Do you know anything about this computer?

ginny12January 21, 2014

I am looking at a new desktop HP ENVY 700-215xt, running Windows 7. I can't find reviews online. Does anyone know anything about this computer and can offer an opinion? How about HP computers in general? I have always had a Dell.

I have needed a new desktop for several years and have put off buying because of Windows 8. Most of you are much better at this than I am. People I know of my skill level hate Windows 8 or 8.1.

Right now, I have an 11-year-old Dell, running Windows XP SP3. It works fine but Microsoft is ending security updates soon and it can't take advantage of the speed my cable connection offers. Plus it won't go beyond IE8.

I don't do gaming or a lot of fancy stuff. If I have to buy another in five years, I will but right now Windows 7 is my comfort zone. Thanks for your advice.

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Here are the specs on this computer.

Looks a great machine, Intel i7 processor, one terrabyte hard drive, 8 gigs of memory (RAM), 4 gigs to graphics (onboard as is most factory builds), USB2 and 3. I could not find any pics of the rear to see the video ports but as this is an expensive machine I suspect VGA, DVI and HDMI will be available.

A person could drool over something like this ;~)

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Great machine!!!!

HP Bringing Back Windows 7 'By Popular Demand',25817.html

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Many thanks to both of you for your opinions, which I value. I am going to go ahead and buy this computer.

I don't post a lot but do read and learn a lot and thank all you experts for your help.

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That's an interesting model name.

As a subjective rather than objective observation, I personally have no HP envy (sorry for the pun). The name doesn't stand for the quality it used to have, though they continue to try to "allege" some premium to their products.

My company stopped buying HP PCs years and years ago, having found that other brands (Lenovo and Toshiba mainly) offered better quality and value. Today, I'd add Asus and perhaps even Acer to that list.

You'll likely do fine with the HP, but for me, I avoid them.

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I have had HPs and one Dell laptop. The Dell was junk. I have never had trouble with my HPs, both desktop and laptop.

Funny, ginny12, but I am considering that very same model for myself and for the same reasons you are. Good luck to both of us!

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Thanks, Grandms. Good luck to both of us for sure. I am ordering this computer on Tuesday when my friend can come over and help me decide on some of the options they have. Thanks again to you and all for your advice.

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I've had several HP PCs over the years and (at least for me) they have been great machines.

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I recently bought a Dell 660s with Windows 7. I was seriously considering HP, but at the time I was ready to buy, the only new HP desktops I found came with Windows 8.

Just chiming in with 2 cents more..Like some others here, I felt it was time to get a new computer, as my husband's is rather old and running XP, and I don't like Windows 8.

My old PC is a Dell Inspiron 560, which my husband will get to replace his, and I have the Dell Inspiron 660s. Both Inspirons are running Windows 7, my hope being to hold out until Windows 9, if it is more to my liking than "'8" and I live so long (I am an old lady already, though not retired!)

This may well be our last Dell. Our last 4 or 5 computers were Dells, and we have not had any trouble with them. BUT, this time I found it very frustrating to make a recovery disk in case I need to return to factory condition. The Dell Insp. 560 made that easy with a prompt right at set-up. This time, I had to search through some programs Dell had set up, one part of which, by the way, referred to clicking on a "tile," although this is a Win 7 machine. Then I got a message that some necessary file(s) had not gotten installed correctly (that would be at the factory!), so I had to download and install them, and they didn't appear in my PC for some time, so I didn't know if I had succeeded or not. Finally, an icon appeared that allowed me to make the restore disk.

Particularly frustrating was the way certain explanations from Dell would tell all about the restore disk and other things, but not contain a button to click to actually DO them.
That is possibly the fault of the faulty software installation I mentioned.

Whatever...this experience has really soured me on Dell. Next time I will probably be looking for other recommendations here.

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I don't know now, but I will have mine next Tuesday if all goes well. I will let you know. This is direct from HP as replacement for a warranted item

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Just received notification that my new HP has been shipped today from plant in Mexico. Also, FedEx warns that shipment could be affected by bad weather being experienced in the East. This is the exact same computer OP has purchased.

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