Mater Bathroom

a2geminiJune 16, 2013

I am just starting to think about our master bathroom.
We have a double vanity (about 78 inches).

I know I want to raise it higher (at least to kitchen height if not a few inches higher - so 36-38 counter height.)

I want storage "garages" and have an idea after looking at Houzz and the forum.

The double vanity backs up to a closet. I am thinking instead of having the storage take up counter space that I could push the cabinet into the closet (providing no support beams in the way) -

That section of the closet is pretty much worthless - it it too narrow for a clothes bar - and I just hang items off the upper shelf - so I don't think it will interfere with the closet.

Has anyone done this?

Once I get more organized, I will post pictures.


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Hi A2--I just had someone give me a design for our master bath as well....I guess we will go through this journey together like our kitchens!

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I'm lurking over here now instead of kitchens, even though a bathroom remodel is about 5 years away for me!

Your idea of recessing the storage sounds promising as long as your arms are long enough to reach your stuff. How will you finish it? (Meaning what kind of door?)

Good luck, and I look forward to seeing your progress!

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Christine and Four - I am thinking our BRs are 1-3 years out. We need some recovery time from the kitchen reno - but it will be fun watching...
DH wants a cave in the BR - upper storage as leaning down is hard on his back. Four - I was thinking arm length might be a problem also but maybe if we just push it back a bit!

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Aha--I knew you would be here eventually!

How deep do you want the upper storage? Ours are 9" deep. I can't see what is on my side on the top shelf and stuff can get lost in the back. Sort of like a pantry (to use an analogy I know you would appreciate)!

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NYC - thanks and glad to have you helping along the way as well.
I am sure I never lose anything in the pantry (now how old is that can of beans...)

I want to get rid of all of the clutter on the top of the vanity and have it powered.

Let's see
2 electric toothbrushes and charging stations
2 UV bite splint cleaners
1-2 WaterPik cleaners
Hair Dryer
Curling Iron
Misc stuff

I don't need a lot on the top shelves - just a way to manage all of the electronics

Wait - maybe I need to "musicfy" the bathroom also!!

It is late, I have to get up early - I better go crash for the night!

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