nxr drgb 3001 center grate help

Iannn45June 10, 2012

I am new and have found this site very useful in helping me make up my mind about my first gas range. I just purchased the NXR drgb3001 from Costco last evening and would love to get my hands on a center grate for the thing. I have heard they are somewhat hard to track down and that is turning out to be very true. Any help would be great.

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Sweet! Yeah I called and have one on the way. Apparently no way to order it online and they do not stock it but they can somehow get it. I am set. Thanks!

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Well kinda steep shipping at $32.58 but that is fine. But considering the whole setup with range and grate is only putting me back $1882.57 I can not complain. I will post when I get it all setup and get some time on it.

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Wanted to know if you wouldn't mind giving us an update? Are you happy with your decision, any problems so far?
Thank you

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