Outside Bakers'Scape Fall Decor ...Harvest Time!(pic heavy)

jeannespinesOctober 22, 2011

Today I got in a few hrs of working outside & it was a gorgeous day here! Cold in the morn but nice enough for light long-sleeve shirt this afternoon! I got the Baker's Rack decorated for Fall w/my garden harvest:

Starting from the bottom up...I cut pine branches from the pines & put a few Corkscrew Willow branches in old watering can (that I use):

I think I need an iron black cat there (instead of that bunny!)

Next shelf up is enamel pan that I grew my Herb Garden in on the patio this yr...I cut almost everything, added my garden gourds & a pumpkin I bought at Farmers Mrkt, ornamental peppers that took a freeze hit & a few pinecones:

Moving toward the top is this metal star...a very popular item for some yrs now in home decor...I leave mine out all the time on this Baker's rack...the old blue canning jar has a solar light on it...which I made from a stake solar light...it's been out all summer on patio table & looks pretty cool at night when it shadows thru the metal grid to the ground...hope it will work good on the shelf here, too.

Top shelf...I love old crocks/jugs ...so here's one from the Amana Colonies in IA ...corked...so I leave it out in the Winter:

Here's another view of the whole Baker's rack...

And here's the leftovers to work with on another day...on my 'grate treadle table' on the patio:

Hope you enjoyed this outside 'Bakers'scape!' TFLookin!'

Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, its so neat you can use all natural things in your decorating. I love it. It must be a lot of fun to gather things from your yard. I'm really envying the curly willows!

hugs, Karen

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Jeanne, your bakers rack all decorated is so neat. Love all the pine branches as the back drop. You have so many neat old metal things. I always like that you use some wooden things too.

The little brown jug has me singing! I prefer your bunny out there! There's always bunnies running around outside, so looks like a natural setting to me.

What a variety in your harvest too. I would of never thought to use peppers. Cute idea! You have alot of neat gourds. The bumpy ones are pretty cool. Some of mine turned orange this year and I wondered if they crossed with my pumpkins.

Glad to hear you had such a nice day to work outside. It rained and the wind blew all day here. DGD has her last soccer game tomorrow so hope it's a nice day for that.


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It's just so perfect. I thought about moving my bakers rack to my front porch for the winter, but it just seemed like too much with everthing else I have out there.
Now, you make me want to try again!
I just love how rustic and well designed it appears.
Your sense of style is so artistic and I can almost smell the pine boughs from here!

Amazing as always!


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Jeanne. you're the one who (enabled)...inspired me to have DH make that Shelf unit for my outdoor porch table...now after looking at your beautiful arrangements...I'd better get going to decorate it before it snows!!
Jeanne..you always do such a beautiful job on your bakers rack. I love all the natural elements and what's even better, is that you can just 'pick' them from your own property! Also I like how you mixed in the metal pieces with wood and your gourds and greens. How do you keep your greens from drying up once you've cut them? I love your old crock...I had an extensive collection in my old house..but sold them to a dealer when I moved..I'm still kicking myself over that.
I've been wanting to use a solar light in some outdoor arrangements, but DH didn't think they'd work well...but I'm glad to read that you use them and they work fine.

Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures. You've created a beautiful outdoor arrangement and I love it all!


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Jeanne, This is a terrific display. You always put just the right things together.
I love the combination of wooden and metal pieces.
The greens are perfect with your gourds and pumpkins etc.
I like the blue canning jar too. They are becoming hard to find.
The little bunny is perfect there.
Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

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Thanks, Holiday-ers! Appreciate all your gracious comments.

PM...the corkscrew willow branches are used alot around here...I use big ones to stake up toppling flowers & just love the look of them...our son trims his trees alot so we take bunches to FMrkt, too...I use around bird feeders & such for them to perch. We have a couple planted here & they are fast growers!

punk...bet your gourds did cross...love those bumpy ones, too... loved them on your t'scape centerpc! I like that bunny, too...his coloring is good for the Baker's rack.

candy...~~blush~~thank you...& hope you try your B'Rack outdoors!

jane...you make me smile...love 'enablers' on this forum! It's never too late to start a new collection, ya know! ;-) My pine greens keep ok outside for the Winter...I guess just cause of the coolness & later the ice & snow! (ugh) I use solar lights outside in the Winter, too...in a galvanized washtub near the birdfdr off the porch...they seem to do ok in the cold.

nana...thank you...love to hear your comments! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

Aaaaahhhhh....your baker's rack always looks wonderful and of course your fall arrangement is no exception Jeanne. It looks so serene and peaceful and just plain comfortable to me. All those country accents I love....greenery, gourds, starts, canning jars, metalware, etc. Just lovely!

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Your baker's rack gives me a sense of warmth and home! I love all of the galvanized metal and the pine boughs mixed in. It is just beautiful done.

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Color me green with envy that you have access to so many great natural pieces.If I wander the property now, all I would find is dirt. lol
The whole rack came together perfectly with just the right balance of greenery and metal with a simple touch of glass.

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I'm loving the fact that you can put a solar light in your pretty blue canning jar. How cool is that? I don't usually decorate much on my back patio--but I do have a pretty white bakers rack out there, guess I could clip some evergreens from the neighbors tree that hangs over on my side and maybe even use some magnolia branches from the tree out front. Don't have any neat enamelware, but maybe an old crock or watering can might work. Will have to try it and see. Your's sure turned out pretty, love the combination of metals, glass, and greenery. Luvs

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Thank you, marlene, milo, maxi & luvs! Appreciate your comments! It is fun to share here! Go for it, luvs...sounds like you have plenty of natural things to work with too! Jeanne S.

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