Some Holiday goodies.. and Teegan

PurplemoonOctober 20, 2011

Teegan is NOT going to be spoiled. Nope! No way! I mean, how hard can it be to say "no" to a lil' kid who can't even talk back or throw a tantrum? She obviously needed....NEEDED....a place to sit. So I went to the big antique mall figuring I'd see a couple of vintage wood high chairs, and hopefully reasonably priced. (not that I have a clue what reasonable would be on something like that). Well they had ONE in that huge place of 500 dealers. And it was more than I wanted to pay. But if they'd had a dozen, THIS would still have been the one I wanted. I tried to resist it, honest! (where the heck was the Voice of Reason when I needed it!! Instead I got the little Shopping Devil on my shoulder, whispering in my ear, that I HAD to get THIS high chair for Teegan.) What can I say, I am a weak person.

Its a little big for her unfortunately.... :o( She might need to sit on a pillow!

My DD is out of town for a few days and I'm going over to feed her dogs twice a I grabbed the little rocker and brought it home just so Teegan could get her photo taken in it. This rocker is 90 yrs old! It belonged to my dad's older brother when he was a toddler, then it was my Dad's. Its pretty beat up, and two legs were taped up long ago. (my Dad thought duct tape was the solution to everything! LOL) But my DD (and I) love it. I'm glad I thought to get it for photos with Teegan, I think Dad would have gotten a kick out of her sitting in it.

And then she got a SURPRISE in the mail from her "Aunt Jeanne". A beautiful LAVENDER coat, and a darling PURPLE dress! Plus a picture of Dollbaby came with the surprise. In the first photo, you can't see the coat sleeves, but Teegan is modeling it in the second so everyone can see how lovely it is on her. (She will model the purple dress another time for you.)

Thank you, Aunt Jeanne! ;o)

And of course, I left my self-control at home and bought MORE Fall AND Halloween decor. I swear, the minute I walk out the front door, it just refuses to leave the house and gets left behind. The Nutcracker really is for Xmas, but I noticed that his colors look good on the counter with the Fall stuff so he may just stay out the rest of the year. The tiny leaves are candleholders. The sweet little bird, on the ACORN, has a berry in his mouth. And I couldn't resist the framed print.."Under a Pumpkin Moon". It was just $7.

The only Halloween rats I ever bought were those little rubber ones, with the red eyes, from Dollar Tree that come in a bag. But they aren't 'cute', just creepy. When I saw this resin Rat Trio, they cracked me up. They are "pondering things" and made me smile at their goofy faces. So they are now in one of the curios.

Nomoreshopping, Nomoreshopping, Nomoreshopping, Nomoreshopping ! (my new mantra)

hugs, Karen

PS...Punk, I have to agree with this age, being a Mommy isn't the best idea. LOL. I think I make a much better Grandma for Teegan. (and NO, I haven't broken the news to Mr O. yet that we have her. Maybe I'll wait till she starts college.)

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Karen, love the new high chair you found for Teegan. Looks like it's brand new. Then Jeanne sent her a new coat and dress. How sweet is that and in the perfect color! Good job, Auntie.

What are you afraid to take Teegan out so you had to bring DD's rocking chair home to take pictures?LOL It is the perfect size and she's darling sitting in it. I'm sure dad's smiling down on this one.

Neat nutcracker to add to your collection. That's a neat picture and what a cute saying too. Little bird w/berry in it's mouth is so sweet. The leaf candle holders are so pretty. No wonder you couldn't resist all these things.

The mice are a Riot. "I hate meeses to pieces" but yours are pretty darn cute. Wonder what Jazz will think of them.

ROTFLMBO - (and NO, I haven't broken the news to Mr O. yet that we have her. Maybe I'll wait till she starts college.)
How funny, has he noticed now that you have a high chair? I'm OK with being Granny instead of Mommy with the kids.hehe


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Punk, the high chair is 'hidden' too. LOL. He wasn't home when I brought it in the house, and I put it in my study.. on the far side of big china cabinet. He never goes in my study, or my Dad's old room beside it. ;o)

LOL, I didn't think about taking Teegan out. I was at my
daughter's when I suddenly thought about getting her picture in it, so I just grabbed it and brought it home.

