FInally Some Fall Decorating - #1

slinkeyOctober 16, 2011

Okay everyone...I've been enjoying all your inspirational Fall decorating way too I figured before Halloween - Thanksgiving and then Christmas comes...I'd better finish up my Fall and post some pictures.

I just added touches here and there - trying to keep it simple this year..

Hope you enjoy what you see..

Hall Entry...This is the Ironstone Wheat Tureen I bought

at the Stormville Flea last Spring for $5

Dining Room (Large China Cabinet)...

Cloche with Quails... I didn't realize until I unpacked them..that they were S&Ps like Jeanne & Karens..I think theirs are larger tho.

Small Buffet in DR...I got the Apothecary at GW $3...

Small Black Hutch in DR... White Ironstone with some Fall added...

I'll be posting some more..

Thanks for looking.


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Jane....I am pretty much speechless! Everything looks just GORGEOUS! (that "$5" tureen is enough to make one dumbstruck tho)

I love every single thing you did! I'd be glad to hire you
to decorate for me anytime, anything. You have the 'touch', Lady!

hugs, Karen

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Jane...I've been looking forward to your Fall posts & this one is certainly well worth the wait! GORGEOUS!

I love how you can arrange faux fall items/flowers/fruit/leaves/etc. & they just look so-o-o-o elegant!

Your entry table is wonderful (as always) the shape & painting on that metal(?) or wood(?) plate on the easel...& your pretty!

Your black hutch in the DR is my fav! Love those added pumpkin bowls & of course, another gorgeous arrangement in the gravy dish(?). Beautiful!

And your cloche w/quails...yup, the same as the ones I just found! It has be something psychological that you've made an impression in the back of my mind...cause I didn't remember you having them & then I saw this quaint S&P I am happy about that! Love yours in the cloche arrangement & the underplate!

Everything is so elegant & I love when you say "try to keep it simple this year." ;-) TFS, slinkey!
Jeanne S.

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Gosh Jane, You do such a wonderful job. It is hard to pick a favorite.
I always enjoy seeing your black hutch. The white Ironstone goes with everything doesn't it?

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It looks beautiful, Jane!
I am having the painters in so I can't decorate! That's my story and I am sticking to it!
When he finishes I will start Christmas. :)

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Beautiful!! The entry way buffet is spectacular, I love the cloche and the apothecary jar, but like the rest, I love the black hutch! It is so dramatic with the white ironstone.

You always do such an amazing job and this is no exception!


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Thanks All for the nice compliments..

Karen...laughing over 'The Touch'...I don't think you want my Touch right now. I'm batteling some sort of rash..thought it was poison ivy..but doctor is not sure..

Jeanne..that little plate is Metal..I found it last Summer on Etsy and loved the shape and colors and thought it would be perfect for Fall.'re so right White Ironstone does go with everything. I keep it out almost all year and just add to it for whatever season or holiday.

Candy..I get alot of mileage from the little black hutch both on the outside and what it holds down below inside! get a 'pass' this time with the painters coming. I could use a new paint job on the upstairs where the kids stay..but will have to put it off for awhile.
I shudder when I go up there.


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Jane, more beautiful decorations. I love all of it. Sure doesn't look like Simple Decorating. You have the touch and it shows.

I'm lol at the upstairs needing a paint job. I'll bet it's hard for you to go upstairs w/o being able to take over and do what you want done. Remember the kids will remember you always being there for them and NOT what the paint looked liked in years to come!!!

I've had DGD the last two weekends and my home looks like a whirl wind came through and didn't raise the DUST. Can't imagine her living here full time but I'd learn to do things alot differently like I did years ago.LOL

So fun seeing all the fall you've put out this year.


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Thanks Punk...
I'm in agreement about the Gkids..and 'doing things differently'..that's for sure.
It's nice to have your DGD over for the weekends...
I used to enjoy that..because you knew when they left to go could rest (collapse)...and then clean up!!
Kids full time were definitely meant for younger people!
Glad you had fun looking!

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I'm trying to get caught up on all the posts here, and was so glad to see that you had posted Jane. I agree, you do have the "decorating touch" and everything you do always looks elegant. Your black hutch is such a great piece for sprucing up each season and everything shows up on it so well. Love your pumpkins/gourds/floral decor especially too. Hope the rash goes away quickly and isn't causing you too much trouble. Luvs

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Luvs..I know how hard that is - trying to catch up to all the're so sweet to look and comment.
Thank you.

As far as the 'rash'...I have to go back on far it hasn't cleared up much and has spread and is also painful. So I'm hoping they can figure it out soon.
Thanks for asking.

