About to start framing - changes?

laurajane02May 25, 2012

Hi there,

I haven't actually posted the layout of our house on GW before, as we finalized our plans before I discovered this forum. We are about to start framing the basement of our house and our GC wondered if we had any changes. I thought that maybe I should post our layout here for suggestions.

Changes that I can still make are things like window and door size + location. I've already asked to have just 1 door to the equipment room.

I thought that maybe we should consider sliding french doors?

Anyway, here's the floorplan for our basement:

And this is a recent photo of our build:

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The bedroom door/closet.
We have this set up (and I hate it). I dislike walking into the room into the closet wall (not literally, just visually).
If you can, I'd move the closet to the playroom wall and re-center the window accordingly.

Also, if you can, you might decide to switch the location of the shower and the vanity in the bathroom; then move the door down a bit. Why? for a larger shower. Now or later. That is a huge bathroom with a little tiny shower.

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Thanks! I appreciate your input. Those are very good points.

Regarding the closet, I wonder if we should eliminate it in favor of freestanding furniture? For the foreseeable future, this will be a guest room. I suppose that we could always add a closet at a later date if necessary. Thoughts?

Regarding the bathroom, I was planning a bench under the window and perhaps some kind of vanity or dresser along the bare wall. This will be a guest bathroom. Should I plan for a larger shower, perhaps a doorless one? I guess I'm not sure how this space would be best utilized.

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Agree on the shower. Make it much larger.

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Please make the shower larger. It will feel awkward seeing such a tiny shower in a huge bath. I think you would prefer it in the long run and should even put a bench in there. Oh and yes put a door up...I personally like how it keeps more heat in.

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You might check on your local appraisal determinations, but if the guest room won't count as a bedroom without the closet, you might need it to have one to get your final appraisal # that you need (assuming you need a post-build appraisal).

You do have a little more room between door and closet wall than I have, but it still isn't my favorite set up.

Yes, definitely make the shower larger. You can make it be a walk in shower that goes the full length of that room, and still have room for a bench on the blank wall. If you use a glass front, you can still appreciate the light that will come into the space from that window. (This assuming that switching vanity and shower isn't an option at this point, since you already have your foundation poured).

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So the consensus is to put a larger shower in the bathroom. Our foundation walls are poured, but not the floor, so we can still change the location of fixtures. Would the layout be better if the toilet were under the window and the shower stretched towards the vanity?

We're keeping the closet in the bedroom, as per DH's request. Currently, we're talking about putting it along the playroom wall, with an additional closet accessible from the playroom (does that make sense?).

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Sounds good...everything else looks fine to me. And that VIEW!!!!! whew!

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That makes sense! It also will provide a bit of sound buffer between "play room" and guest room.

You could tuck the toilet over there. What are the dimensions of that room?

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kirkhall ~ Thanks for bringing up the closet issue in our spare bedroom. DH and I talked it over with our GC this evening and the closet will go on the playroom side (with an even larger closet in the playroom, something we're very happy to gain).

Here's an enlarged version of the guest bathroom layout, with dimensions:

Our GC says that we should definitely make that shower larger, so that's a given. We're just not sure what the best overall layout is.


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Have you considered putting the sink on the bottom (blank wall), moving the toilet to the corner where the shower currently is located and moving the shower to where the sink is? This would give you a nice size shower. It is a big bathroom for a guest bathroom, I am sure your guests will be most appreciative.

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To take a step back, is a tiled shower the way to go for a guest bathroom, or is a bathtub/shower combo generally preferable?

I asked for help with this layout in the bathroom forum, and it was suggested to give up some sq footage to the adjacent room. I don't think I can do that in a useful way, but perhaps I should add closet space?

Here's the other thread:

Here is a link that might be useful: bathroom forum thread

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Who will be your guests? Is appraisal important?

A tub is handy for littles who need a bath. Your adult guests probably aren't going to take a leisurely bath while at your house--they will shower.

If you need it to appraise as a full bath, you need a tub/shower combo to do that.
If you don't, then it will be considered a 3/4 bath with a shower only.

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Kirkhall ~ Thanks for your reply on the other thread. I'm so glad that you were online today!

This room will primarily used by DH's locums (he's a physician) and the inlaws. However, with 4 nephews and lots of friends with young children, we should probably go for the tub (we originally thought that when kids visit, they could bathe upstairs where our children bathe). Ultimately, we'll have a guest house, but not immediately.

Appraisal is not important, this is our forever house.

p.s. if you thought the fireman's pole was cool, did you notice the slide? ;)

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NO! I missed the slide. Is that the far right of the curvy stair? What a fun house!

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One more thing--the stairs.

I don't suppose you can change the so they end in the middle (near playroom) rather than at the edge where you have to walk through the wet bar? That is probably asking too much for your plan, as it affects everything else. But, it might have been nice to get to the cellar from "under stair storage" at that far wall, rather than from the mechanical room... And, it might be nice not to have everyone walking through the wet bar area.

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Kirkhall ~ Those are great points but I don't think we can change the stairs. The stairs going from the main floor to the loft level are already built... But that's ok. The cellar isn't really a cellar. It's a "secret room" and it's going to have a secret escape hatch to the front porch ;)

Thanks for taking the time to look at my plan!

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Just an input about the doors- You were saying sliding, but those are awkward and leave half as much space. Consider accordion! They can come in nearly any stlye, and you can get them all the way open on both sides, yet not far into your room. it's my favorite compromise!

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