Mixing brands: gas cooktop over electric wall oven

rovoJune 16, 2012

Long time lurker, first time poster here. I have researched oven and cooktop choices to death, but can't seem to find an answer to this dilemma and would appreciate any feedback.

We are doing a mini (and very tight budget) kitchen remodel, and plan to replace only the countertops, gas cooktop and electric wall oven. Space and budget constraints dictate that the current setup remain: 30" gas cooktop directly over 30" electric wall oven. Currently have a 13 year old GE cooktop which I loathe (grey burner grates that simply will not come clean, chips, dying igniters) and a Ge electric oven that I am not crazy about (loud cooling fan, uneven temps, slow to preheat). I have a child with multiple food allergies and do most of our cooking and baking at home, so I would like something reliable and budget friendly, preferably with convection. In reading through the GW posts, I narrowed my wall oven choices down to the Electrolux (with wave touch) or the Bosch series 500 oven.

The problem is, I would like to use an older but unused Thermador gas cooktop (SGS model) given to us by a friend over the oven. Neither Thermador nor Electrolux have been helpful in answering whether this can be done. From the installation instructions, it appears that they will fit together (though I am not totally sure about this), but both company reps tell me that this is "not authorized" and could void the oven warranty.

Is it advisable to do this, or should I bite the bullet and shell out more money for a cooktop of the same brand as the oven?

Thanks in advance for any insight.

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I tried to do this - i had a dacor oven and dacor cooktop over it and i wanted a thermador cooktop (new). It didn't work. The tubing collided with the mold of the oven. Only same manuf seems to work in my research. You have to see if it is supported even then. Your appliance store might help you here.

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Thanks, sophie 123. After scouring the specs for both units until my eyes hurt, I'm beginning to think that going with a single brand makes the most sense. Now, on to the Bosch vs. Electrolux threads...

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