Bosch 800 series DW - Plastic food storage that dries well?

andyfsu99June 19, 2014

So, we just got our new Bosch DW. We knew going in that the condensation drying system probably wouldn't do a great job on thin plastics, and that is certainly true, and increasingly common across DW's as far as I can tell. So, my question is.. does anyone have a DW with condensation drying AND food storage containers that dry reasonably well in it?

We currently use "disposable" ziploc-type containers and they don't dry well at all, but since other plastic items (cups, etc) seem to dry pretty well I am thinking we could perhaps do with an upgrade/change. I'd be interested in anyone's actual experience with containers they own...

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I recently applied Miele's AutoOpen drying system to my dishwasher: I just pop the door open two inches after the cycle is done and walk away. The moisture escapes, dry heat remains and everything dries within 15 or so minutes.

As for plastics: Tupperware and other microwaveable containers dry well in my Bosch.


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The heavier plastics will retain heat longer and do a better job of coming dry.
The disposable containers are just too light weight to hold heat which is why they don't dry as well. They also have that little upturned edge tha holds a lot of water.

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