the SCARY part of my Halloween decor

PurplemoonOctober 16, 2011

What's scary is how much stuff I am going to be trying to use! I only plan to do the bay window and some on the tea cart, and my 2 curios by the bay window (thank you very

much, Candy for the 'push' there! Great idea.) So on Friday I packed the bronze and metal whippet figurines away for the rest of the year, and got the curios emptied to put my Halloween figurines in, for the first time ever. Sat I did nothing as my legs and back and neck said they were not going to work. No way, no how. This morning I told them all to go to H---, as I had to do

the Halloween... or forget it this year! So I decided to pile it ALL on the kitchen table, on the chairs, on the floor by them. And in the bay window. Figured I'd have no choice but to decorate. LOL. Good idea, in theory anyway. sigh

I got stuff out of a garage cabinet, out of the sitting room closet, out of a bin in the garage, but have YET to get it out of a small cabinet in the house (where my figurines and delicate decorations are. I had NO place to safely put that. But I had the BIG, brand NEW ceramic Raven from Hobby Lobby I got a month ago to deal with. So I put him safely up on top of a curio, with a black pumpkin. Just a few minutes ago I heard a loud 'noise' and discovered Jazz had jumped up there and knocked the Raven off. I was so upset. At least the only part that shattered was the ceramic pumpkin base the Raven was on. Somehow the Raven survived with just a nick on his tail I could touch up with black paint. WHEW! He broke cleanly off his pumpkin.(Darn Cat.) I am foreseeing more problems as I find places for things. Like the spiders, and dangly stuff. sigh.

It took me several hours just to do what I did. I had actually thought I'd be done. HA. Makes me wonder where THAT thought came from!! ALL I got done was to hang creepy cloth in the bay window, and put a few things on the front porch, and create a big mess that is sitting there waiting for me to do something about it. I hope if I sit here awhile, my legs will let me do more later on tonight.

(I'd shut Jazz in my study if I could. But he knows how to open the doors to the rooms and let himself out. He does not care to be shut up.)

Looking at JUST the pile on the table, and in the bay window, on the floor and sort of makes

me think I'm trying to push an elephant thru a keyhole.;o(

Maybe Teegan will help me tomorrow.....she's HERE!!! Arrived yesterday. Wooooo Hooooo. I am even more in love with her now I've actually seen her. The little tag, and certificate say she's a Ltd Ed, (not for children under 14 as she's not a toy) with her face, hands, and feet being porcelain. Her hair is real, and she also has REAL

eyelashes (upper and lower). She's just soooo pretty and sweet. And she's hiding in my closet right now, but that's another story. LOL.

Here's the messy, scary table....from all sides... waiting for me to do something about it!

and the bay window. Jeeez, just how many black metal things does a person need to have?!!! I amaze myself at times, tho definitely NOT in a GOOD way! Wonder how I am going to use these this year with my limited areas?

With any luck, future photos will show actual decor tomorrow.

hugs, Karen

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Oh, can't help myself, PM, I am LOL!!! Jazz is just such a treat! (as long as she lives w/you, that is!) ;-)

& Ohhhhh, this bay window ...just do a little re-arranging as is ...I love the BLACK ...looks like a silhoutte for the holidays! Get that blackish pumpkin off your table & add it to that stacked plate thingy or the candlestick! Just look how great your bay window looks w/that gauzy stuff & your spiderwebs & signage!!! I LOVE IT! Really, I love all the black metal thingy's ...think SILHOUETTE!

Hope you will feel better tomorrow ...I so want to see Teegan again! And from your description she sounds alot like Dollbaby! (meant to be, wasn't it!) Glad you found her!

I worked on Christmas projects today & haven't touched the porch decor yet! (weird uh) ...well, DH had time to make the box part of my windowbox...I added a few pics on my post "Enabler's & More Fall Decor."

TFS your day, PM! Hang in there! Jeanne S.

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Ohhh, I forgot to add ... Dollbaby says, "Welcome Home, Teegan!"

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Hmmmm, Jeanne, you got my wheels turning thinking SILHOUETTE. I could NOT use my "Witchkin" I made out of the black and orange pumpkins, or take the ornament tree out of the black-gold pumpkin, and add to the bay window possibly.

I'm going to go play around with things now and see what happens!
hugs, Karen

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Your bay window looks terrific Karen!! It is so Halloweeny, I love the black gauzy drape and the spider webs in the windows I can't wait to see the rest of your 'stuff'.
Sorry to hear that jazz is up to his old tricks.
PLEASE tell me that Teegan is hiding in the closet because she is scared of Halloween!!!


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I forgot to say that I hope you are feeling better!!

