Bath time

a2geminiJune 1, 2012

We are just finishing our kitchen remodel and time to look at bathrooms.

We got a bit carried away in the kitchen, so want to keep costs down in BR.

I think our tile floor is fine and the Jacuzzi can stay. We plan to paint the wood trim.

We have a double sink vanity. We will replace with a new vanity and double sink.

I am thinking of an integrated Corian sink/counter top vs Cambria counter top

We are also going to make the BR cabinet higher than standard - my my DH and myself are taller than average.

Thoughts on the counter and sink styles?

We will replace the toilet - anyone love their toilet?

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A2 (sort of rhymes with GO BLUE, you know)

I did my baths and am now working on the kitchen--love yours (and saw the Watersone PLP yesterday--wow)

In my master bath, I used the Kohler Verticyl oval double sinks in our vanity. I love them and they are hardly more expensive than the regular oval Caxton which felt too ordinary for me. They have straight sides and a flat bottom which is kind of fun and lets me do things like use nail polish remover more safely by putting the open bottle in the sink while I am using it. I am not a believer in huge sinks--I would rather have the counterspace.

We have botticino marble countertops (actually marble everything--the rooms are narrow, so we wanted to keep it quiet).

We are very happy with the Toto Soiree ADA height with double cyclone flush and the E200 washlet. In our other bath remodel, we used another Toto--I forgot which one but is is not the ADA height. Kind of wish I had done ADA height in there as well. But both toilets work perfectly.

We did a fun Toto sink in the second bath. The Legato, I think. Sort of trapezoidal and interesting. Love that too.

I posted some pics last June.

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NYC Blue Devil -
You figured it out.
Now, I do remember when UConn came from behind to beat the blue devils in the big dance (basketball)but don't hold that against me....(I actually went to UConn)

Thanks for your compliment on the kitchen - love our waterstone but too expensive for a bathroom....

I will have to hunt for your post - sounds gorgeous!

Just about to post our backsplash decision on kitchens...

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Love your bathroom - do you have a cabinet on each side of the sink on the countertop (his and her cave?) or just on the left side.
What is the total width of your double vanity?
I don't think we can do the faucets out the back - but it would be nice not to have them on the counter...
Thanks - and hope you can laugh about my previous post - I take a lot of ribbing in A2 for being a UConn person - mostly, they want to know if I went to school in Alaska - but that was before UConn became known for bball :-)

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LOL--I went to Duke and to Michigan (law school) so have conflicting allegiances...

Look up "pics of my new bathrooms"--the thread should still be there. The photos are not the best because the baths are only 5' wide so it was hard to get the angles. And the marble looks very pink when it in fact is beige.

The other toilet was the Ultramax, by the way.

We are doing the faucet that Poohpup has but in chrome--the rep at the KD took it out of the case and I was in love!

Bathrooms need a lot of bling and I think it is easier to buy online than for kitchens. At least there are more items to buy.I bought almost everything over the phone at plumbtile. Their prices were great and the sales staff extremely knowledgable. I think I saved about 7K over the "discounted" prices at the showroom for both bathrooms.

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Thanks. I am really happy with the bathrooms.

The double vanity is about 90". It is separated into five banks--hamper (darks), sink cabinet, middle 4-drawer stack, sink cabinet, hamper (lights).

There is a tower on each side of the vanity that lines up with the outermost banks. The bottom part of the cabinet that opens with its own door has outlets for hair dryer, shaver, clock. That was a big quality of life improvement since I use the hair dryer every day and didn't want it on the counter.

You didn't ask but the open shower is a dream. As is the open tub/shower in the other bath. No glass to clean other than the sliver above the pony wall in the master. It doesn't get cold

We did the wall-mounted faucet in the girls' bath. It was a fun change but it is challenging because you have to figure out the height early in the process when they are doing the roughing in.

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Thanks NYC - glad you could have LOL - I was worried I might offend you but felt that you would be fine.
I did look at your BR - love it - I think we were posting at the same time. How long is your double vanity?

You will love your Waterstone - I got to preview the model that Pooh and soon you will have in West Reading, PA.
I was visiting DM and the Baldwin store arranged for the rep to drop it off. I loved it - but alas, wasn't the right style for my kitchen (I tried hard).

I also wanted the latch on spray (who knows why but thought I must have it)

PS - Head over to kitchenland - just posted my BS decision.

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OK - for those following this - we are posting at the same time
NYC - got the measurement this time

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Thanks again NYCBD
Double LOL and LOL for posting at the same times!!

I measured our current vanity and it is 83 inches - so would need to figure out what would work.
We don't need hampers but better storage would be great.

I will look more closely at your shower. Our WC is between our vanity and shower, so not sure I can do what you did - but great idea of no glass! So opposite of many who are putting in lots of seamless starphire glass.

Saw your post on kitchens - can't wait to see your plans.

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Why don't you think about two 30" sink cabinets separated by a drawer stack (three shallow drawers and one deep one? We did pull outs under the sink cabinets--the top one is a U shape to allow for the plumbing. So the amount of storage is really great.

Do you need linen storage? We didn't because we have a linen closet right outside the bathroom but if you do, you could have an open shelf in lieu of one or two of the drawers, or you could put linens in the towers.

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Will play with your idea
We don't need much linen storage - we have a big hallway linen closet and when I do laundry, I just pop the towels back in the bathroom. (Actually my DH does the laundry :-)

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Mine does the laundry too. Apparently we have a lot in common:-)

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LOL!!!- My DH fired me cause he didn't like how I did the laundry.
I better check and see if Badgergal's DH does her laundry also - we have been sole mates during our kitchen remodel!

I checked the measurement- we currently have 2 30 inch sink cabs with drawers in between, so probably not enough room to do what you did :-( Bummer

Total is about 82-83 inches for the run.

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