range hood education....is there a difference between

illinigirlJune 25, 2013

a range hood, an exhaust fan, and a liner? I've done some searches but nothing really comparing this terminology? Are they all the same thing?

I've never had one in my kitchens so I'm trying to educate myself the the next kitchen.

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Inside the hood is a fan

This is an external fan mounted on a house roof.

This is a liner inside a wood hood.

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so in my kitchen do i need a liner and a fan inside the hood? or does the liner have a fan as part of it?

ty for the visuals. :)

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You can choose a liner that comes standard with a fan inside. This option is cheaper to buy and install but louder.

Or you can choose a liner without a fan inside. Then you buy an external fan with the power rating you want. This options offers less noise and optionally more power to vent heat, grease and steam out of your kitchen. This is more expensive to buy and install.

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thanks. I read a fair amount on the liners here on GW but I don't see much on the blowers. Even a search came up with only a couple of threads. I think I need to select our range top first. We are thinking along the lines of a 36" Wolf range top or similar. Haven't put in the time for detailed research yet to have a firm decision.

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I am also a little confused when looking at the trade-wind website. Their liners are listed with different cfm numbers. Don't those use external fans?

Can I get examples of some brands of liners and some brands of fans to pair them up with?

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First I would suggest to settle on a brand of rangetop.

If you are shopping in the Wolf price class I would strongly suggest Capital Culinarian or Bluestar RNB.

Next is to decide if you want a grill or griddle. If you want a grill you may need a more powerful fan.

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