MIA ... Can you hear me now?

jeannespinesOctober 25, 2011

I know I am probably not alone & wondering where so many of our Holiday-ers have gone? We love pics! Does anyone have some Fall/or Halloween decor to share?

Here's a link to our Holiday Inspiration Album...entitled "Thanksgiving n Fall pictures" ... kept up by our Purplemoon...hit 'slide show' & sit back & enjoy! Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thanksgiving n Fall Pics Holiday Inspiration Album

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I'm here with you Jeanne!
I noticed it's been 'dead' here all day.
Glad you posted Karen's Inspiration Album...I never tire of looking at it. I always see something 'new'.

If the weather is nice tomorrow, I'll take some pictures of my Shadow Witch & Graveyard !! lol


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I was missing but found my way back yesterday.
My StepDad hasn't been doing to well and it's taking a toll on my dear Mother. I've been trying to help (more for her than him) but he and I have always had a very difficult relationship but he became very hostile toward me so I came home and stayed.
He doesn't agree with the fact that I think HIS grown kids should help with him and not just Mothers children. I made that point clearly and the explosion of attitude that followed just pushed me to far.
So be it, as the world keeps turning... I wanted to come home and stay put anyways.
Next thing on the agenda is pack away Halloween and re-adjust the fall decor all while quietly plotting away at Christmas *don't shoot me*... LOL

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I'm here too Jeanne, just haven't found much to post. But check out this neat DOLL bench for Halloween! Oh how I'd love to be artistic to do stuff like this. I see all the unfinished wood pieces at Michaels and think what fun it would be to be artistic.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: Halloween Doll Bench

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You here from Garden Junk will appreciate the thought behind these "dessert totems". LOL. I love the red one!

Here is a link that might be useful: dessert totems

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How about this ultra simple idea, white pumpkin on white pedestal...very pretty.

I can't save the photos for our album since the things I'm showing you are for sale, or on personal blogs, so that's why the links and no pictures from me.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: pretty pumpkin pedestal

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Getting sick of me yet, Jeanne? LOL, be careful what you ask for in your next thread.

Wouldn't this little cabinet be fairly easy to "make" (repurpose!) and GREAT to decorate! (I love the gal's name on her blog, sure fits me well. Impatiently praying for Patience)

MM, you just keep having your hands totally full don't you!
Tell Fate the holidays are here and to go take a hike and leave you alone to enjoy them! Yep, your step-dad's own kids need to step up...HE and THEY sure need an attitude adjustment! And you had every right to explode.
I'm sorry your Mom has to deal with them, know it must worry you.
Hang in there.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: cute cabinet to decorate!

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((Karen)), thank you.
You're right, I've had enough this year but we must keep trucking,it's the rule. I hope hope hope next year is peaceful though, Lord knows I could use it.
They've been married for 11 miserable years so I don't see an end in sight. He's just a pompass *$$.
I have always respected Mother and been the one kid that didn't raise ruckus but this time I did. Think it scared her actually. lol She knew I was beyond mad this time.
She is a Dietician at a local Rehab/Nursing Home and I was so mad I told her (within his hearing)since his kids won't help us that she should just stuff him in there and go home without him at the end of the day and rest. Mean , it probably was but I'd had enough. I feel that my sister and I did full time care of our dad for 2 years till he passed when we were 18 , it's more than right that Sdads kids afford their own dad the same accord. They live right up the street for crying out loud and I live 12 miles away.
Enough complaining (and I apologize to everyone :( ) , time to move onward to enjoying the bright colors of my favorite holidays.

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Some fun stuff you shared, PM...thanks! Those desssert totems being used for holiday treats are unique. And that doll bench...painting is so cute...need luvs & punk expertise there!

slinkey...that scary stuff in your backyard! I remember....ewwwww! (but Halloweeny cute!) I look forward to ALL your posts & hope you're feeling much better!

& hugs to you, Milo...to better days ahead. Jeanne S.

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I'm here too Jeanne. Thanks for putting up The Holiday Inspiration Album. I really enjoyed looking through it.
And Thank You Karen for taking the time to put them together!!
Thanks for posting the links too, Karen. You are the best!
Milo...You don't need to apologize, sorry you are having a rough time.

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sorry, grils that I have been MIA for so long. For a early BD gift, I came down with a UTI and a really horrid case of shingles. For about a month I haven't felt like doing much of anything, I have read and "oughed and aughed" over all of everybodys great decorating, I think it and pain meds are all that have kept me going lately. Sorry that I have not commented on each and every post. They are all so great. I love fall and the lovely fall colors and the harvest season, but this one has just about passed me by. I"m starting to feel almost human again, so hopefully, (????) I'll get caught up soon. Thanks everybody for being the one bright spot in about a month of misery. jANET

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nana & janet...oh yeah, good to hear your comments! nana...I so enjoy your b'day 'scapes!

janet...ewwww! Not fun at all ...hope you feel back to half way normal real soon! This is good medicine tho...so glad that the posts have helped w/your healing! ;-)
Jeanne S.

