Halloween Blues.... :o{

PurplemoonOctober 20, 2012

Blues...as in I'm "blue". Blues...as in I "blew" it. So now I'm crying in my cauldron and banging my head against the wall.

I told y'all I was nearly 2 wks later than I'd planned getting out my Fall decor....Well I really goofed there!!

Normally I enjoy my Fall stuff for several weeks, then redo a good bit of it when I pull out the Halloween stuff. Which I have out at least 2 wks, or more preferably. So the SMART thing to do would have been for me to just go ahead and do the Halloween with some Fall this time. But noooooo, I had to go and blow Halloween and make myself sad, mad, loaded with hindsight!

I've been really enjoying my Fall things and thank goodness I did them when I did, cause I fell into a whopper of a depression soon after and not been 'up' to doing anything. ANY thing lately. Tho I kept thinking get out the Halloween, and then kept thinking "why". So all my decorations still packed. I'm now really, really missing my Witches especially. Love those girls. LOL.

But I just can't bring myself to decorate for only a week! Even tho it means not seeing my Halloween goodies for another YEAR. :o(

(suffering Depression is about as much fun as the Fibro.) I even told my BFF the other day she wouldn't have to help me this Christmas cause I wasn't going to do it. I was on a roll I tell you! Had that Pity Party ramped up good. However the past few nights I've been going thru our Forum Christmas inspiration albums, and the one I set up on Pinterest, and even looking at previous years decor I did in my own personal albums. I think its helping, cause I know I want to do SOME decorating now at least. I had known for a fact that this time of year LAST year was going to be tough (first ones without my Dad), but I sure wasn't prepared to go fall in a black hole this time.

I wish Mr Oblivious liked even just a little bit of holiday decor, its so deflating when he just never "sees" it or comments on it after I do my best to make it look nice. Anyway, right now my enthusiasm for Christmas is very, very low....but the way I'm feeling about blowing Halloween hopefully will help me from making the same mistake next month! Or maybe someone will give me the "kick in the butt" I need....

Anyway, I am REALLY enjoying seeing all the fantastic Halloween things here y'all are doing. And am sorry not to have joined you this time. Thank you for all the smiles and joy you keep bringing me, I appreciate more than you'll ever know. And please excuse what probably sounds like a bunch of whining tonight.

hugs, Karen

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Doggonit!! I sure wish I lived close enough to you to come over and get those bins out, cause once we had them out and started going through all your cool things, you couldn't possibly be depressed! At least I don't think you could!

I know about Mr. O cause I am married to his twin, LOL.

Truly, I am so sorry to hear about your depression, because I actually have a minor in psychology and I know it is more than just getting out your holiday bins. However, that being said, something that does bring you pleasure can help with your feeling down.

I sincerely hope you are able to do some of your decorating this year. Maybe if you ask your BFF to come over, put some of your favorite holiday music on and start going through some of your bins, it will motivate you and make the holidays more festive???

I know that your friends here at this site are noticing you have not been your usual self. We miss the old Karen and want you back to your fabulous "Hugs Karen" that we all know and love!

I'm sending out lots of hugs and good thoughts your way that you are soon feeling back to "par." Sorry, couldn't resist the golf comparison, LOL.
You are so important to the rest of us, and anything we can do to help, just name it!

(((((((Hugs back at ya))))))))

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Consider yourself kicked in the rear.... ok, I'm glad we're friends that we can say that to each other! ;-)

Love all your Fall decor & if you're not up to Halloween...the good witch or the bad witch won't give a hoot ...oh no, that's the owl that gives a hoot ... the black cat has apparently crossed your path & brought you bad luck ~~~ don't worry, this too shall pass... even tho black cats have nine lives! So be careful!!!

No matter what, purplemoon ... we love ya! Your Christmas spirit is starting to shine! You're ahead of the game there! I'm half finished w/porch Halloween ... so it may not get done either...but it's ok ... we still have our holidays, no matter what!

And, my DH doesn't notice the change in decor either ... or if he does, he doesn't comment... but I do it for 'myself' mostly! & of course, for my 'Holiday-ers' here on the forum! Hugs back at ya, Karen! Jeanne S.

