friendship! WOW! Very cool, OA! No wonder luv's DH says that! Neat, neat idea, luvs ...& you got pics working now...I just experimented on other post trying to help...but to no avail. TFS this personal gift! Jeanne S.

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What a talented, fantastic, special friend you have in OA.
I know it is something DH will always treasure, and it will be a family heirloom that's going to be passed on. Now how great is that!! It just doesn't get any better in my opinion.

I can well imagine his confusion that it was actually crafted especially for him. LOL. Wish I could seen his face while you three were trying to explain it.

And as an added bonus, you got to spend some real life time with OA. What a day you had!

hugs, Karen

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OA's 'A Keeper'..
What a wonderful and meaningful gift - A piece of 'DH History'! I can just imagine his surprise and how thrilled to have such a thoughtful gift.
I agree, this will be something that will always be treasured in your family, because of it's special meanining and connection to your DH.
Also, what a nice way for you and OA to spend the day together, planning this gift, and enjoying ea other's company.
I have a smaller version, that DH made yrs ago, of all the addresses we lived at from when we were both born up until now. The fond memories always makes me smile.
I'm sure your DH will feel the same.


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I'm so glad he liked it. I think it really will be handed down to son and then to granddaughter.
Here's the original graphic. (At least, I THINK this was the final version.)

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AWESOME, OA! & so great that you & luvs could get tog again! Defintely a "labor" of love for luv's DH! Jeanne S.

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OA, thank you so much for posting the graphic of it. I even tried to do that from the one you emailed me and wasn't computer smart enough to know how!

I tried snapping pics of it everywhere and kept getting so much glare/reflection just as if it were a mirror!;o(


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That is so awesome - what a treasure to have and pass down and even more special that it came from a friend's hands - thanks you both for sharing it with us ......


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Wow, what a conversation starter. Can you imagine how people will read that and ask him all about the different jobs? This is the ultimate resume. Like a "this is your life" picture. What an interesting man. Lucky you.


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That is one great present.



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That is really wonderful! I am so glad dh liked it. And so kind of OA to help with it! Did you find a good place for it?

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You better watch out! These are so fabulous that we'll ALL want one!

Luvs, how interesting a gentleman your DH must be--this is a conversation starter for sure. What a great take on OA's original.

We're going to trek down to your area next year and first on my agenda is to get together with you two fabulous ladies!

- Magpie

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Magpie, that would be great! Just let us know and we will meet up for sure. I've sure enjoyed getting to meet some of our forum members--it's so neat how even though you've never "met" them, you immediately feel like you know them.

Kathleen, DH has an "office" and I had a specific wall in mind when I chose the size for this.

Lynne, Ladypat, and Marylee, I'm glad you enjoyed seeing it, and yes, I do think it will generate lots of conversation when friends/family see it. ;o) We have some long time friends coming for Thanksgiving and I'm eager for them to see it. They've known us for about 30 years, but I'm sure they have no idea DH has worked so many different jobs!

Hmmm, OA, we might have uncovered a new part time business for you! You are certainly good at computer stuff and have a great eye for design. I still owe you big time for doing this for me--I'll have to paint up lots of things for you because this special gift for DH is "priceless" to me. ;o)


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Cool! Do you gals think that if three of us get together we can call it The Holiday Convention?

Listen, MP, just send me the list and the size frame you want it to fit into. It's no problem. I'll send you back a digital copy and you can take it (or email it) to a place like Kinkos and they'll print it.

Now, I am sort of busy at the moment, so I can't promise when I can get it finished. But the sooner you send the list, the better. The first copy will not be the last, as you will want to ask me to change this or that. (Changes are easy.)

Sorry to offer to do this here, but I went to your page and you don't have a place to click to send an email.

Just let me know.

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I can't stop thinking about this wonderful hubby-gift.
How do I learn to do this kind of neat stuff on the computer? It is just fantastic!
OA, do you give lessons? ;o)

hugs, Karen

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This is wonderful. Luvs, my first thought was "she must be high maintenance, (jk) with DH having all those different jobs!lol

OA, you are so talented at making these. What a sweetheart for helping a good friend out on a BD present.

I love it when you two are able to spend time together. Now Magpie is going to join you! How great that will be...I'll be waiting for pictures.


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That's fabulous! I'm starting a list right now. Wow, I would love that!

BTW, I would have put my email on my page but I hadn't the foggiest notion how to do it (and I used to teach computers to scientists!) Anyway, it's

I'll get the list to you ASAP, but no hurry...Thanks!

- Magpie

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That is so creative and so sweet of OA. Luvs, your DH is man of many interest. The sign reminds me of one my SIL did for my MIL out of scabble letters.

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What a wonderful, meaningful, thoughtful gift for your DH, Luvs . . . a future heirloom, to be sure!!! And, OA is such a great friend to create it for you!

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What a wonderful idea!!! OA you are the best!!!
Thank you Luvs for telling us about your great gift!

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