Old Door Cabinet Decked Out in Whites Again!

jeannespinesOctober 26, 2013

My old door cabinet are the porch is all decked out for Fall ... in 'whites' again (jane ...you are the influence for that) ;-) This is a night time pic...so a little dark w/shadows ...so I'll share some 'close-ups' in the comments. Jeanne S.

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Here's the top part of the old door rescued from my sis' old farm house many yrs ago when it was being torn down...my hubby built this for me (I'm a good supervisor tho) LOL!

The bottom section of the cupboard ... that mosaiced 'rock' is a gift from an Internet friend I met in person this summer! Cool, uh!

The middle section ... the candle/bowl arrangement I bought from a friend last yr ... it still looks wonderful!

Vine tree is all decked out now! Here's a close view:

& the old dresser I have in the corner ... candlelight & these 'colors of Fall' birds:

A full view ... hubby made this lamp base when in high school (now that's OLD!) LOL!

& of course, Dollbaby is ready for Halloween ... I posted on another post ...but in case you missed her:

& her Halloween 'trayscape:'

Happy Fall days! TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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Fabulously Fall.

Everything is perfect as usual!!!
I'm still in love with that cabinet and the candle/bowl and the old dresser and the vine tree and........all of it!

I remember when those lamps were the rage!!
(Aren't they made from a yucca skeleton or something like that?) I guess that makes me old, LOL


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Your door looks lovely all decked out in white and cream.
I think the night shot gives the it a romantic feel.
White/cream on white has such an elegant look.
Love the old dresser and the lamp is neat.

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Awe Jeanne, it's all Wonderful! I've always loved your door and the way you decorate it. Jane's influence w/white is a great way to go. Your new mosaiced 'rock' is a NICE blingy addition.

Love the crow on your vine tree. Another thing I always enjoy seeing! Dresser looks lovely all decorated for fall. DH's lamp, candle holders, chickens, leaf dish w/nuts and acorn is a great fall combo.

And Dollbaby, so glad you shared her and got me hooked!!! Our girls are a fun addition to give us another giggle here on 'Holidays'.


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Beautiful Jeanne . Your white barn door cupboard
Is one of my favorites of yours. Love how you 'dressed'
It up in white...(you give me too much
credit)..lol. Everything looks so lovely and serene.
Esp with the glow of the candle bowl....which
I love too. Great lamp from DH's
school days....I'll jump on the 'old' train as I remember
What a rage they were too!
Vine tree (your inspiration ) on me, looks
Halloween ready, and so does Doll Baby!
Nice to see all your lovely Fall again Jeanne....it's become
a tradition that kicks off the season!
Enjoyed looking....as always.

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Marlene Kindred

Lookin' good Jeanne! And Baby doll is all decked out too. Love that white cabinet...one of my favorites!

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Thank you, Holiday-ers, for your sweet comments ... hope the 'Trick n' Treaters' are good to ya! ;-) Jeanne S.

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Crazy, I guess, but I don't remember your porch cabinet. I remember a hutch. I love this door cabinet. I'm sure you've explained this before, but did your hubby convert it to a cabinet for you? Isi it a corner unit? Can you give any steps on how it was made. I'd love one of theses.

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Hi OA ... I can't even remember how long I've had this 'old door' cabinet or it could be called a hutch .... over 10 yrs ...

It is not a 'corner cabinet,' per say, but I wanted it made to use in a corner but not "built in"...so hubby used some old barnwood boards for the sides (11" ones ...I just went out & measured) ... we used a sheet of 'beadboard' thick paneling for the back.

The door still has it's hinges & doorknow on & is attached to the 3-sided box piece. My regret now is that we did not 'hinge the door to open...but at the time, I didn't want that big old heavy door to open (so the bottom half is actually wasted space. I could use that for storage! LOL!

We added another board for the top & added some more trim... I painted it a color called 'Navajo white' & it's been that way ever since...never re-painted.

Most of the time I have my collection of Heisey 'Lariat' glassware here ... but I've been changing it out the last couple yrs for Fall & Christmas. ;-)

Hope this helps. Jeanne S. (Here's 'Lariat' old pic)

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Your Hubby is as amazing as your designs. Doesn't it feel good when you finish a project and it comes out so well? I would love to see a tiny bird perched on the one end of that great lamp. Pink

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