MBath layout (Do I need a designer? thread)

regmosesJune 5, 2012

Okay. It's rudimentary, but it's the info.

One thing needs to be corrected, the wall that is listed as 8'10" is actually 9' - husband only recently realized the mistake.

So, we are ditching the tub. We want as nice a shower as possible. Not sure, but entertaining the idea of a doorless shower, including an entrance on the side near the window, then a pony wall, half tiled, then glass.

Do I have room for a doorless shower? Seems like that would take the window out of the equation and allow for a wider shower.

Next concern is storage. A 60" vanity, single sink, will go on the wall opposite the window and run right into the shower wall/glass. I really need a place for dirty laundry, but we're not too keen on a giant tower right next to the glass/pony wall.

The toilet will be moved to where the current shower is, in it's own little section. That leaves the one long wall, then the window and shower crammed together. I hate that, but with a brick house, what do you do?

Okay, who thinks I need a designer now???? Ha ha

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I felt I should also add that the shower can be as long as 67", of course, but, with a doorless option, the actual shower area would be more like 42" long, and width anywhere from 40-45", still leaving enough room for the vanity.

If the shower is not doorless, it can only be about 37-38" wide because of the start of that window on the long wall. That's what's making things less than simple. How big a shower is enough? How big is too much if space is limited?

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Thought it might be helpful to have the pics and the layout in the same thread.

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Where exactly is the existing doorway? Can it be moved? If it can be moved to the right, then you might be able to put a thin cabinet on the lower left wall.

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Existing doorway is in the wall at the bottom of the drawing, almost all the way over to the left. At present it is only 24" wide. We would like to widen it more, of course. I'm a bit worried about the aesthetics of a cabinet there.

There is one there already, it just doesn't start until 24" in (and has an above the toilet cabinet attached at right of that). It creates a tunnel-like effect as you're walking in.

And, of course, the vanity will be on the right wall across from the window (filling up the rest of the wall that isn't taken by the shower). I'd like the doorway to allow a free-flowing walkway, uninterrupted by a vanity.

My husband thinks maybe we can find a narrow laundry container to put behind the door there on that wall. Anyone seen something like that? A slim corner unit or something?

Told ya this space was awkward :) Thanks for the input

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need which way the entry door swings, and a measurement from the corner over tub to the edge of the rt trim of window

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From corner of the room to the window edge is 37 1/2"
Not quite as wide as I'd like the shower to be, that's why I'm looking into a doorless shower and/or alternative types of windows to allow for more shower space.

The entry door swings in, toward the window wall. The door will be widened, and therefore replaced and can be refigured somewhat.

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IF, and it's a big if, you can move the toilet easily and move the door to the bathroom, AND the window trim is water resistant, here's a possible layout. Oh, and I'd put the shower controls on the pony wall.

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suero, you really made me think with this design. Hadn't ever considered flipping the vanity to the other side of the room. Dh says that's a no-no since the plumbing would be on an outer wall (freezing up in winter?). A hamper built into the vanity would rock. I'm keeping that in mind for sure!

We can definitely move the toilet and we'll be replacing the window and making sure the area and window is waterproof (however you do that).

I'm wondering if the shower would have to be that large to keep too much water from splashing outside. .... hmmmm.

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Does it have to be a glass/pony wall for the shower? Why not a solid wall (perhaps tiled) to the ceiling. Then put a floor to ceiling tower next to it, then a smaller vanity. Or a 4.5" vanity with a stacked cabinet on the shower side. We have a small bathroom with a 5foot vanity in it with a 18" wide stacked cabinet on top of the counter on one side. It's a great having the extra storage.

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Humm...I meant to say you could have a 5' vanity and we have a 4.5' vanity!

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I have a vanity on an outside wall. The plumbing comes up through the floor, not the wall.

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I'm going to have to "live with" the idea of the vanity on that wall for a little bit. I have the hardest time visualizing these things when I walk into that room!

I'm really hoping to make that small space FEEL open and light. That's why I would like the pony wall with glass, so that you at least can see all the way to that far wall when you walk in.

DH and I are not keen on the wall being all tiled and the shower enclosed that way, mostly because it would feel cave-like to us. It would also visually make the bathroom end there at the shower wall (hence the above explanation of the glass/pony wall).

Anyone know a way to sketch this out like our designer did when remodeled the kitchen? It wasn't reallly 3D, but she was able to build out the cabinets/wall with our dimensions and show what it would look like from different perspectives/doors. That was awesome! It made the visualization for me and then I felt there were no surprises between designing, ordering, and installing. Therefore, that project was FUN! Imagine that!

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