Brother printer - no, I don't need to replace the toner!!!!

kashka_katJanuary 13, 2012

I'm writing re: our printer at work, so hope I can get an answer soon!

This thing has been nagging us about replacing toner for weeks now. IT LOOKS FINE. Print is still solid and black, and there is not the least bit of gray.

Now it is just flat out refusing to work unless I replace the toner cartridge and it keeps plastering my computer screen with nagging about cleaning the corona wire.

I've done the usual shaking of the toner cartridge and putting it back in, but it is not being fooled.

Is this in fact what's going on, why it isn't working - and if so, is there some way I can override it? How does it know I am not obeying it and inserting a new cartridge?

Or - looking at it another way, how do I know it is telling the truth?

This machine is getting on my last nerve!

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What model is it?

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Copy and paste the link below into your browser and about halfway down the page is a solution to your issue posted by "k9aqc". He posts several messages, so be sure to read all of the messages he posted. The issue seems to be with your corona wire.

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nearandwest - thank you! Havent yet tried any of the fixes but it looks like a good source of info. That corona wire message is part of the problem.

Its a MFC 8480 DN

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I did some Googling and found the following suggestion at TechSupport Forum. Scroll down the page to see all entries and feedback. Hope this helps.

Brother Laser Printers - Error Message "Toner Life End"
Brother Laser Printers
Error Message "Toner Life End"


Brother suggest taking the unit to a service center.
Message doesn't go even after replacing BOTH Toner & Drum.

Try this

Open door
press Clear/Back key
press *00
press OK

Do not choose anything for drum replacement.
When drum replacement menu comes up, press the * and then 00, then press OK.

This might well work for other Brother Laser Printers too

Here is a link that might be useful: TechSupport Forum

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Take unit to service center - I don't think so!!

I used the fixya solution of taping up the toner cartridge holes and resetting the machine as described, holding down the start button - and it worked like a charm.

I just want to confirm that I am not harming the machine in anyway if I use every last drop of toner and don't replace toner right away. It still looking 97-98% solid black. With previous machines, I've always preferred to wait till it's visibly gray. Why not? Better for my budget, better for the environment.

This is the first machine Ive had that flat out refuses to work if toner is low.... I assume so we buy more toner? How tacky is that.

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Hi Thanks this information was most helpful! I had the same problem for the same model of Brother printer.

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