Floor Plan for review, Thanks!

loafer80May 3, 2012

looking for ideas and comments on our plan, this is close to what we want and exhausted our ideas. The main floor and top floor I think we're pretty happy with, but comments are welcome. The basement is what bothers us, the layout is not as nice and we would like to improve on it and the rooms are tiny right now

Some restrictions are:

1) basement front entry cannot be moved, city requirement

2) we want 2 bedroom rental/in laws suite

3) own laundry room in basement, discussed with wife she doesn�t mind hauling laundry down there

Thanks in advance!!

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Can the stairs be reversed? It would help tremendously on your basement floor space.

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kirk, reversing the stairs would change the open-ness of the foyer entry. Right now the stair railings and stair flights going up will be visible.


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Okay. What is the x'd thing next to the stair in the basement?

Would it be possible to simply turn the 1st floor to basement stairs the other way and have them be L shaped instead of c? It is probable that it would mess up your powder room on your first floor. Just trying to think a little outside the box.

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Oh, wait! that powder is a 1/2 floor up (right?).
So, actually, that would be good. It would be easy to turn the stairs going down to an L shape, I think. The long leg of the L ending at the basement floor at the dryer, or theres abouts. Then, reconfigure your space so you are mostly in the back; opening up to the front.
Unless I am completely reading it wrong. (And, if so, can you clarify your tiny words on the stairs?)

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the powder is 1/3 floor down, at the first landing down to basement.
the stair leading to the basement and powder says "Down, 14 risers"
the stair up to 2nd floor says "Up, 18 risers"
We will be removing the Mech. room, and putting everything underneath the stairs and space under powder (5'4 ceiling). That will give more living space to the rental suite.

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I don't have any changes for your basement, but I'd like to see a noise buffer between the MBR and the secondary BR. I changed the closets to create that buffer. The 2nd BR remains the same size, but has more closet space with the wall of closets including the hallway linen closet moving to the opposite wall. The front BR gets a bit more squared off and a full wall of closet space on the right side.

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thanks laxsupermom, the noise buffer and the layout you suggested are good ideas. Thinking about it more, maybe I would even get the GC to add double drywall on one side of the room and hallway for noise control. Is that overkill?

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Much noise can travel underneath doors so I wouldn't bother with the double drywall.

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