Three more witches for a happy Halloween

luvstocraftOctober 30, 2010

Well, the big day is tomorrow, and I sure have enjoyed seeing and making so many fun things for Halloween this year. You gals are so creative and just make each day on here so much fun and so entertaining!

I thought I'd end my fun holiday preparation by sharing my last project for this year. Without further adeiu, here's my three witches for you! Luvs

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Even though they're sweet little witches,
there are three of them,
so I can't help but think,
"Round about the cauldron go;
In the poison'd entrails throw. . . .
Eye of newt and toe of frog,
Wool of bat and tongue of dog . . ."

Love their purple locks and rosy cheeks.
This last Halloween project is certainly up to your usual high standards, Luvs.

Happy Halloween

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Oh, luvs, those witches are just DARLING!
I love their COLORED HAIR >!
Adorable! Fun! Fun! (you pro, you!) TFS! Jeanne S.
Yes, Halloween & Fall has been fun here on this forum!

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Luvs..these are 'Too Cute'... to be Witches!
You're so creative.
I too love their rosy cheeks >
Their...Long Orange Dresses...and
Purple Flowing Tresses..
Are they anyone we know?
This was a nice way to end Halloween...


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WOW....PURPLE hair!! And the little gal on the left is rather sassy looking! LOL
You certainly saved the BEST till last! They should have come with a cuteness warning! I don't know how you can bear to put them away so soon, do witches celebrate Thanksgiving? LOL.
They really are wonderful.

hugs, Karen

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I LOVE those witches! What a talented artist you are, Luvs! I definitely enjoy looking at all your wonderful creations!

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How totally cute - now that makes me smile when I see it. I am not a 'Halloween' decorator but that would be my style if I were. You certainly are one talented gal Luvs and put the 'fun' in all the Holidays TFS .....


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Luvs, these ladies are fantastic and I love their purple hair. They would have been perfect on my Halloween table! LOL!

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They are the cutest witches ever!! I do think the one on the left has more than her arm up her sleeve LOL. You are so very talented.
Happy Halloween

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Luvs, the three little witches are so innocent looking. With one holding a spider, another with a bat and third with an eyeball, not sure they are as sweet as they look!haha The little pumpkin with the leaves for hands is so cute. Love the colors on this one. Great painting job too.


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I'm sure Sassy, on the left, is sweet. And her pet spider is obviously in no danger. I'm not so sure about her sister on the right. That gal is not only swinging an eyeball, she's got her right boob propped on the cauldron and is fixing to drop a poor bat in it. I don't think I trust this one to be good at all. Mama Witch in the back better keep her eye on this one!

Luvs, I meant to add, now that Halloween is just about over, you came up with a Jack o' Lantern I really like!!
I love his little leafy hands, and his horrified expression that the poor bat is getting dropped in the cauldron. I think he must be a very sweet little Jack, certainly nothing scary about him. Yep, I do like him a lot.

hugs, Karen

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I'm glad you all enjoyed these three. I've had the pattern for years, but somehow this year I finally got motivated enough to get it cut out and painted! Karen, so glad this little jack doesn't scare you--I thought he looked sort of scared himself! LOL


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OMG, that is just too cute, Luvs!! Those witches have the sweetest faces and I love the expression on the jack-o-lantern's face. Love their purple hair, too. You are so darn talented!!!

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