Bittersweet Wreath Hanging & More Fall Decor

jeannespinesOctober 24, 2010

Yesterday DH & I went to a craft show & I came home with a couple bargains...this "Bittersweet" wreath (of sorts)...hung it on pillar between kitchen & LR (over the top of candleholder I keep there):

The lady who made it told me she was 8l y-o & had a heck of a time coming up out of the ditch after she cut it! She was laughing & telling her I got a real treasure, here! Her 80 yo DH thought he might have to go down to help her up! LOL! Here's a close-up...bailing twine for the bow:

I'm growing Bittersweet on a arbor (planted last yr) but it has never bloomed ...grew wild & crazy over the hog panel arbor...but no luck...maybe next yr!

Just below this pillar is a ledge connected to the counter that I posted my "Glass vignette"'s a scarecrow gifted from a friend...& the little weaved basket made me think of partymusic, our basket friend...I found it for 50 cts at GS last mo! I added some "sedum" blossoms from garden:

Here's another pic of the ledge:

And, last of all, today I finished the Porch Wall Shelves...I showed a pic the other day of the bottom shelf. Today added white leaf dishes & pitcher & teapot to the next shelf..(it needs another pc of something?)...anyway, all of these are GS or TS finds this yr (since I've joined the Enablers R Us group!) LOL!

And, I've learned to move stuff here's one of my girl pottery vase moved to top of shelf:

Here's the full view:

I used to just change out this porch wall shelf for Winter/ looks like it will get a revival each Fall, too. DH made that shelf for me several yrs ago. I love it! Thanks for lookin'! Jeanne S.

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Oh Jeanne, your wreath is neat, but I really really loved the story about the lady who made it! You must be such a people person to have noticed her and her wreaths--darn, I sure hope I have some "git up and go" left by the time I'm 80!

Love your white items on the shelf and your dried flowers make a nice accent too. Your DH sure did a nice job on those shelves. Isn't it fun to decorate for the seasons? Sort of makes us take notice and enjoy them more, doesn't it?


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Everything looks very Pretty Jeanne.
I enjoyed the story behind your Bittersweet Wreath.
Now each time you look at it..that little 81 yr old lady will come to mind. How sweet.
Your little scarecrow from your friend is adorable with such a cute face.
I like how you finished off your Porch Wall Shelf.
I love the look of White on White, and with your luncheon all looks so pretty.
If you're still thinking of something else to add, how about a nice Plate or small Platter in the center - right behind your leaf plates. Just a thought.


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Jeanne, That Bittersweet wreath is priceless, with the story that goes with it. The scare crow is adorable, couldn't scare anything. The shelf your husband made is great. The white on white is striking it looks so nice with your pretty luncheon set and dried flowers.

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I've come back to look here several times. I'm not so great at spotting everything the first time around. As everyone has noted, the wreath, with its accompanying story, is marvelous and goes so well in you home. But what I noticed on a return look-see was that wonderful candle holder. I like the heavy weight that the metal provides. But at the same time, the double metal supports gives it a feeling of airiness and great style.

You've done a job on the porch shelving. I'm with Jane on the white-on-white business. It's always a terrific look. What's the dried stuff on the top's right side?

They're the SF GIANTS. Surely you can remember that! The San Francisco GIANTS.
I believe they're the underdogs going into the World Series.

Did you catch any of the game? Exciting right down to the last out. As my husband says, baseball is a boring game to watch on TV - until it means something. And then every pitch is exciting.

If you are the least bit interested, there's a wonderfully nostalgic book (very short) by Doris Kearns Goodwin titled Wait Till Next Year.
It is as much about an era (maybe more so) as it is about baseball. I only mention this because many of us grew up around that same time and it is a bit of a sentimental window into a bygone era. I think you'd like it.

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Jeanne, you found the perfect spot for the bittersweet wreath, I love it. I don't see bittersweet growing around here, maybe I need to try some, I remember yours for GJ. The candle you used is very interesting too. Your new snack set shows up well with the white in the sun room. You have some real cuties on the ledge, (grandkids?).