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Karen...knowing you - you'll get every bit of your Halloween decorations 'worked into' all your Fall..and it will look fabulous! You already have a good start with your bay window. I love all the silhouette pieces and the black draping fabric. I think a pumpkin orange or gold... on your metal stand - on the left would balance with a 'pop' of color there.
That 'Jazz' is a rip - he knows when you're up to something new and different, and looks to 'rearrange it his way' !! Maybe he was a decorator in his 'other life' !! lol


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Ooops...forgot to mention - 'Welcome Teegan' !!
Can't wait to see your new little girl..she doesn't know it yet,
but she's headed for 'Fun & Good Times To Come' !!

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Thanks, Nana. Today is my 41st Anniversary and we are going to out dinner, and my 'achy breaky body' can just deal with it. (It thinks I'm just USING it, and I think it should be more UNDERSTANDING!) LOL.
I JUST got the most beautiful flower arrangement delivered.
Jas and Suz as always, making sure I get flowers on my anniversary, since Mr O doesn't do that. The flowers are purple, as is the lovely vase they are in.

Jeanne, Jazz is NOT a Treat...if anything, he is a Trick!
But after YOU sent me back, LOL, to rearrange the bay window last night, he stayed out of trouble. So far. I redid the kitchen table/chandelier from Fall. Just had to take the two garlands off the chandy (leaves and berries),
and moved the stacked plate arrangement to my sitting room.
Also had to move the big tray arrangement from bay window to there as well. But that's really about all I changed, so it will be easy to put back. Teacart decor too. I think I got almost done with my little bit Halloween decorating. Just have to arrange the figurines and such in my two curios. Hope to do that this evening. I repacked the Halloween things I won't be using. :o( Some I really hated to do that with too. But that's what I get for not decorating the family-room this year. (mantel, hearth, bookcase shelves, and two tables....and the entry way. A lot of space I lost by leaving the Fall decor there this time. But hey, at least I decorated, so I am happy with myself since I wasn't sure if I would this time.

Teegan is not scared of Halloween, she's hiding from Mr O.
Maybe she can just sit on the kitchen table and watch me do
the curios tonight after he goes to bed. Besides, she doesn't have anything to sit or play on. I've got to find her something and plan to go to the antique mall and look soon as I can walk longer. When she arrived Sat, that night I lay awake thinking about how much I love her and how I HATE hiding her and feeling "embarrassed" to tell my family I bought a 'doll'. (Not to mention my couple of local good friends. NO WAY will I tell them.) Anyway, I remembered that when my late Mom was in her mid 60s (my age now), she started collecting dolls! The pretty Lady type ones that are about 18"-20" high, in the fancy dresses and hats. Kind of like Southern Belles. She had around 20, none expensive but still nice dolls. NOT me OR the kids thought a thing about her suddenly collecting dolls. (of course she wasn't PLAYING with them, LOL). When she died, I kept my two favorites which were also her's. My DD took one doll, and my DDIL took one, then all the rest were donated. Well suddenly I thought to myself that I didn't want to be embarrassed about Teegan and I was going to tell or show her to my family. So when my daughter called yesterday, I told her. She LAUGHED AT ME and told me I was NUTS! Gee, that went well. sigh.
I think my DDIL will be more understanding. Working on courage to tell Mr O, who'll probably just roll his eyes and shake his head. Jas will just say "that's nice, Mom". LOL. He's kind of oblivious to stuff now.

Forgive this book length post. I'll try to post decor pix late tonight, or tomorrow sometime for sure.

hugs, Karen
Oh..Jeanne, I LOVE the little graphic of the girl in the leaf pile. Too cute! Have saved it myself now. Thanks.

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Happy Anniversary, Karen. Same number as us!
I love the Bay window, it is perfectly bewitching!

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Happy Anniversary!!
So nice of Jas and Suz to send you the flowers.
Last July 18 would have been my 41st anniversary also.
Sounds like 1970 was a good year to get married, LOL. Instead I had 27yrs with # 1 and now 11 yrs. with my own Mr. O! Actually he's Mr. Right, I just didn't know when we got married that his first name was Always!!

We are all looking forward to meeting Teegan. Your daughter just needs to meet all of Enablers R Us, then she would "get it." TeeHee.

Looking forward to seeing your posts. I love the bay window with the creepy cloth and spider webs,and all of the black metal things!!

How are the curios coming?? So glad I could help you find something else to decorate, LOL!!


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Karen, what perfect timing with little Teegan to come out tonight to help celebrate your anniversay!!! Are you doing anything special?

Your blk & wht bay window is Lookin' Good. Neat, neat, neat and Cute, cute, cute. I see you have a spider web stacking plate rack. That's awesome with the spider hanging down in the center. Leave it up to you to find something neat like this.

You have alot to put out so hope you don't over do. I put all of my totes back in the garage and don't think they will come back until it's time to put it all away. I just don't have the extra time this year but love seeing all of yours.