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jane...sorry to hear about 'rash'...possibility of 'Shingles' ...I've only had it once & it was painful & then the rash came..ugh! Good luck at dr on Mon. Hugs, Jeanne S.

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Oh Jeanne... so sweet of you to ask.
I had asked the doctor if it was shingles when I first went and she said no. I'm thinking she might be wrong, because it has become painful. I'm going to ask for a blood test if there is one, to determine if it is or not.
I was out today, and Walgreens had a sign out saying
'Shingle Shots'...never saw that before. So I'm wondering if its a 'seasonal' thing or what!

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Purplemoon well could be shingles. Our forum friend, Janet,
has been going thru a terrible time with them! And for a couple of weeks, the doctors misdiagnosed her's. Finally she got antibiotics needed and told me today she was just starting to feel better. I've had several friends over the years get them and sure is a miserable virus.

I saw the sign at Walgreens too and was wondering about getting a shot myself, I KNOW I don't want to ever get shingles. I'm going to read about them online and find out more regarding the shot. I sure hope you don't have them.

hugs, Karen

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Jane, I'm hoping you don't have shingles. I have a brother and friend with them and they've suffered for years.

Sending Hugs and Prayers your way. Punk

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Jane I really hope you don't have shingles. I had them once they are so painful. My Dr. put me on an antiviral which helped.
Karen, the shingles vaccine is available in a lot of Drug Stores.
My Dr. recommends it, but said it is very expensive close to $300.00, so they don't stock it at their office.
I checked with my Insurance Co. and was told I would have an $80.00 copay, YIKES!

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Gee..thanks everyone. I'm definitely going to
ask the doctor to check further for shingles.
Last night after I posted here, I had to go to bed because
I felt like I had the flu and I've been having a headache
for days. Feeling lousy like this for days, is a real downer.
Karen...funny you should mention Janet...I was just thinking
of her the other day - wondering where she's been.
Hope the meds help her to feel better and she's back with us again.

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Oh, I wouldn't call it simple. To me your style is elegant without being overdone. I love that oval picture you have in the easel. Everything looks so natural.

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Jane, just read your post about your "RASH". I surely hope it is not the shingles. I wouldn't wish what I have been through this past month on anybody. Too start with, I had a terrible ache in my lower back. It had been so rain and damp that I just attributed it to arthertis. After about a week, I decided that I needed to see a Dr. They done a uranalius and said I dhad a UTI. and gave me antibotics for it. Then a few nights later I woke up with such awful pain that I couldn't get eased any way that I went to the ER. They thought I had a kidney stone and I went upstairs for a scan, which didn't show any stones but diverticulitus. I was given intravanious pain med and more antibotics and sent home. After a week of antibotics and strong nartocic pain meds, I was back in the Er ... another pain shot and more antibotics.. The next Mon I had to go back to my FP for another Uranalis and told the nurse that my hip felt so strange. like it was numb, She said to let her take a look, and said did you realize that you were breaking out in a rash on the right side of my back. Nooo.....I can't see the right side of my back and it didn't itch, just hurt. Well, she said YOU HAVE GOT THE SHINGLES!!!!. Then I got antivirals, which didn't help much because they are supposed to be taken early on and I wasn't diagnoised until I all ready had a full blown case. I am just starting to feel like I want to live again. Haven't felt like doing anything. Swept the kitchen this morn and just broke out in a cold sweat. I haven't done any decorating ,let alone any house cleaning. Guess halloween will just have to pass me by this year. Is your rash confined to one side or all over. They told me shingles usurally just affected one side of your body, but you cold have them anywhere, from one side of your head to one foot. Sure hope that's not what you are getting. They did tell me in the ER that it seemed like fall was when they saw more cases of the shingles. If you have any questions that I can help you with feel free to email or call me/ my # is 338-877-4211 and email add is ** Hope you are feeling better. Janet

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Marlene Kindred

I missed this post before Jane. Everything looks so elegant and I love your buffet and hutch displays! Love the little metal tray too and all of your fall fruit, berries and pumpkins. TFS!

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Thanks neesie it was nice reading your sweet comments on this post and my other.
Glad you enjoyed looking.

Janet...I'm so sorry to hear all you've been through and for so long. That's so scary when they don't find the right diagnosis...and all that time goes by without the right treatment. I'm glad you're seeing some improvement...that's encouraging. Hang in there..hopefully you'll be back to feeling completely better real soon.
I really appreciate all your advice
I did have similar symptoms as you...but don't want to 'self diagnose' I'll have to see what they say this time. My appointment is on Monday.
When I first went in, I asked if it could be shingles...but the Doctor didn't think so.
I'm hoping that they will be more thorough this time.
Wish me luck.'s nice to read you enjoyed everything.
Thank you too for looking and commenting.


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