Enablers' & More Fall Decor at my House!

jeannespinesOctober 12, 2011

Well, oakley posted a pretty metal tree asking for ideas ... & that 'enabled' me to buy this one at HLobby (40%off) for $7 .... I'm going to make it for a Christmas gift w/some little photos & maybe jewelry or something. Here's a pic of it & I hung 3 little frames that I will be using (plus more)...there's 12 branches & it's 12" high & about 10" spread at it's widest point...HLobby had them in this gold & also a few other finishes:

Here's the quail S&P shakers I got today while shopping w/retired friends in another town ...at a TS for $5 ..ceramic & red & gold sticker on bottom says "Viking Import" Japan...I shared them on purplemoon's "where's the help w/decorations" post. Here they are tonight on my dining room table where they will be staying for a bit with sugar mold candleholder & stained glass leaves:

candy said maybe they're 'partridges?' Ummmmm....

Dimmed the lights:

I think they look real pretty there & like this centerpc for DR table ...w/the lighted twig urn in the corner tonight:

Fall is so beautiful ...& I was fortunate enough to catch a shot of the 'Harvest Moon' a couple nights ago...thru our trees out the front steps & w/the clouds rolling thru...we finally got some rain here (all day today):

Hope you're enjoying Fall & TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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Cute idea with the metal tree...that will make a nice Christmas gift - keepsake!
Your little quails look so sweet on your table..nice shot of them with your candle CP.
I've been looking for a vase/container big enough for my lighted branches...The one you have is just the perfect size. I haven't found anything quite that tall. I 'm also thinking of using one of those tall metal containers but I'm trying to find one big enough too!
Beautiful photo of the 'Harvest Moon'. Now all that's needed is a 'witch flying by on her broom'!! lol

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Very cute little tree! It will make a wonderful gift too. (I am NOT going to Hobby Lobby again this year. I'm NOT!)

I mis-read about your quail in the other post, didn't realize they are S&P. The vintage ones are figurines, so much bigger. That was the one I found. I love how yours look in the candlelight on your table. Very pretty.

The Harvest Moon is so gorgeous, and of course your photography skills always amaze me. You got rain huh?
I'll trade you, its 100 here. Tho last week we actually had a few days in the mid 70's. That was wonderful. I just have to wait another month for it to get nice like that again and stay that way. I want RAIN.

hugs, Karen

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Beautiful! I'm going to have to get some lighted twigs. I assume they run by battery or do you plug them in?

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Jeanne, The little metal tree is great, be sure to show us when you have it all decorated.
The quail S@Ps are perfect with the candle holder and stained glass leaves.
I got some of those lighted twigs last year but I haven't used them yet.

WOW the photo of the harvest moon is spectacular!! I got chills [the good kind] looking at it.

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Thanks, Holiday-ers!

jane...keep looking...I'm sure you'll find just the perfect container for your branch lights! A metal one sounds great ...I was thinking about using some kind of 'crock' for mine ...but needs to be tall & the jug crocks I've been eyeing have small openings.

purplemoon...we were both shopping "S& P shakers!" Too funny! Thanks!

oakley ...these branch lights are plugged in.

nana...I do love that moon pic, too...I got lucky ..w.as shutting the front door & saw it out there...grabbed my tripod & set it up on the steps...waited just a min. or two as clouds passed over again & got off a couple of shots. Beautiful time of the year, isn't it!

Thanks all ...here's another 'find' I got yesterday at a TS ...it's for Dollbaby..>I bought it because I wanted to see how it was made & try to take a pattern from it. I thought Dollbaby needed something for her head (she usually has a hat)...isn't it just adorable!!! LOL! Jeanne S.

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Oh Jeanne..that is a Perfect Fall hat for Dollbaby!!
Color is great too. After looking at it, I remember wearing a hat that style in the mid 60's! Love the look.
She looks like she's all ready just waiting for Halloween to come!
For my branch lights (mine are battery)..I used an old tall tinware container. I still need something taller.
I used to have lots of large crocks and that's what I was thinking of...but of course, when I sold the old house...along with it went the old crocks! dang...


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Jeanne, that's quite the variety you're sharing here! You have a great start on gold tree with the frames and ornament. Will be anxious to see it finished with some of your photos and what evers.

The quails look great beside the sugar mold candleholder & stained glass leaves. You always have such neat shots to share and the Moon is awesome. Beautiful shot and a witch flying by like Jane mentioned would look cool.

Dollbaby's new headband is so cute. What is it made out of? Doesn't look like yarn.

PM, wish you could come visit. I'd love some more sunshine for a change. It's been raining here forever. Nights are cool and windy and fall is in the air no doubt. I harvested my pumpkins and gourds and not sure all will ripen as cool as it is.


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DH & I had some runnin' to do Fri. so stopped at HLobby & got a couple more metal trees for gifts (40% off) & the little metal frames (jewelry 50%) ...so I'm tossing around ideas. Got one DD a black metal tree cause she accessorizes w/black in her LR. Found some little resin silvery snowflakes there, too (40% off) ... so here's progress I'm making...think I'm going to use some 'beading' with some of these ornies.

Closer up ..the snowflakes are really silver w/black antiquing & the glass frames have 2 glasses that you put pic or whatever in-between...I think this may look good as I'll print doubles.

Also this afternoon I got DH to build a window box to go w/paned old window I had painted awhile back...we got it built & attached & I painted it white ...now am accessorizing it for Old World Santa I got earlier this yr after holiday sales at a consignment shop. But I need to dig in totes for pine greenery (ugh!)...here's how it's lookin' so far with greenery I already had nearby:

Closeup of Santa:


What am I doing!!! My Fall decor is not even started on the porch yet! Inside the house is done. Ummmmm.....LOL! Jeanne S.

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You already did a Santa vignette! Wow! Way to go to get the jump on rest of us. LOL. That Santa is wonderful, and so is the window box! A perfect pairing!

I really, really, really like the black metal tree and the tiny frames!
(But I am NOT going to Hobby Lobby. Not, not, not.)

hugs, Karen

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Jeanne...great idea with the metal trees!
I'm sure your DDs will love them. They can change them to look different each time.
You've got to show us when you add the beads..I'd love to see how that looks.

Now...as far as a Christmas Vignette already!! You remind me of 'Michael's' !! That's all they had out - Christmas!!
They get you tempted to skip everything in between and go right for it.
I love how your Windowbox is turning out...I'm excited to see it done. Someone posted a picture here a while back of someone's Enclosed windowbox display for Christmas..and it was beautiful. I've always wanted to do one.
You have the perfect Santa for yours...I love it!


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Jeanne, those little trees will make wonderful gifts for your DDs.
Your window box looks great I'm looking forward to seeing it finished too.
I forgot to mention in my last post how cute Dollbaby looks in her new hat.

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