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Punk, have to laugh at the bay window "Looking Good". I'd just stuck all the metal stuff there while I was unpacking Halloween things. No arranging or thought. Its done now tho, so hope it looks good. I'll do a new post once I get photos taken and uploaded.
The spider web plate holder was a Home Goods find a few months ago. I love that store.

Just got from dinner at the Outback and am STUFFED. We both had the filet mignon. I had a very loaded baked potato, and then splurged even more with a decadent Sundae. I never order desserts, but what the heck.

Going to watch Dancing with Stars now. Then will take photos and see if I can sneak Teegan out of the closet.

hugs, Karen

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Didn't get a chance to wish you a -
Happy Anniversary Karen!
Funny last month was DH and my anniversary and we ate at Outback too. Getting 'stuffed' is so easy to do there! lol
Just finished watching DWTS too ( we tape it to skip all the commercials).

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Sounds like you had a lovely dinner.
I'm glad to hear there are DWTS fans here.

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First off before I forget--Happy Anniversary! So glad you and Mr. O. went out for a yummy dinner to celebrate.

You have some fabulous looking goodies to work with for your Halloween decorating. Your spiderweb stand caught my eye too, and I agree that all your metal pieces are great. Of course you know I love anything with words/phrases on them and you have some neat ones. You've been collecting witch items too, haven't you?

(I read your post with the link to your album, so I know it all turned out just great!)


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Yes, Luvs, I've been adding a few witch things to my Halloween stuff. I'm really not into all the usual stuff like ghosts n goblins, jack o' lanterns, etc. but I do love witches and ravens. And of course witches have kitties. LOL.

How neat, Kathleen, that you (and Candy) also got married in 1970. And Jane, you ate at the Outback too. ;o)
Plus, Nana, some of us really like Dancing with the Stars.
I think Candy previously nailed it about our Holiday gang having so many little things in common outside of just holiday decorating. Even the same furniture, or same figurines. Maybe this is why we seem more of a family, or a group of really long-time friends. Time, and distance, matters little it seems, some people are just meant to come into your life and make you feel like kindred spirits.

I am always in awe of our group here, and the closeness/caring we share so easily with one another. I doubt any of us expected this when we found this Forum, we just wanted to share some Holiday decorating! ;o)

By the way, here's the flowers Jas and Suz sent...and the two dolls I kept from my Mom's collection. These dolls come named, so that is Victoria on the left and Rebecca on the right.

The photo is my Mom when she was in her early 20's, and the cat pair are very old figurines I found at an antique show about 25 yrs ago. (My mom loved cats)

hugs, Karen

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Karen, belated Happy Anniversary, plus love your bay window, all the black truly captures Halloween!

I wanted to do black & white this year, but seems I don't have that much for my table.

When I saw your post about Teegan, I thought you had a new grandbaby or something! LOL

I guess I'm really out of the LOOP here, will have to start catching up soon, or be left behind!!!

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Beautiful vignette w/your Mom's pic & her dolls! & really lovely cat figurines. Thank you for everything you said above is wonderful to have such caring & fun forum friends. (I am always a bit sad when I think I will probably never meet you all face-to-face).

My belated "Happy Anniversary" to you & Mr. O. also, Karen. Here's to many more!!! ✺✺✺

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Marlene Kindred

Wow...there's a lot to comment on in this post my friend. First of all, Happy Anniversary! Glad you got to go out to eat and enjoy yourself.

All of your Halloween decorations are great and I love the bay window with all of the black! That darned cat of yours....what are we going to do with him? Stinker!

And about Teegan...I'm so glad she arrived safely and that you love her so much! Just bring that little girl on out and put her in a very prominent place and tell Mr. O that this is your new child! So what if he rolls his eyes....ooohhh, or maybe you can find a golfing outfit for her and that way he'll think she's cute! LOL. I think it's great that you have found something that you love so much....and hey, buying little girl clothes is great...and SO cute!

Love your Mom's dolls too...they're beautiful!

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"tell Mr. O that this is your new child! So what if he rolls his eyes....ooohhh, or maybe you can find a golfing outfit for her and that way he'll think she's cute!"

Heck Marlene, maybe I should get ME a golf outfit and see if he thinks I'M cute!! LOL


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Karen, those are the prettiest flowers from the kids. Love the flowers on the vase too. DM was a beautiful lady. Love the gorgeous dolls and antique cats! So glad you shared these with us.

Can hardly wait to see your new golf outfit for Mr O. It's Halloween and those outfits are a little risque so "Be Careful!"grin, grin


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Karen, The flowers are lovely. Jas and Suz are so thoughtful.
Your Mom was beautiful.
The dolls are so pretty. They are a wonderful keepsake.
I'm lovin the antique cats too.

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