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I love your bittersweet wreath and the story to go with it. When I lived up in Delaware I had access to bittersweet all the time - down here in NC I haven't found any yet but always on the lookout for it. I just love it for fall decorating. Your shelf arrangements are very pretty - TFS .....


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I *LOVE* the bittersweet wreath! and it's even better with the story. :) The dried sedum looks great in the basket too! (50 cents is a *steal*! ;^)

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Yeah, we all loved the little old lady story cause we probably would all do the same thing! That wreath is just right. It's beauty is in the simplicity. Bittersweet is SO expensive to buy at the farmers' markets. Jeanne, do you have male and female plants? Did you get plants or seeds? If there is no male, you know how that goes, can't live with 'em, can't live without them. Plants that are sold are usually sold as 2 females and one male (figures). If you planted lots of seeds your are probably ok. I just got done reading up on bittersweet, cause I want to try to grow some too. Oriental Bittersweet is very invasive and the American Bittersweet is ok.


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LOL @ Pat!

I went into the ditches two Easters ago to get the bittersweet that grows near my sister's house. :O)

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Cute wreath and I love the baler twine for a bow. Bet is was fun visiting with the little old couple about it. Sweet scarecrow and the sedum looks good in your basket you got for such a great price. Cute pumkin candles and sweet picture beside it.

The shelf your DH made looks nice all decorated for fall. It looks great decorated for fall and will be looking forward to Christmas decor on it. My hydrangeas need to get growing!


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I love things that come with a 'story'. I'm sure that memory of the little lady will remain with you each season that you decorate with the bittersweet wreath she made.

Everything looks so pretty!
hugs, Karen

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Of course they are the world series underdogs ;^)
I am SOOOOOOOOO jealous of your bittersweet wreath!!! I have planted that danged stuff 40 times only to find out YET AGAIN that it won't grow in Texas :^( I even went so far as to ask a florist if they could get me any of the real stuff, but they looked at me like I had two heads!
My ties to New England seem to be in the plant life...rhodies, lilacs, bittersweet....yikes.....
Your home is lovely and your DH is a talented woodworker!!
Thanks for showing us your pretties!

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Thanks for your gracious comments, "holiday-ers!" Yes, that bittersweet lady was quite a character! ...and I will think of her each time I use this wreath...I hope it dries & keeps for me...glad you enjoyed her story, too!

luvs...yes, it is fun to decorate more for the seasons...enjoying this forum so much.

OA...I can't remember the name of the dried stuff with the hydrangeas..darn, I needed to write it down. Bought it at the Farmers' Market that DH & I sell at. Thought it was quite beautiful...could be hung, too. The candleholder is from one of the home decorating parties probably 35+ yrs ago...I have loved the look of wrought iron or matte black metal finish for yrs. Can you believe I have 2 of these candleholders that used to hang on dining room wall with black chain draped from one side to the other...and in-between were 3 ceramic "Musketeers!" Must find that pic to share! I made the muskies at ceramics class in the early 70's.

ladypat...yes, I bought "plants" ...male & female...& the non-invasive we shall see, uh? Thanks for info.

Thanks nana, frou, lynne, party, punk, karen, jay...passed on compliments to DH, too...appreciated! Hope the bittersweet will come to those who love it! Jeanne S. on the lookout for a white plate or platter for white dishes on porch top shelf...I knew it needed height...but my turkey platter was too big! Thanks for the suggestion...more shopping ahead! tee hee

frou...pic on ledge in the "bat frame" is about 30+ y-o...our kids! A fav pic of mine.

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What a wonderful story to have about your new wreath . . . loved it! I like the idea of adding sedum to the basket. I have several plants of it myself, but never thought to use the flowers in an arrangement. Thanks for that great idea!

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I love bittersweet, too, but PLEASE BE CAREFUL! The American Bittersweet is often confused with the Oriental Bittersweet. The Oriental Bittersweet is INVASIVE. Before removing or planting Bittersweet please look at this website ( ) to help you determine what Bittersweet you are removing or planting. American Bittersweet is native to America and is becoming endangered.

Here is a link that might be useful: Asiatic Bittersweet

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