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PurplemoonOctober 8, 2010

The turkey S&P set and acorn spoon rest came from Ross clearance bin. The big mug and bowl came from Dollar Tree. They had matching dinner plates, which I may have to go back and get one or two.

The neat witch tassels, and Eek sign came from Michaels. I think the witches are really cute. I especially like the face on the orange one. They also had one in green with the same face as the purple witch, but I didn't get her. The rusty pumpkin, came from Ross. The wire bird cage was verdigris color, but I decided to paint it black. It was a GW find last year, also the metal moon candle holder.

The purple glitter tree came from Target. The little black tree was an unfinished wood one from Michaels.

I sprayed it black and added glitter. Dracula Nutcracker was a surprise gift from my DDIL. The purple cat came from Michaels, tho I probably should have just bought the black one as it would look better. I got a pair of the velvety black spiders at Michaels too.

The med-sized black glitter, lighted pumpkin was from Target. Also the vine pumpkin.

The orange-striped, resin kitty (like my Jazz aka Trouble) came from a catalog last year. He has several outfits for different holidays. That's a bat hanging from his tail.


So this stuff is in the middle of my garage floor right now. I bought some Halloween craft things to try and do, plus some Martha Stewart thingies to play with. Finally found ONE creepy cloth at Michaels, they are selling out fast apparently. I wanted a couple of packs of it. :o( Tomorrow I'll unpack my old stuff and try to make sense of the mess. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Pretty nice things.
I had just commented on your other post, that I bought two of those Acorn Plates from DT, but did not see these cups.
Those are great for soup..OR a nice floral arrangement.
Whatever you're in the mood for!
I like the wired birdcage and the witch tassels. How will you use them? I like the orange one too. Cute Dracula and love the 'Jazz' cat with the bat hanging off his tale.
I can see Jazz checking him out... lol've got quite a collection of Halloween this yr..and I'm looking forward to see it all. Remember >
pace yourself.


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Ohhh, those witch tassels are so CUTE! Love the colors & those faces, too! You find such neat stuff, PM! And that Jazz cat, way CUTE, too! Quite a haul for this I hope you're not working way too hard today on all of it! Take some downtime, girl!

Our matching birdcages...your's now black, mine painted white for the Lily Garden...lots of good ideas on this forum! LOL! ...from one "Enablers R Us" to another! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Karen, good to here you got to go out and do some shopping. Looks like you found some great items. Your orange cat is GREAT and I love his outfit. Do you make them? The acorn dishes are pretty and such a good buy.

Did you buy the turkey s & p and spoon rest this year or last year in the clearance bin? The orange witch does have a pretty face. Are the witches arms made with wire so they could hold something?

Cute trees and pumpkins. Do you use a certain type of glitter? I have never bought any black before.

Another nut cracker to add to your collection. WONDERFUL! He's a handsome fellow with those ears and teeth.haha The purple cat is so funny and will look great with all your purple decorations. Put him facing Jazz and that would be enough to keep one laughing every time you looked at them. They both have such cute expressions.

Hope you are feeling good enough to enjoy getting these all put out. If not, there's always next year. I just hope you keep buying so we have entertainment when we come here.LOL Enabler???


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Looks like you're set for the season! I echo Jane and Jeanne though, don't overstress yourself!

Love the witch tassels (you know I love orange) and Jazz aka Trouble's twin looks just as crafty...I love his outfit and expression. The Dracula nutcracker is a hoot and I think everything will come together just right.

- Magpie

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Jeanne, I forgot you had the same birdcage! I hope I don't regret painting mine black, the verdigris was pretty.
But just didn't look right for Halloween of course.

I am totally bummed out as today was a total waste! I got up in serious back pain/leg and it was all I could do today to take care of my dad and do laundry. I had wanted to get at least half the decorating done and finish tomorrow. I really blew it tho and am so frustrated. I just hate these "useless" days the Fibro gives me constantly.

Punk, I couldn't thread a needle much less sew anything.
The kitty came with several outfits, he was in some catalog
I saw last year. He has St Paddy's and Patriotic ones. I can just picture WHY the purple cat is all arched up and mad, looking at little Jazz jr. LOL. (tho the real Jazz would probably more resemble the purple cat if I tried to dress HIM up!!)

Here's a close-up of one tassel witch. Her face and hands are made of some sort of plastic or resin. You could very carefully put something small in her hands, but they don't move much.

hugs, Karen

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Glad you had a chance to get out for a little fun shopping. Will look forward to seeing your Halloween decor added in with your Fall things. I saw the plates at my DT, but I was bummed because they didn't have the leaf stemware like OA had found so didn't buy them. I have all my pretty acorn mugs from Betty last year, and just want to use them. I had been in Target the other day and they had several Halloween nutcrackers. I figured you had already seen them. I really like your cute little eek sign, and I've seen those metal pumpkins decorated in so many pretty ways, so know you will enjoy it. Sorry you had so much pain today--hopefully it will be better tomorrow. Hugs, Luvs

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Oh my goodness, what neat stuff you found. I love those acorn dishes, my DT didn't have those, but I did get some nice black and white swirly plates there yesterday. Your witch tassels are so sweet, I guess witches can be sweet. Your holiday dress up kitty is down-right adorable and I like the purple one too. I need a black one too, I found some darling fused glass cat-face plates and am planning on doing a table soon. I'm so sorry your feeling bad and hope you are up and about in no time. I can't wait to see how you use all those wonderful buys.

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Good shopping!
I just love those tassels!

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