Fall Berries & Leaves Table

phonegirlOctober 18, 2011

I have had this little wooden basket with a rope handle that says "Somthing For Momma" with a picture on both ends. I was always going to repaint it but now that you enablers have me decorating here, I'm glad I didn't.

I wanted to use it in my new hutch but decided to use it first with my harvested gourds on a table. I added some leaves and berries from the yard. This is one of those tables, use what you already have! I wanted some leaf plates from Walmart but when I went back to buy them they were ALL Gone. Gods way of taking care of me. Kinda fun using things from the yard to decorate with on this table tho.

As you can see I was going to add a lace tc but forgot until I was ready to post the pictures tonight. No way I wanted to move everything and reset it!

It's almost Halloween so my next table should look better with my background.haha


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Punk, that is a beautiful table! I'm glad you didn't paint the basket and found us instead. ;o)
I also think the table looks perfect without your lace tablecloth. The wood is just right for the Fall decor.
Your "napkin talents" always blow me away, and these are no exception.

Love it all,
hugs, Karen

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Oh wow, punk! Love the stacked place settings (again) ...you are a pro at mix & matchin' in that dept. now! LOL! Plates are beautiful! Pumpkin' bowls, too & napkin arrangement.

But I really love your centerpc box w/garden & outdoor goodies! It's beautiful...the heighth & also tiering the tapered candles on each side. Love the t'cloth as is...doesn't need the lace, I don't think.

TFS, punk! Enjoyed! Pics are good! Jeanne S.

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Thanks Karen and Jeanne for all the sweet comments. I think your right about the lace tc. The only reason I was going to layer it was I had used this same one on my last table and didn't want to iron a new one.LOL

Last year I grew more gourds and then threw them out and these self sowed from the seeds. None of my swans came back tho and they were pretty neat. I'm hoping to keep some from this year and let them dry. I will be sharing some of the bumpy ones on tables to come.

I love all the fall colored leaves so it was fun to gather for this table. I picked up the black candleabras at a ys this summer for a quarter ea.

Thanks again.


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Ooops, I said 'wood' and its a brown tablecloth...anyway,
it works! LOL.
hugs, Karen

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Punk, Your table cloth is the perfect backdrop for this lovely Fall table. The little wooden basket is perfect.
I love the way you stacked your plates, and used the white pumpkins to display the napkins and berries.
Your flatware is VERY pretty.
How fun that you were able to use the 'volunteer' gourds.
I love when you can do a table with things you already have.

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Punk this is such a lovely Fall Table!
Your stacked dishes (love the leaf pattern)and the mix of colors you chose. Also your CP & Candlesticks are so impressive. Such a nice selection of gourds, leaves and berries that create a perfect 'Harvest Look'.
I love how you added the pumpkin bowls with the lovely napkins...such a nice idea. You did such a great job and
I agree that it's 'the best' when you can use what you already have....Especially when it turns out like this!!

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What a clever table using found items from your yard.
I can't believe you got those great candle holders for a quarter each!

Glad you didn't paint the wooden basket. It is too cute to change.

Looking forward to the Halloween table too!

Great job, but then you always do it up right!


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Punk, your table setting turned out so pretty. I love those candle holders--and what a fantastic price! The plates are really neat, love the design and color. And yep, I spotted those ACORNS too! LOL


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Nana, thanks for all the comments. I was just out tonight doing some burning and seen that I still have alot of gourds I didn't bring in so hopefully I can get them to the shed and they will dry.

Jane, it's probably best to use what you have but not near as much fun as shopping.LOL I've been praying for you and would love an update on what's going on with you, please. You worry me and hope all clears up soon. Thanks for the sweet comments.

Thanks Candy for all your comments. I do find neat things when I can get out there and shop. Always love seeing all your neat finds.

Luvs, so great to hear from you. I've been worried about you latelly and so glad to see your post. I have a larger acorn that goes with these two. They are candles from the Signature Home Collection and very heavy.

Thanks for all the sweet comments on this ts. I have gotten the Halloween ts started so will share soon.

After reading Kathleen's post on the pink table for Breast Cancer, I'm hoping I have time to join her. I can hardly wait to see all the pink tables to honor the survivors and those fighting the battle. So sweet of her to do this. I had to go back in for more checkups this year and will continue to have regular checkups. Ladies, we all need to stay on top of this.


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Punk...you're so sweet to ask about me..
I'm hanging in there - okay.
Had an appointment for Monday, but the Dr's office called to cancel..'The Doctor Is Sick' !!
In the meantime, it's been a week on the meds she prescribed and they seem to be kicking in..the rash has lessoned and the redness is getting less red. So it looks like I'm improving!!!
Thanks again for the prayers too...We can all use those right?

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Jane, we all love you and hope your rash keeps improving. Please keep us updated. Sometimes we learn alot from talking to others. These Golden Years are not as fun as they should be.

Sending more prayers your way.

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Having been away for a couple of weeks caring for ailing SDad , I'm doing the mad dash to catch up (again..sigh) but this is WONDERFUL ,Punk. The tablecloth is perfect for this setting without the lace overlay I think, nice and natural/neutral. I LOVE the centerpiece as well. A very well balanced design.

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