Another Halloween Table

christmascandyOctober 29, 2010

I set another table in my sunroom using plates I found at 2 different TS's. I found 3 of them at one store for 1/2 price = $1.50 each and the 4th one at ARC and it was marked $4.99!! When I told them I had just bought the other 3 for $1.50, they gave it to me for $2.49! Yippee!

The pumpkin placemats were $1.49 for all 4. The orange plastic goblets were from GoodWill and were .99 ea, the cat centerpiece was .49 at ARC, the large plastic platter under the cat was .99, the smaller orange plate under the cat was .49.

The little tealights were $1 for 5, the pumpkin side plates were .75 ea, the silverware was in a bag with 6 placesettings for $2.99, the napkins were $1.50 for 4. The little Halloween puzzles tucked in the napkins were on clearance at Target a couple of years ago, and the black tablecloth was $1.49.


Sorry about the glare off of the plates. The flying witch and the crow were also from ARC and .99 ea.

The eyeballs scattered on the table are foil covered chocolate caramels from DT. I have 3 of the square black chargers and have been unable to find a 4th : ( , even at regular stores. Oh well, I'm sure I will find one eventually. I apologize if I bored everyone with the details.



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You put together another cute table Candy.
You always find great things at terrific prices.
Everything looks so festive and fun.
I love the Witch Plates.


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You didn't bore me. I LOVE details.

Man oh man! Those witch plates are super duper! And the price makes them double super duper. They've got all the Halloween colors in them (orange, black, green and purple), so you can use lots of different things on the table.

Nice job on the two-tiered centerpiece. I especially like the top orange and black plate.

I'm heading down to our local DT to find the eyeball candies.

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Those little witch plates are just the cutest! Love them and so glad you were able to find four of them. The cat head makes a good centerpiece, but he's kinda on the scary side. How lucky that you were able to find orange glasses. Did you put stickers on them or did they come that way? The little pumpkin plates are nice too. Another fun table, thanks for sharing.


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Luvs, the Happy Halloween is part of the goblet. The cat is a little on the creepy side, but for .49, I figured that is as scary as I care to get for the holiday!!LOL.
He is also like the witches shoe I used on my Witches Party table that I posted a few weeks ago, painted in the same colors and then dusted with iridescent glitter.
The glitter doesn't show up in the picture! His hat actually lifts off and he could be a candy dish or something!

I actually am kind of sad that the Witches Party table is going to have to go away after Sunday. I posted that table around the first of Oct. It just makes me so happy to look at it! But, it is on the dining room table and I will be switching that to a Thanksgiving theme, so its gotta go, : (.

OA, the platter under the cat then has a flat topped candle holder holding a black plate with the orange plate on top, creating a stacked plate effect. The orange plate has the witches and bats around the edge unpainted so the black plate shows through! Then the cat is on top of that.

Jane, I shop, therefore, I am!!LOL.

Thanks for the uplifting comments.


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Candy, we love details almost as much as photos. It definitely makes everything so much more interesting to hear the 'who what when where'.

I LOVE those witch plates. What a great buy, but then you always excel in that arena. (I'm trying to figure out what on earth got me so into witches. Or maybe I don't want to know that. LOL)

That cat head is totally creepy, and would scare the heck out of me if I stumbled on it unexpectedly. LOL. But its a perfect centerpiece for this table! Just tell ol' Spookus not to go levitating around the room!

hugs, Karen

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Candy, It makes me happy to look at this table too. It is really fun and it is even better because everything was such a bargain. I love the cat. He is spooky, but then I like spooky for Halloween as much as I like cute.

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Candy - I love to hear all the details of purchasing - gives me hope that there are dishes out there with my name on them - I just need to look more. I sometimes think the 'hunt' is just as much fun as the end result. I have always been more of a fall/harvest decorator but I really do enjoy seeing all the Halloween decorations and place settings - TFS ......


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Candy, what a cute table! I love your witch plates and what a great buy on everything! You always have such great ideas and I love the attention to the little details.

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Candy, that is neat that the cat is actually a bowl that opens. From the picture, I thought he looked "crackled" or was sprayed with that "webbing" you can buy. Very unique look to him.

Your little witch plates are just so cute, their faces make me smile--and not many witch designs do that! LOL Would you mind if I save a picture to add to my list of things I might want to paint someday? I think that design would be really cute in a wreath or wall hanging.


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Fun table, Candy! The plates are great!

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I don't mind at all. Since they aren't my design, have fun with it.

since I travel around the state with my job, I hit more TS's than the average bear, which increases my chances for treasures!!LOL

I have fun doing it and I keep tweaking til I think it looks right.

this is the table that I am really going to miss...

It is posted with several pictures under "Its a Witches Party and everyone is invited!" or somethng close to that. Its a few pages back now because I posted it around the first of Oct.

If his price hadn't been so good, and he hadn't matched the witches shoe on my dining room table, I probably wouldn't have bought him. And then his hat matched the plates so well, that he isn't even hanging out near the shoe anyway!

Thanks, I thought they were really cute too.

Also, my apologies, I just noticed I copied someone else's post title. My Bad...Sorry. : (

Happy Halloween everyone.

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Candy, another great table. Everyone has already said it all! So glad you posted your other table again. It's so pretty.

I can't get over how many great finds you come across and I love hearing all the details. It's almost as fun as me going shopping myself and this way, I don't have to wash and put things away!

All I can say is DH is so lucky that we live 60 miles from most TS or I'd be running all the time after seeing what you come up with.


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candy...another wonderful Halloween t'scape (but the "cat eyes sneer in the night waiting for it's prey")...ewwwwwww!
Real Halloween-y tho! Ewwwwwww! Do like the finish on it that you told about.

Those witch plates are very cute...something about "square" plates lately that I am just loving to see! & they are perfect with your black chargers (the 4th will show up, I'm sure!) Also like details, details, details! It's motivating!!! TFS, candy! Jeanne S.

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Oh wow! I'm really wowed! Your tablescape is soooooooooooo cute!

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What a cute table, Candy! I have to admit that I hadn't paid attention to who had posted this thread, BUT . . . after reading down a few pics I realized that it HAD to be Candy with all those fantastic bargains ;^D

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Thanks everyone!!
Now its time for it to go away and make room for Thanksgiving!
I have found so many cute dishes this year for Halloween, that I fear Thanksgiving will feel kind of anticlimactic!
Oh well, Christmas is not far away and then I go craaazy!!


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