new email account- Ideas

LybanJanuary 20, 2014

I am so fed up with gmail and the way they handle my account.
Always wanting more info, that I am so afraid to click the wrong button and give them more access.
Anyways, my question any advice for free email companies that you feel are safe.

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What is it you're experiencing that bothers you?

(Gmail is soooo popular, most people love it).

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I only use incredimail on all 6 of my PC's and have for many years love it, has awesome features. and is free download, only use free version.

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My problem is that they are pushing this one account for all of goggle.
I have a gmail address so does my husband on the same computer but he cannot get into his anymore because mine keeps coming up.

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You aren't able to sign out of Gmail so that he can sign on?

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No, there does not seem to be a place.even if I start over on my computer ,my gmail comes up only

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I also am not happy with gmail. I don't want to be so connect to google. They keep asking questions to get more info on you. I only use gmail for a business contact email, I use verizon for my personal email.

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When your gmail inbox is the active browser view, please notice your email address in the upper right hand corner. Click on that, there's a drop-down that will offer you the choice to Sign Out. Click on that.

Next time gmail is started, no one will be signed in. Your "problem" came about because you failed to sign out when done with your mail session. Especially when sharing a computer, that's an important thing to always do.

Your next complaint may be "I don't like having to sign in every time". In that case, you can use one browser for gmail while your husband uses a different one.

I'm sorry but you're upset simply because of your own misunderstanding. It's always a good idea to click around on a page, there are lots of settings and options to find. Google isn't pushing anything, you're free to ignore anything that doesn't interest you.

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G-mail is not for everyone, I guess, but between my husband and myself, we have 3 gmail accounts. No problems here. I do not use the website when on my own computer. Instead, I have it configured to open in the desktop client that I use.

As for incredimail, I find it incredible that anyone who has much computer knowledge would even consider using it!

Hip, hip, huhray!!!!

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I am also a little fed up with Gmail. Several times during the past 3-4 mo. there would be no way to get to my inbox. It wanted updated information. Then 4 days later I'd be able to get to my email via a new 'button'. Showed it to a very savy computer person when it happened once --- no solution was found by either of us

I think what was happening were the changes being made to make it more compatible for phones and there were bugs to be corrected.

Thanks Aputernut for mentioning incredimail. I'll check it out.

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Richard (chuggerguy)

"My problem is that they are pushing this one account for all of goggle.
I have a gmail address so does my husband on the same computer but he cannot get into his anymore because mine keeps coming up. "

Are you referring to checking your Gmail, signing out, but your husband still can't sign in because the account portion of the signin box is already filled out with "your" user name and it's not readily changable?

Like this?

If so, you can click "Manage accounts on this device", click "Remove" and click the "X" beside your account. It doesn't delete your account, just the cookie that remembers "your" sign-in name.

Then, if he(and you), remember to deselect "Stay signed in" each time before signing in, you'll always get a clean sign-in box each time one of you signs out and and the other goes to sign in.

If that doesn't help with the problem you're having, there's always Yahoo, Hotmail, your ISP provided email? Mine gives me a Yahoo. :)

Edit: A method I used to use:

Make two bookmarks, one for you, one for your husband.

Let one be

and the other be

Click the first and sign yourself in.
Click the second and sign your husband in.

Then you can click your bookmark to check your mail, and your husband can click his.

Not saying you'd want to do that, just another idea.

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I love my gmail. It comes into my email client, and I never have to sign in or go to the web page. Since I have a strong dislike of web based email I probably wouldnt use it, if I couldnt have it come into my email client, which is always minimized at the bottom of my screen.

I havent any knowledge of incredimail these days, but, several years ago, I did download it, and it was nothing but trouble, and I have read in many forums about people having problems with it, in recent years, so dont think it has improved all that much.

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Thank you all
I did not notice that if I click on my email up top, I can sign out.
Chuggerguy, I tried some of the things you suggested and I think I am getting somewhere.

