Can't download videos from camcorder to laptop

surya55_gwJanuary 25, 2014

Hi there,

When I connected the USB cable from the camcorder to the pc, a "pop" up window was supposed to appear- it didn't. The DXG camera website said to look for a "removable" drive on my laptop. I looked and didn't see it under "my computer". Frustrated, any help would be appreciated. Many thanks

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For some reason your computer is not seeing the camcorder. Did it work before? If so you might try a system restore, or even try another USB port on the laptop, also try rebooting the Laptop with the camcorder connected, that may reinstall any necessary driver.

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Thanks, Zep. I did everything you said except the system restore with no luck. How do I do this? This is a brand new mini camcorder; my DVD drive is broken so I can't insert the CD that came with it. Anyway, the DXG website said I don't even have to do that. I'll try the system restore as a last resort.

Thanks again, Nerry

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An easy way to do this is (when the camera is off) pull out the SD card and then put it into the PC's card reader.

The card will appear as a logical drive that can be accessed from Windows Explorer. Copy the files from the card and paste them into the folder of your choice on the PC.

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"my DVD drive is broken so I can't insert the CD that came with it."

So the DXG camera never worked yet, if that's true there's little sense in doing a system restore, hard to believe windows would need a driver for it but it's possible and that would be located on the disk that came with it, now you may need to download software (Driver) from the site of the camcorder.

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Connect the camera to the computer
Turn the camera on
Right click Start (assuming not Windows 8?)
Click Windows Explore
A new window appears, look on the left side scrolling down if necessary for the camcorder to be listed
If so click on it and the contents will appear in the right pane.
If there are folders rather than files in right pane go back to left pane and click the small arrow (or triangle) beside the camera to drop the sub folders down underneath
Click any of these to see contents in right pane.

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Snidely- I did that last night and it downloaded my pictures (that I took with the camcorder) and the videos as well. I can't open the files though.

Zep- I went to the DXG's website but there's no driver for my camcorder; I chose the closest one- of course it didn't work. I'll call them tomorrow.

Owbist- I'm using 2007; I did as you suggested and nothing would come up. I've always used Windows Explorer for other stuff but somehow, this doesn't work.
Thanks again for all the help I've gotten. Great people here.

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What file format is used for the video file, what kind of file is it (what are the three or four letters to the right of the ".")?

You probably have no file/program association set and you may need a program to open these files. No worries, answer the question and a solution should be possible (unless the file type is proprietary and program to run it isn't available for download). Associating a file type with a program is a 10 second operation.

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