Jack-o-Lantern Snowflakes

kirkusOctober 18, 2010

Hi Everyone! Thank you sooo much for your inspiring ideas and encouraging words! A great place to be!

I have my students make these Jack-o-Lantern snowflakes every year. They look great in the window and also as a "doilie" on a Halloween table. I've created ones for all of the holidays and seasons. I make them for our picture windows for our home and for my classroom windows. I also make them for the owners of our little country store...they're always so good to us...my way of saying thank you. They look so festive in the store windows.

ENJOY! Just wanted to share a simple project...no bears in this creation! :o)

Oh...had to share my FAVORITE Halloween "decorations"... our 2 youngest kids...ages 3 and 10...last Halloween with me at our small town Halloween festivities. (Our oldest are 20 and 23! Our 3 year old was a SURPRISE and BLESSING!) The town closes down to have trick-or-treating during the day where the businesses come out to give out candy. There are hayrides, food, and sooo much more. :o)

Bear Hugs! Happy Halloween! Kirk

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Oh, my wife Carol made the pumpkin costume for our little one. She's so creative! Bear Hugs! Kirk

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Those are really cute!! And so are the snowflakes!!LOL
Your wife did a great job on the costume.
I think the snowflake jack wreaths are a very clever idea. Your students must love your projects.

I like the bear posting also, just hadn't had time to comment so am combining my responses on this post.


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Kirk, your Jack-o-Lantern snowflakes are Beary cute. They do look good in the windows and would also be nice as a doily on the table. Did you come up with this idea for this pattern? Tell us more about your creative cutting ability. Will be looking forward to more of your creations.

Darling picture of you and the kids. It's great that you have trick or treating during the day. I'll have to bring that up to the Chamber here. Hayrides are always fun at any age.

Just took DGD to The Pumpkin Patch last week and they had all sorts of games with pumpkins (Like Bowling). The owners have Clydesdales so took the kids on a hayride.

We have alot of little trick or treaters during the day from Preschools and Day Care. Some will call ahead and make sure we have enough for all of them and that is nice.

At home we plan for 150 but sometimes only end up with 100 now that they hold a few Halloween parties around the community. We always enjoy seeing all the cute costumes.


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Kirk, that's been one of my favorite photos of you and the children. Benjamin is the cutest lil' pumpkin I've ever seen. And Olivia, my sweet "adopted" niece, always brings a smile to my face. (you're kinda hunky too, but don't let it go to your head. LOL)

Have you lurked around here long enough to realize we have quite a few gals who were teachers too? I'd have LOVED to have had any of you when I was in school.
And Ladies, you wouldn't believe the great things Kirk does for his students, their parents, and how wonderfully he sets up his classroom. A total joy of teacher in ALL respects. Wish my grandkids had him!!

Ooops, back to the Flakey Jacks...LOVE them!
And that's saying a lot since I've never been a fan of jack-o-lanterns! Their faces usually kind of creep me out. LOL.

My two little granddaughters would love to make these.
Kirk, I think I need some of your patterns!!
hugs, Karen

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Kirk...do you have a "printable" pattern for this that we can get here on the Internet? That is really cute! I see lots of folds & cuts...would be fun with GK's.

Love that pic of you & the kids, too...hope this yr will be as much or more fun than ever at your town celebration! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Kirk your Jack Snowflakes are just wonderful.
I've never seen anything like these before.
What a great pattern and I love their happy faces.
Could you tell us a little more on how you make them.
I used to teach and did lots of Arts & Crafts projects and would also decorate the halls of our school.
I would have loved making these, and I know the kids would have too.
What a cute picture of you with your two youngest children. They look so sweet.
Your town sounds like a nice place to live.
Thanks for all your refreshing ideas. I'm really enjoying them.


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Wow! Thanks for all of the nice compliments AGAIN! You are sooo nice!

The folds for the snowflakes are pretty intricate. I've created ones for all of the holidays. If you e-mail me with your mailing address, I can send you a miniature, folded snowflake with my directions and a miniature Jack-o-Lantern pattern. :o) Fun to share! You'll need butcher paper for your snowflakes. :o)

Bear Hugs with Thanks! Kirk

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Oh, very sharp. Do give us a lesson! I love them. I'm so glad you have started to post here.

Those two little beauties that you're with just seem like the sweetest ever! My granddaughter just remarked that she thought Halloween was "almost as good as Christmas." When I asked her why, she said it was the only time you got to be somebody else and everybody has to go along with it.

Sounds like your town is a real throw-back to yesteryear.

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Oldalgebra, Our small town is truly like a scene from a Norman Rockwell painting. The first time I experienced Pumpkin Lane, I got all teary-eyed. My wife asked if I was okay. :o) It was a brisk, fall day...kids were running across the streets in their Halloween costumes...leaves were orange and yellow and falling from the trees...people were passing in Clydesdale-drawn hayrides...the perfect scene.

We also have an incredible Winterfest with outhouse races and snowshoe baseball and fireworks with a huge community bonfire. (People bring their discarded Christmas trees.)

We have a Settlers Day Parade with a community picnic. Fourth of July brings fireworks and a town picnic and a choir singing patriotic music with a band...small town Americana. :o)

Bear Hugs! Kirk

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Kirk, I saved the first photo to my files as a pattern..if you can just email directions, then you could save a stamp. Will that work?

OA, is that Miss Goosebumps at it again? Love her comments. She must be a pistol and so much fun for you.
Is her "sister" (the big green witch) going trick-or-treating with her?

hugs, Karen

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Karen, Don't worry about postage...I'll send you the folded pattern with the Goodwill turkey. :o) The folds are pretty intricate so will be good for you to see in person... Now, I have to figure out how to make a bunny pattern for you! :o)

Bear Hugs! Kirk

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Kirk, can you get the pattern on here somehow, those are so cute. Would love to make some with my GK's. They have a nice large window to hang them in. Kids looks so cute & town looks friendly,you also have a great clinic in town, don't know if you know it or not!! My friends that have property up there had a serious problem when he got weak legs & your clinic there did a 1st rate job according to his dr. down here,so Norman Rockwell town with modern caring clinic where everyone was great!! Made a very scary situation much better, they thought they would have to go to Spokane when waitress told them to go to the clinic down the street! Anyway hope you can take a pic of the folded snowflake so we can cut some ourselves otherwise you may get lot of e-mails!! What do you paint them with? Thanks! Jan

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Oh, silly me! Does butcher paper come in orange these days? Jan

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Love those jack-o-lantern snowflakes. Your children are beautiful. your town sounds like Mayberry.

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The pumpkins are great and I just can't imagine the patience it takes to fold and cut them!!! You are very talented!
HowEVer, I love the little pumpkin and the graduate and the Dad....y'all are beary beautiful folks!!

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What a neat idea you came up with! Those look so neat in the window and would be great like doilies on a table too.

I always enjoy hearing about your family and your activities. The love you have for them truly comes through in your posts! Your little Trick or Treaters are cute as can be, and Carol did a great job on the pumkin outfit and Miss Oliva's graduate costume is very clever and cute too.

What a neat place you have found to raise your family, think allot of us would like to have more "small town America" in our lives these days! I'm glad to know it's still alive and well some places. ;o)


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"OA, is that Miss Goosebumps at it again?"


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Thanks to all who e-mailed me for the Jack-o-Lantern pattern! :o) Wow! I'll mail out the pattern early in the week. :o) ENJOY! Bear Hugs! Kirk

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