I am still not happy that I have to play all these games with gmail rather than it being more straight forward.

But I have to have a google account for some stuff on my ipad unfortunately but I will just keep one gmail there and not use it for other emails

Then I think I will open up a yahoo.
Thanks again for all the help

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You don't have to sign in every time. I keep two gmail addresses up all the time in my favorites (Firefox tabs) and can open either one with just a click.

Here are instructions from Google. Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sign into multiple accounts at once

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I use gmail but use it with incredimail and have no trouble with it. Have used incredimail for years with all my email addresses from various servers and it works well for me. I can't stand online mail so have to always have a mail program.

The on thing I really like is the phone thingy in gmail to make free phone calls from the computer. I don't have a home phone and there have been a few times when I misplaced my cell in the house with no one else home with a phone so I can ring my cell from the computer to find it. Mary

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You may not be happy with yahoo mail.

It's had bouts of inaccessibility, lost messages, and restricted service in the past months. It's really broken.

I use both, and my experience has been that Gmail (which itself had an incident a few days ago) is much more stable and reliable. Gmail also has better spam filtering. Having said that, both are really pretty good if you think about the volume of traffic they handle in the course of a day.

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Gmail is probably the safest but if you don't like it then for with and in that either choose a live account or an outlook but do not go for hotmail extension. Cheers!

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I don't know why anyone would use either one of those? I help seniors with PC problems and most problems are with those 2 E-mail clients, I switch them all over to Incredimail and all are delighted. They all love the kewl notifiers so they know when they are receiving mail no matter what they are doing, plus all the other nice features. and it is Free, no need for the paid version upgrade.

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Thanks everyone.
I did go ahead and finished opening my new google account on jan. 21
Now I only opened it because I wanted to use google maps and it kept telling me I needed a google account.
So I opened an email, never expecting to use it.
I have a email account from my server which I have had for 5 years.
Everyone I know uses that email for me.
Then yesterday February 1st, I clicked on my gmail to look at it and see if there was any spam and there was an email from my brother from jan 24.
I asked him where he got that email address for me and he says he does mot know that it must have just popped up when he put. My name in the email he wanted to send.
Now he has a gmail email, and I find this very strange.
What is going on?

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I avoid Google whenever I can. Do not have a Google account but use the maps.

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I have a gmail account but don't use it and no one has the address. I go in every once in a while just to check and clear stuff out of the junk folder. Haven't been in before Christmas and I have an email from google showing me people on google I may know and I do know them but like you use another address for all these people.

Also I have a ton of newsletters from a crochet site that I just realized I was not getting in my main address on aol anymore and all of a sudden I see all the news letters I have been missing showing up at the gmail address and I never once changed that I wanted the news letters to go to gmail so something must be going on with gmail because I don't give that address out so how this news letter suddenly changed over I have no clue. They started coming into gmail beginning of January. Mary

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PKponder TX

I am an educated and seasoned computer tech and I use me gmail account for my 'important' mail. Business, banking, utilities and family. I love the spam filters.

Hotmail is my intermediate throwaway email and yahoo is for junk.

I was 'enlightened' when I used Incredimail. Some people just don't care for that butterfly stationary :-)

I guess you just have to go with whatever is in your comfort zone.

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I don't use the stationary in incredimail. For me it was the only desktop program that would function the way I needed with several email servers. Mary

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The butterfly is not stationary but one of many notifiers to choose from, they are awesome and notify you when you receive mail, no matter what you are doing, as for stationary, I love it, I download stationary for holidays or anything, from many online websites and all free they go right to my incredimail, my E-mail is never boring!! I must say Incredimail is more for creative people to enjoy. And I surely do!! for many years now.

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I don't leave my email on because if I go out then I can't receive it on my phone so only turn it on when I need to check on the computer then close it so later if I am out it will go to my phone. The notifiers are cute though like the butler and stuff. Mary

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