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LOL, Candy, "not up to par" is definitely an accurate term living with Mr Golfer. And surprisingly even HE noticed how bad off I've been. Shocked the heck out of me. LOL.
You are so right, if you lived close, I'd probably never fall into a depression. Or at least not stay in one for long. (minor in psychology huh?) Actually I think the Fibro's constant, bad pain and lack of decent sleep is a solid basis for much of the depressions, and that is probably why doctors prescribe an anti-pressant right off the bat. But I am very sad without my Dad moreso this time of year than any other. So with all those things combined, I just let many things drag me down that shouldn't at times. Luckily my BFF is bubbly, upbeat, and always a joy to be around, a real blessing to me.
I will be ok, tho maybe not 'really' ok till after Christmas.

Jeanne, you made me laugh with all your Halloween references. LOL. Tho my poor owls are probably in the bin crying on the witches' shoulders about being left in the dark this year. Gosh, I am sure surprised your DH doesn't notice and comment on all your fantastic decorating!! Is this a "guy thing"? (tho I know Candy married Mr O's twin)
I better say something nice here about Mr O however, we just celebrated our 42nd anniversary a few days ago and he totally surprised me! A dozen LAVENDER roses, the most beautiful card EVER, and a lovely dinner at the Outback (my favorite steakhouse). He doesn't 'do' flowers, much less find something like lavender ones! He sure perked me back up and made a big difference!
(there is hope, Candy, LOL)

I do feel bad I haven't been my old self here, sure don't want to let you guys down by being such a dud.
hugs, Karen

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Karen, Oh my goodness ladies, they were quads at birth? My DH doesn't comment on my decor either! So sorry to hear you've been a little depressed lately. I know I have and feel bad that I didn't notice anything was going on with you. Please forgive me, girlfriend.

Gosh Mr O sure came through for your anniversay. Raised my brow on that one. You must of had that dress with a slit up the side and gave him that special wink before he headed out to golf that day!

I still have all my witches out in the shed and they won't be coming in this year either. I did get my table set for Halloween and will try to get pictures taken tonight to share. I didn't even bring out any of my Halloween dishes.

Hope you and BFF will find time to get together and do some Christmas decorating. It's normal to miss DD and we will help you get through another Holiday w/o him. In fact everything you do remember you are doing it for him. After all he's still watching YOU.


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Here's a hint that I hope will help cheer up those of us who sometimes get down in the dumps: after reading the previous posts, I went and started pulling up old decorating posts from last Christmas. Brightened my spirits and got me thinking about decorating again! Hope that helps :) Cheers everyone!

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Marlene Kindred

Well Karen....I'm telling you that we need to have a "holiday forum" get together! You know like the one we used to talk about on the junk forum. Don't you wish we could? I'd love that! Try not to kick yourself too hard....you'll just have to pay for that tomorrow. I do know what you mean about the different holidays sneaking up on you though. I didn't get to decorate at all for Easter or St. Patrick's day...and I missed it. We had the house torn up redoing the kitchen, so what's the point? Anyway....you have so much lovely fall decor that I actually thought you were done....stoopid me! I should have known that you were holding out on us! Okay...here's what you do.....drag out your turkeys for Thanksgiving and call it done....I already have my Pilgrims out with the Jack-o-lanterns! Haha! Decorating is mostly for us anyway...we just love looking at our pretty stuff. It would be nice if you DH would notice, but since he never has, I guess it might be too late to change that part of him. But, WE sure notice! Can't believe how fast October is flying by....it seems like I just put stuff out and soon I'll be packing it away and wondering how much Christmas stuff I'm going to put up.

I'm really sorry that you've had such a bout with your depression, but lordy lady, I understand that too. Hang in there...it WILL pass. But, you may have to have yourself a little retail therapy to help it along...even if it's online therapy!

We love you my friend~


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Karen, so sorry to hear about your depression. I've also been in similar mood, although granddaughter & I did decorate for Halloween.

I will not be doing anything for Christmas,, think we're going away.

Not only is my disc problem still annoying me ( which is good I can say annoying, rather than bedridden from it) but my arthritis horrible, takes me forever to get moving in the morning, plus I've had depression for years.

On the other hand, the court mess is over, my son retained full custody of the kids but owes his lawyer a small fortune, so they are still living with us, as they lost their house during the legal mess!

My house is bursting at the seams, there really isn't room for so many people, not enough storage for clothes shoes, toys, bikes etc., so the kds have had to downsize & do without many things.

I try to count our blessings though as a year ago things were so much worse.

I understand your frustrations when you put so much of yourself into your beautiful decor & it's not even noticed. I am thinking most men are similar to Mr. Oblivious, many times I have to call attention to things I've done to decorate!