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Oh good heavens!! What a time you've had of it. Shingles are just about the worst thing I can think of. My neighbor ,Grammy, had a terrible tiff with them last year and o the misery the poor woman was in :(. She just paced the floor most nights because she couldn't get comfortable. For her, the shower was the most comfortable place , but the hot water only lasts so long so it wasn't a longterm solution for her.
I rarely "advise" other people but I will this time.... REST and DO NOT try to return to "normal" to soon, shingles are very unforgiving and it takes a lot out of a person. That being said, I'm glad you're inching back towards feeling human again.
I wish you speedy healing :).

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Janet, How awful!! I had shingles so I know how nasty they are. I'm glad to hear you are starting to feel better.
If anyone gets an unexplained rash see a Dr. The antiviral needs to be taken at the beginning of an outbreak to be effective.

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LOL at Karen's "I can drive a stick"!!!!!!
MM, so sorry you have had such a rough year, Sure glad you didn't have all this drama on top of the wedding last year!
Janet, wishing you a speedy recovery! What a lousy BD "gift."
No wonder some of you have been MIA!!
I hope everybody is feeling up to par real soon and back to posting when you are ready.


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been lurking mostly - I have my craft room and my storage rooms torn apart and trying to make sense of all Mom's crafts and mine plus 7 big totes of dolls (her's and mine) to make decisions on. Been helping hubby out in our gardens - putting some to bed and planting others for winter interest. Now that medical issues are behind me (Mom and my late husband) I am finding so many things need attention that just got put on the back burner. Catching on over 8 years of neglect keeps one busy - lol. I do enjoy looking at all the pictures - puts me in a good place :) so all that being said - I am here just not as vocal .....


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Milo...no need to apologize..we all reach our boiling points.
It's good to know we have a place here,
to let off steam and maybe feel a little better!
I hope things settle down for you and you'll have happier days ahead.

Janet..I'm hoping that you're feeling better and stronger each day.
I'm so sorry that it took so long for the right diagnosis.
Take MM's advice..don't push yourself and get as much rest as possible.

jeanne..I'm doing better thanks..my meds seem to be working their magic!
So, you remember my outdoor 'scary Halloweenie' decos from last year??
They left that kind of impression on you eh? lol I changed them around a little this year and
when the flood lights go on them at night...
they're a 'Treat' to see and they're right on the side of the kid's Bedrooms!! lol


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Marlene Kindred

I'm here and as usual doing my lurking....life has just been really fast paced lately. Hopefully, things are calming down and I can start to do a few things again. Today it's cold and rainy and I hope to get my fall things out and decorate the dining room finally. It's been quiet on our garden junk forum too, but hopefully we'll get motivated soon.

I always enjoy looking at everyone's tables and decorations and wish I was more talented in that area, but I do love seeing all of you ladies "stuff"!

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I'm coming by as often as I can too, but not contributing a darn thing. I have lots of "ideas" and "want to do's", but just not the mental or physical energy to get anything much done. First I had sore arms which I totally understood and vowed to be more careful--now my wrists and hands get this terrible "tingling" achy feeling that even wakes me up, so not doing anything I don't have to do.

Karen, maybe Punk could paint you a bench if she ever has a minute to sit down. Or you could just find the fabric or even napkins or those decals with a design you like and Mod Podge it on a little bench. Just a thought.

MM, sometimes it takes someone brave enough to speak up in order for change to happen. Let's hope SD says something to his own kids to encourage them to help out a bit. So sorry for your DM, know it must be hard for her.

Janet, I sure hope you are getting back to normal again. So sorry you've been feeling so bad. You always have enough to deal with without things like shingles added to the list. Take care, gal.

Lynn, isn't it hard trying to decide what to keep and what to part with? I struggle with those types of decisions all the time too. Really need to either get busy and use some things or get rid of them around here too.

Jeanne, you always seem to find fun things to do or projects to work on, and I'm so glad you share it all here with us. I can live vicariously through you! LOL By the way, I saved LOTS of seeds from the holly hocks!

Jane, I so love that you made the big witch, and will look forward to seeing how you displayed her this year. I've always loved that design. I had so many neat ideas saved for to work on this year for Halloween but guess fate had other plans for me this year. When my wrists and hands are better, I'll try to get busy and do some creative things again.

