Angel Blessings

phonegirlOctober 18, 2012

As I was putting things away, I looked up at this little fairy and she turned into an angel. This month has been a little on the down side with so many DF's and family not feeling well. So decided it's time to change things!!!

I had this little Friends photo holder with halloween decorations on it and decided I needed it for this table. I used DM's glassware. The chargers are some that DH painted for me. Just realized I forgot the napkins! Can never have to many Blessings coming down so here's our little Angel in the center on our table. Love her little bird she's holding.

I picked up these Ascot Service plates this summer by Wood and Sons. Each plate has a different scene.

I've had this old mirror I bought for $10 out in the garage so decided to change out the mirror above the buffet. I was going to add lights under some netting but the kids showed up and we decorated outside for Halloween and I never got back to that part. It's getting harder and harder to follow through.LOL

This upright mirror sure gives the DR a whole new look. I might keep it up for awhile just for fun to see how I can decorate with it for Christmas.

Time to blow out the candles Dear Friends & Family. Blessings are coming your way!

As you all know I'm not really an orange kinda gal so this is a nice change for me. I'll try to get back to decorating for Halloween this weekend. Just ready for a break in more ways than one.LOL


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I LOVE your Angel/Fairy! She is so pretty and gentle looking and makes a great CP for your table. I hope your friends and family are all healthy soon and you receive an abundance of blessings.

I am always amazed at how much those of us on this forum seen to have in common and once again we have a common piece. I have one of those Ascot service plates that I bought at a home decorating party many years ago.

This is such a pretty table and I know you will have fun decorating your "new" mirror as well.
The flatware is so striking and goes perfectly with the service plates.

Is that a treadle sewing machine I see in the backgroud? My DGM had a Singer treadle, but somehow my brother ended up with it, even though I was the seamstress in the family! LOL

Wishing you many blessings and a healthy and happy fall.


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Thanks Candy for all your sweet comments and most of all the blessings. One of my DF's just went back to the hospital last night and it's scary.

It's interesting to know that these plates were sold at home decorating parties. I had no idea but thought they were pretty. It is fun to see how we all like alot of the same things.

I have two treadle sewing machines. DSis bought me my first one for my birthday several years ago.

I picked up this one off of CL last year or the year before.

I use them in the place of end tables. Seemed like I was always updating our sets and this way I never have the desire to change.


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Marlene Kindred

What a great tablescape idea! Love the fairy/angel and your plates are beautiful. I especially like your flatware...has a Victorian feel to it. Your treadle machines are very cool and really like the decorations on those as well. I hope your friends will be better very soon.


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Punk, I love, love, love your sewing machines and the decor you have on them. Lucky you!!
I use a small wooden antique school desk for one of my end tables.
I hope your DF recovers quickly.


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Punk what a sweet table!
Love your Angel CP she's beautiful and your theme is so touching. The Wood & Sons plates you have are beautiful too..if you ever get a chance - can you show the other scenes.
Your buffet is looking good and the mirror goes very well and it is nice to make a change every now and then. I think it also breaks us away from the same ole same ole.
I agree with Candy, your two sewing machines look beautiful...and yes, lucky you to have two! I don't remember if you said you refinished them or if they got them as they are now, because they are in amazing shape.
Look forward to your Halloween...
Don't forget to take care of 'you' too.

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punk...1st of all...I love the change of the 'mirror'...the shape & size ...looks great sitting on your buffet! & so adorable w/the little birdie on the lantern...& of course, your two lamps there are always beautiful in your decor!

I wouldn't call your angel 'little' looks like she dominates over your table & it sounds like you need some angel 'domination' in your life right now! Am so sorry to hear of folks not doing well...may this t'scape add to happiness for your friends/loved ones.

Treadle machines I've seen before & think they are gorgeous! Love the decor, too! I also love my treadle (from my Gr'ma's sale) & use it in the living room.

Take good care of yourself ... & now that you've blown out those candles ...slow down a bit & enjoy your weekend. Jeanne S.

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Marlene, I loved this flatware the first time I seen Kathleen's red set. I whined until my family bought me a couple of sets.LOL Glad you enjoyed the sewing machines and decor. The one has decorations I took off the buffet and the other one I had started with some Halloween decor. Thanks for all your comments.

Candy, thanks and I remember your desk. I love any old furniture any more. Oh heck, it doesn't even have to be old.haha Which plate do you have?

Jane, thanks. DH came to my rescue and redid the sewing cabinets to achive this look. I took pictures of the plates (chargers) and will post now or it may not happen.

This is so nice to come here and read all your comments. You don't know any of the ones in pain yet your so sweet & caring. I'm keeping my head up, staying positive and leaving the rest up to our savior. Thanks again for all your comments.


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Such lovely designs on those plates, no wonder you snapped them up. Your angel is so pretty, I like the finish on her. Sorry your friends are having medical issues, hope they are lots better soon. Luvs

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Punk...thanks so much for taking extra pics of your dishes for me to see.
I truly love the pattern on each one...very different.
I agree with Luvs, I can see why you snapped them up.

Hope all prayers are answered for your dear friends..
Take care.

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Punk, I think mine is your 3rd one.


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I apparently missed commenting here too, but hope your sweet angel blesses you and those you love. I am so sorry about all you're going thru, I am sure you feel helpless while watching ones you care about suffer. :o(

Those plates are lovely! And I am very taken with the pretty mirror. Like you, I'm crazy about old furniture and any stuff like that. I fight to resist mirrors, LOL, no place to put one now. And two in the closet stored. The sewing machines are just totally awesome! What a neat idea to use them in place of end tables! (my grandmother had one like that, sure wish it was here to love and decorate!)

And your angel with the bird....our Luv's sent me a smaller version, in white, when I lost my Dad. I love how sweetly they are holding birds.

I will keep sending prayers for those you love, and please take care of yourself too. You are so special to us here.
hugs, Karen

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Thanks Luvs, your so sweet and always find time to comment. Was so touched to hear you sent Karen an angel like this one when she needed it so much.

Jane, no problem.

Candy, yep, looks just like it. Do you ever laugh knowing you have something like most of us on here?HAHA

Karen, what are you doing with your mirrors in the closet?LOL I have a round one still out in the garage I bought to replace one in our MB. I lost the hangers and can't seem to remember to buy them while out shopping.

Thanks for all the comments and prayers. DF w/cancer will be coming home tomorrow and others are doing much better too.


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