I hope you can feel better soon, you always do such pretty things for Christmas!

I won't promise to be here regularly, but I will try to pop in more often, I honestly have little spare time with them living here & I miss my time here & keeping up with friends I've made here.

I'm still breeding puppies too, so my life is not that of a retired grandma, more like a soccer mom most days!

Going to check out some other posts while I have a chance.
Take care Karen, take care of you, you deserve it!

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Rafor, you're so right that looking at past posts and pictures can really help and be inspiring. I'm starting to see lots of 'new' ideas on Pinterest which I'm saving too. But Lordy, if I could do all those neat things I see that I want to do, I'd need two more houses and a LoT more money. LOL. (oh, and a couple of hunky guys to haul bins and help out).

Yacht, its so great to have you back! And I'm thrilled your son got full custody. What a time he's had. Now maybe he can work towards getting them a home again, and you can get your house back someday. Must seem like Grand Central Station at times. Your health problems sound pretty rough to deal with. Tho am glad your back is somewhat better and you can do stuff again.

Marlene, I've actually been threatening my poor turkeys that they aren't coming out either. LOL. But if Jeanne is going to kick my butt, I might have to reconsider. And yes I remember when we used to wish we could all have motorhomes and travel around to visit and buy neat treasurers together...like hitting that Endless Yard Sale. Can you just picture that with our group here?
F U N !

hugs, Karen

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LOL, purplemoon ... good to hear from caring friends here!

Reconsider...or it'll cost ya! Hugs, Jeanne S.

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Karen, sorry that you are having such a bout with depression. That seems to be one more of the gifts fibro has bestowed on us. I think it is all fibro related, except the grieving for your DD. I have simular eposides with the blues when I literly have to will myself to move. I told my Dr. one time that when I was so down that I actually resented having to go to the bathroom. It is really funny how much we all have in common. I think we all married brothers. Sunday the 14th, my kids were home too celebrate mine and my sons BD. Remember thoose halloween plates and mugs that I found last year. Well I found some plastic orange and green stemmed glasses awhile back and decided to do a halloween table for the little GKs since I had four little ones and 4 place settings. I dug out some green placemats, used my black plate stand that I made with a black plate and a spray painted candle holder and was really feeling proud of myself. Well, Grayson and Ashton fell asleep right before lunch and the other two were afraid of the plates. OH well. My one grown GD, Ashton's mom really liked them. I will have to remember her in my will! LOL I have out a few fall/ halloween things; but before Thanksgiving it will be wreath time again so there's not much point in dragging our more. Then it will be Christmas! I had DH helping me get to the bins in our storage building up on the mountain Sat. If you remember, I was like Yatcher last year and had my Sons (2) piled in on me and I couldn't even get to my favorites. DH ask me if I thought I had enough after about the 6th bin and I told him I thought we might ought to stop at a yard sale or two on the way home. Like you, I am really enjoying pinterest. Your little halloween houses are a must for next year. I know I have some of those little houses packed away in my bins from before I started collecting the larger pieces, so when I get to them, they will be left in my to do stach. So much I want to do and so little time and even less energy. We have got to get ourselves out of this slump! Hugs, Janet

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Gosh Karen...and I thought it was just me going thru
those feelings. I'm afraid all I can offer you my dear friend is a BIG (((((HUG))) and a few encouraging words.

Even if you bring out just a FEW things...that can help bring in some Halloween Spirit! Doesn't have to be a hell of a lot either. Then you won't have to think of all you have to put away so quickly once it's over.
Fall will still go on till Thanksgiving and your Fall things are so beautiful and can still be enjoyed till then.

You know what I've been going thru since the fist of the month...has really kicked the sails and then some out of me..It's always so good to come here even if you don't do something...Seeing what everyone else does always brings a smile...I can 'Live Thru Them' so to speak !! lol
I've got my house on the market...so no real decorating joy going on here...My 'Jack' is still in the attic looking at me and waiting to come out - the 'Witch & her Broom' are still in the Basement..looking at me and I
don't feel I'm up to helping them 'Come Out' !
I think I'm feeling the 'blues' too. Not feeling well and knowing this will probably be the 'Last of Everything' here. (no not on Holiday)..lol this house!

So dear Karen..hopefully this will pass, ns you'll be
working your way on to Christmas in better Spirits.
After all that effort in redoing your floors and
rugs...your Holiday decorations are just aching to come out
and be displayed ! Don't let them down.
(Hugs again)

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