Is this master bathroom too cramped?

morselofjoyJune 20, 2013

Is this Master bathroom too cramped? We are trying to keep costs down but I'm a little concerned we have reduced the size of this bathroom too far. Thoughts? If you want to see 3D pictures click HERE.

Note: The fireplace is flanked by two built-in linen cabinets

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It wouldn't have to be, but, yes, I think the tub is too close to your walking paths... What is "behind" the tub? Why can't it be pushed back?

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Why double doors?
Why such small vanities?

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It does look tight around the tub. What's the clearance? Is that a fireplace pushing it out? The vanities look really small for what seems to be a pretty large/luxurious bathroom. What size are they? I'd go with a smaller door to fit larger vanities. Toilet and shower look nice to me.

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Yes, it's too cramped for everything crammed in there. If you got rid of the fireplace and linen towers, it would help, but it would still be tight for everyday use. It gives the majority of the space to the least used elements and shorts the items that have the most usage and need the most space.

It's a temple to the idea of the tub----something that gets used maybe 12 hours a year. And it includes a fireplace, which is a 12K indulgence that won't get used even 6 hours a year. It hogs the space for the other 8700 hours of the year that you might need to brush your teeth or apply makeup, or get a cool washrag for you aching head.

If you want a fireplace, make it a two sided one between the master and the fireplace. That way it might get used 40 hours a year at least. And give yourself a LOT more counter space for those vanities. There's not enough room for stuff by about a factor of 10 here when you start to count it as a proportion to the actual square footage that is devoted to a room that gets used 1 hour out of the 24 that it's possible to occupy a home.

And this would seem to be a pretty high dollar build. If this is in concept phase, it's time to assess your potential budget and it's collision with the reality of building. If you have 1M to build, that's probably fine. If so though, why are you wasting time creating something that has so many flaws and won't be comfortable or very usable as shown? Spend some of that money on an architect. They not only understand spatial relationships better, they understand building code requirements and what can and can't be done, and within a certain budget. If, on the other hand, money is fairly tight and you want to "save" the architect's fee, (a truly false economy) then you need to understand that your home plans are not those of a budget build.

Either way, you really need the services of a professional here. You're not thinking in 3d, or thinking of the 3d space that the persons occupying the home will need to move through the home. Floorplans aren't home plans. They are useful tools for organizing your thoughts as to the relationships that you want individual rooms to have. But, they usually limit you to thinking inside that box you've created for yourself, and when you finally do seek an architect, you've created blinders for yourself, and made the architect's job more difficult because he has to break through all of that.

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unless this is a CO mountain home... then there'd still be a better layout.

push the tub toward the wall. Use a flat FP or TV screen with FP video on it. The idea is great buy as LO posted - little use for the cost and space.

w/o a lot of changing I'd put the door (singular) at one end of that wall and run the vanity along the rest of the wall.

Is there a window on the left wall? If not put the linen closet there. a shallow one - those deeper ones just tend to get things stuffed in them and lost in the back.

the 2 smaller cabinets are using up more space than 1 larger one with different side panels... same with the vanities.

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Nix the bathtub.
Move the two vanities to the other wall as a single long vanity with two sinks. Move the two towers to where the sinks are now. Rest looks nice.

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Someone a while back posted a lovely pic of a bath with the tub in a window with an arch that had a FP in one end. Wish I could find it.

What about pushing the tub back to the wall, adding some big windows if either the top or left wall is exterior (left wall would just rotate this design), and then the door moves to the right with the vanity along the left. The FP would be in the wall on the left side of the tub.

Like this

With vanities continuing over like this

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It's not only the master. The two kid baths are on the smallish side and awkward for use by 6 kids. (Not to mention the size of the kids bedrooms.) There's a LOT of space eaten up by hallways, and the plan doesn't take advantage of the highly desirable corner spaces of the house where you can have two windows and light from two directions. Those are choice locations that are occupied by closets and halls.

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At the very least I'd flip the kids baths with the closets. Then flip the whole thing with the beds so the beds are on top, then the common area, then bath/closet below (where current beds are). Then shove the master bath to the outside wall and do the huge window by the tub as I posted above, move entrance o the wall where FP is currently pictured.

I can appreciate the symmetry, but LWO is absolutely right (as usual).

Love the library hall! Genius!

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How close can the tub sit to the FP? If anything, I would loose the FP.

I also agree with LWO. There is a lot of wasted space in this plan. You are spending money on one of the, if not the, biggest purchase in your lifetime. Instead of designing it 100% yourself, you need to spend a bit and have it reworked by a qualified architect. It will be money well spent.

I also love the library hall. We have an L shaped hallway in our lower level with shelves on one side of each hallway section.

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The hallway with all the windows seems like a waste of space. I would eliminate it and have a master bath all the way to the exterior wall and be able to use the windows in the bath. Then also have a larger closet - with a closet you walk into from the bathroom. You could also switch it around closet and bath.

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After seeing the overall layout that LWO posted, I would tend to agree that there seems to be a lot of wasted space overall. I see a lot of space going to halls and walkways. Do the kids rooms need big walk in closets? I would move the kids bathrooms to the outer walls and just do some good quality built in closets along the wall. Then use the extra space captured from the closets as some floor space in the bedrooms (sitting area, or desks, or just plain old floor space depending on the age of the kids). The master bath/dressing area also seems consumed by the long hallway. That's a lot of beautiful windows going to waste, in my opinion anyway.

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Thanks everyone for your suggestions and constructive criticism! My husband and I have incorporated all of your feedback into the plans being drawn up by the designer now. The designer has provided preliminary plans and a front elevation to us, which you can view HERE. We are meeting with the designer this week and would love it if you would give the plans a quick review and let us know if you see any glaring issues. Thanks! Bethany

Here is a link that might be useful: Preliminary Plans and Front Elevation pics

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What is your building budget?

I'd put the bedroom part on the middle of that wall, with the closets on the left and the bathroom on the right. Get rid of the hallway leading to the closet, which is a well-lit total waste of space.

The closet is teensy compared to the hugeness of the rest of the MBR space.

Agree that the vanities are too tiny, the narrow gap between tub and fireplace is going to be a cleaning and access nightmare, and get real about the number of times you are going to have a romantic fire-light bathing experience. It's cheaper to rent a posh hotel once a year.

Stacking the bathroom over the kitchen shortens plumbing runs and lowers cost.

If anyone breaks a leg, can they get around the bathrooms in a walker and wheelchair?

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