Does anyone make a 42' freestanding fridge?

kaysdJune 22, 2010

In the house we just sold, we had a 36" wide freestanding SxS CD Jenn-Air for the past 8 years. Our cabinet makers built cabinetry around it so it looked built-in (except for the doors). They were many times I wished we had just a little more room in the fridge. I would really like a 42" fridge, but the price difference between a CD 36" freestanding and a 42" built-in is huge and hard to justify for the extra 6".

So, does anyone make a 42" freestanding model?

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I'm pretty sure Kitchenaid makes a free-standing 42", but it's a french-door model.

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Nope -- that one is a built-in. I've not seen anything larger than 36" that wasn't built in unless it was a pair of smaller units.

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This is a 36" Width but is advertised as the largest "Freestanding Fridge in the Industry"
The 29 ft³ GSHS9NGYSS side-by-side stainless steel refrigerator is the largest free standing refrigerator in America
It is a GE and priced around $2000.00

How about a "Counter Depth Fridge"?


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Ah, thanks for the correction lascatx.

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Opps I missed the CD so disregard my question on last post!


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Oops, my title should say 42" fridge, not 42'. It is very disappointing not to be able to find a wider counter-depth fridge without going the built-in route. My husband thinks it is insane to pay an extra $3,000+ for a built-in model to gain 6" of width. Thanks for the replies.

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I haven't checked prices or even sizes, but maybe Separates Fridge and a separate Freezer a-la Thermador Freedom Columns or something like them, would give you more Fridge room and still be less than a built in? Maybe folks that have those could "Chime -In"?


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Gary, I looked at the Thermador Freedom columns, and it would be about $8,000 for an 18" freezer and 24" fridge. I found a Thermador 42" fridge I love for $5,800 at an outlet (discontinued model) which is about $2,000 off the regular price, but still high when you can buy a really nice 36" freestanding model for $3,000 or less.

[I really want that 42" Thermador, and was going to offset the splurge by sticking with a more basic range, since I did fine with a GE Profile for 7 years. Then the Culinarian came along and turned my head. I can't really afford to splurge on every appliance since the house needs a lot of work outside the kitchen too.]

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The answer is no, there is not a 42" free standing refrigerator.

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I can tell you from the experience of hanging around this planet for 68 years now and having many Fridges and seeing many over that time span, That the bigger the better as far as Fridges go, and also the shallower ones IE CD or built in, just make everything so easy to see. We love our 48" Built in Jenn-air Fridge, I paid $4588 for it 5 years ago (That's one reason why you see soooooo many posts by me
on "Fixed Pricing/Gouging".
I got mine before Jann-air was MSRPed, or whatever, and I hate to see folks hafta "Shovel out" almost twice what I did then for something similar.
But being our World is what it is , in the US Today, I would still splurge for the Freedom columns. If I had it to do again, I probably would, Just cause we like as much
"Kewl Space" as possible alto to be honest the 48" pretty well fits the bill as far as space, cept the freezer is always stuffed full.
You may be younger than us, but we figgered this our last kitchen---we will leave this house "Toes First" so I dont
regret at all any of the money we spent for it, and almost daily, the wife "Still Proclaims" how much She Loves the Kitchen!!!!


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There are several refrigerator-only (no freezer section) freestanding fridges out there, usually 30 to 32" wide, that could be paired with a separate freezer which can be a 21", 24", or 27"w undercounter unit, a small freestanding upright or chest freezer, or a freezer that matches the fridge in size and appearance. I've gone this route in several designs - both appliances are usually less than $1000 each.

There are also several inexpensive 24"w counter-depth bottom-freezer fridges that could be paired side by side, with the doors reversed on one so all doors open from the center.

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