Pictures of our Antique DR Furniture

phonegirlOctober 3, 2011

Jeanne and anyone else who'd like to see our DR furniture. Pictures of our serving cart, buffet and china hutch we refinished from the light to dark. Still have a few undersides we forgot to varnish but it's in and we are tired of working on it so will finish that later.

We purchased this set to help the Abused Children Fund for $300. The set is made of walnut wood by Romweber. I'm not good at taking pictures but took enough so you can see there is no light and dark areas like some of the pictures show.

Please look at the swirls and marks that still need to be painted. I started painting some green on the china hutch but not sure that's the color I want. My plan was to antique over the paint when finished. Any ideas on what color would look good? We left all the hardware original.

I need to put something on my bare wall behind the table but not sure what. DS will probably take this set with him when/if he moves.LOL

As you can see we had already started the sanding and removing hardware when I ran to get the camera. This was the color before.

Some of the doors on the china hutch and s. cart are wire mesh and I really liked that about this set.

Photobucket is not being nice tonight. It shows all the pictures resized but they aren't. I will try to get some close up of my decorations loaded to share. Remember, I need help on color!

TIA, Punk

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The tea cart is amazing!
I, too, like the mesh in the hutch. I'd like to see the decor in that hutch without the doors in the way.
Your fall decor on the buffet is spot on.
I'd also like to see a closer picture of the decor on the piece between the 2 hutches.

You have some beautiful pieces.


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Thanks for all the sweet comments. The tea cart top center opens up and the sides come up for a serving piece and so does the center part of the china caninet. One of those things you have to see to believe. They have a black laquer finish and are very nice. I'll have to open them up and serve something to share one of these days!

I posted pictures of the hutch and buffet for you. Kinda through all my decorating out in a hurry but thought I might do some tweaking as time allows. Thanks again.


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WOW Punk, These are wonderful pieces!!! And at such a fantastic price and for a great cause.
Your Fall decorations look good to me, but I know what you mean, I'll be tweaking mine...if I ever get them up. Can't seem to get into it this year.
TJ looks sweet in her Witch hat!

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Marlene Kindred

Wow Punk! You did a ton of work here! They turned out beautifully though and SO much storage space! Love your buffet display too....everything is looking so nice! Thanks for sharing with us.

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That is one fantastic teacart. LOVE it. Probably one of the prettiest I've seen. I am hooked on dark wood, so am glad you redid the stuff, really gave it a different look.
The screen on the hutch is sooo neat.
All those pieces are wonderful, but that is why I think antique stuff is so appealing. I'd buy it any day over 'new'.

I saw a glimpse of TJ and see she has changed her clothes.
LOL. Teegan hasn't come yet. ;o( I am going to GW hopefully on Friday and see what they have in little outfits. Tho I might feel silly this first time, even tho no one will know but me.

hugs, Karen

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Yes, WOW, punk! These pcs are beautiful! I love, love the serving cart in the dark finish...& it's just such a unique pc by itself! Your decorations look great on it!

Your storage space now 'overfloweth!' what a great price for a great cause! You did good, girl! TFS the pics! That wire mesh looks good in the doors...very different. TFS! I am still lovin' that other buffet/side table that you got just a while back when someone your decor on it, too! Jeanne S.

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Wow Punk..beautiful set. I like the mesh doors.
You finished everything off beautifully too. Great price and Great Cause!
Love the dark color - it's so rich looking. I'm totaly in love with your cart.
You did an amazing job on it. So many pieces to show off your lovely displays which all look so nice.
I agree with Jeanne I too love the first buffet table you got from your DD's friend.
You've got alot to 'play with' now - Enjoy !!

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BEAUTIFUL pieces Punk, each one of them.
I truly love the darker stains myself and think no "new" piece can ever compare to an old one we finish ourselves.
For me , the mesh is always a two-fold thing. On one hand, I love the look of it. On the other, it always kinda bugs me that it blocks the view of what is inside. Yours looks much nicer than some I've seen though so you did GOOD.
All of your lovely fall arrangements look so nice in color contrast with the darker finishes.

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Thanks everyone for all the sweet comments. This was a project that will not be repeated any time soon. DD or DS would gladly take the 1st buffet we bought too. The tea cart is my favorite of the new pieces and will be fun to decorate with. I plan to organize my dishes soon.


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