Yes, her high chair is in wonderful condition, a few joints are loose and need some glue is all.
The more I look at her in it (pix), the more I realize it is awfully big for her tho. Its not returnable as none of the antique mall's stuff is. I just hope I didn't jump the gun buying it without knowing how well she would "fit".
(I HATE second thoughts!)

Thanks for all the sweet comments on my stuff. Glad you liked those silly 'meeses' too. I don't like the scary rats myself.

hugs, Karen

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Ahhh, PM, we all go thru the 'second thoughts' thingy! It is a big, beautiful high chair ...I've seen one like it before & it is bigger than Dollbaby's (which was handmade, I it at an auction yrs ago!) But, the one good thing is just think how much "tray-scapin'" space is there! LOL! Once you can get it out where you would like, you'll have to see if it 'grows on you' more.

Looks like Teegan fits perfectly in your Dad's rocker!!! What a heirloom...duct tape & all, I love it! And I bet your Dad is laughin,' too!

The knitted sweater jacket looks great (with room to grow as we used to say when we bought kiddie clothes!)...those 'purple-y' items on the TS rack just jumped out at me! It is so funny to be shopping & think of our Forum friends! LOL!

I love the Fall/Winter decor you found! That framed pic is so darn cute! And that nutcracker is great w/your Fall counter stuff! But, those 'meeses'...too funny! (maybe they are from Cinderella's Disney carriage)

Looks like you're having fun! TFS! Jeanne S.
(& I appreciate all you do w/albums & such on this forum!)

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Teegan looks adorable in her new high chair. There's lots of room for her to grow into it LOL
How sweet of Aunt Jeanne to send her a purple dress and coat. I bet Teegan will love purple as much as her Mom does.
I love those meeses to pieces!

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Karen that high chair was waiting for you and Teegan -
it's beautiful! I agree that it looks brand new.
When I was expecting my DD that's the style I wanted, but my SIL surprised me with one (as a present)...which was chrome and not my style.. I didn't have the heart to tell I kept it and always pined for one like yours!
Teegan looks so adorable sitting in it and also the old rocker - which is a beauty. As far as the size for Teegan, to keep her snug, how about using a little chair pad and using little bumper cushious for the back and sides.
'Aunt Jeanne' was so sweet to send Teegan her first little outfits - and in Purple!! What a lucky little girl!
As far as Mr O...put her out gradually..w/o the high chair..then add it. Maybe he won't notice the change!!
Those 'meeses' are so comical..they remind me of the characters from the Cinderella movie...too cute!
All your other finds are so the bird - cute nutcracker and the print was another 'waiting for you' item!
The best part of all that I can see, is that you're having fun-fun-fun!

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Marlene Kindred

Well, now you've gone and done it've got me looking at little girl clothes everywhere I go now....I just need to figure out what size! LOL. Love your new grandbaby and the new highchair. So pretty! And your new decorations are cute too...especially like the bird with the acorn!

Had to laugh at your new mantra...let me know if it sure hasn't for me!

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Cute high chair and cute rocker.
Teegan looks happy in both of them and she sure looks darling in her new purple sweater.
The pumpkin moon picture had your name on it for sure and the rats are talking about their new home and how cool the decorations are around them!! LOL

I know better than to say nomoreshopping, cause that's my therapy and I need a lot of therapy, teehee!!

As long as Teegan is in a room that Mr. O doesn't enter, he doesn't need to know! If he ever did spot her, you could just say you've had her forever and he just hadn't seen her before, which is partially true, he hadn't seen her!!

I have a similar bird like that. I like it because it fits in a little cloche that is hard to find things to fit into it!

Great buys and sweet of Aunt Jeanne to think of Teegan.


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Those darn "second thoughts" sure have beat me up today...
why didn't I think more about SIZE before buying that chair.
It didn't look that big till I put her in it.! Anyway, I'm not sure what to do about it now. Its not like she's gonna grow! LOL.

Marlene, I think she probably will wear size 6-9 months. Not sure yet. The coat is 12 months and I rolled up the sleeves. She is smaller than Dollbaby I found out. DB is 25" tall, Teegan is 20", I don't know yet about TJ...?

Candy, shopping IS therapy so guess that's why I need so much too. ;o)
hugs, Karen

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