Marlene, with all that's been going on with you, I can totally understand why you've not been creative either. Hope all is going better.

Candy, I'm so glad you've stayed healthy and creative this year. I so love seeing all your finds and neat ts you do with them!

Nana, you do great with your monthly birthday tablescapes. I look forward to each one.

Karen, you are the greatest for keeping us supplied with neat things to look at. My wrists were killing me the other night but I still kept looking at all those mantels from your post! LOL Didn't want to miss any of the good eye candy!

Okay, I hope I didn't miss anyone, but my hands have had it for now. I'll be back to see what else you are all up to, but may have to learn to keep my responses more brief!


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Luvs, so sorry you are having problems with your arms, wrists and hands, what a bummer.
Hope you are feeling better soon.
I be keeping you in my prayers.

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I thought I posted to this but guess I read and ran. Is this like the kids who eat it and beat it.teehee

Auntie Jeanne, I haven't gotten TJ dressed in her new outfit you sent but she'll need to get dressed for Halloween before 'Trick Or Treating'. It's been in the 20-30's at night and way to cold to go out not properly dressed.haha Thanks again and I'll share pictures soon.

Karen, I showed this cute Halloween bench to DH and ask if he would make one.NO comment! I'll keep this in mind and see what I can do. It's darling and wouldn't take long to paint.

We know what you've been up to with all the neat posts of your decorating, new blogs to visit, just deliveringLOL. Thanks for all you do and it is appreciated.

MM, you are on the right track baby! It's ok to be vocal when it's the right thing to do. You can only do so much and your DM doesn't need all this either. Hope your preparing for Christmas and your blood pressure is down, honey.

Janet, shingles are scary and no one should have to go through the pain. Love having you here and hope you get rid of those darn shingles.

Lynne, it's been good to hear from you when you have time. I enjoy all the pictures you post too. Got that display DH made all filled yet? Don't work to hard and forget to post with us ok?LOL I'd love to see all your Dolls.

Jane, I loved your Halloween decor last year. It will be fun to see how you set it out this year. We don't forget what you do.heheh Bet the gkids love seeing all this right outside their rooms.

Marlene, we enjoy hearing from you with all your wonderful comments. It's cold here today so I didn't get any outside decorations up and probably won't bother now.

Luvs, what's going on with your hands and wrists? I've noticed you haven't been as active on here but didn't take time to ask and for that I'm sorry.

Nana and Candy, hope all is well with you two and it's great having both of you posting here.

We are contemplating adding another location to our business next year so I may be the one MIA come next spring or summer. Not sure this ol gal has it in her any more but the Show Must Go On.


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Wow, just reading the wonderful posts from Luvs and Punk had me almost 'tear-y'.
I really do love all of you here so much. Your big hearts and caring just shine thru your words. If there is such a thing as cyber hugs, I can sure FEEL them on this Forum!

Luvs, I am so sorry about all the pain. I know there's just no way to avoid straining yourself with all the lifting and pulling you have to do for your DH. (I use to wonder why, with my Dad, I didn't get muscles like ol' Arnold S. had. LOL.
Instead I just got the strain and pain. Not fair.)

Punk, you stay so unbelievably busy, I can't even imagine you adding another location. With your creativity, we need you to retire and play here ALL the time. ;o)
Oh, those little wood benches are pretty cheap at Michaels I think...or would be with a 40% off coupon. I was thinking, with all the designs out now in the Rub On Paints, I bet I could find something I liked and do one. I might check it out before Christmas and "make" one for Teegan. I know there's lots of neat decals too, but I'd prefer the rub on paint since its real paint.

Marlene, we've seen your decorating! So do NOT go selling yourself short in talent. You do lovely vignettes!
I hope your Mom is doing ok, and things are settling down some for you.

Jane, I keep praying you'll be back to 100% soon. I know its been tough on you lately.

Janet, I sure hope the shingles are a lot better. I really think having Fibro should make one IMMUNE to anything else!
Too bad Life isn't fair! LOL.

Lynne, wish I could help go thru the totes and dolls and crafts. Boy, sounds like a lot of work for you but would definitely be fun for me. ;o)

Auntie Jeanne, I'll get a pix soon of Teegan in her purple dress. She will definitely look so good in that color!

Nana, Candy, and everyone else...y'all are just the best and
your friendships mean so much to me!

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DITTO!!! to what everyone has said!
So good to catch up & know that so many of you are not MIA anymore!!!
thanks for replying & here's to some good, happy & healthy holidays ahead yet in 2011! Hugs, Jeanne S.

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