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marthastooJune 10, 2013

I am redoing the entire kitchen in my new house and have picked out pretty much my dream kitchen: Thermador Freedom Columns 18" freezer, 24" refigerator, Thermador microwave drawer, Bosch 800 plus dishwasher, Wolf 36" rangetop, and Electrolux 30" double wall ovens. Now, the Electrolux is not my dream oven - Wolf is, but we don't have an endless supply of money, so I made the decision to go cheaper with the oven since I don't bake that much. I used to bake a ton, but now I'm so busy with work and the kids' activites.. I'm lucky to even use the microwave. I even downgraded from the Electrolux Icon to a regular Electrolux.

So, the store where we're getting the appliances has a Wolf L series double wall oven floor model on sale. It would raise my total appliance package up $2,500. And the floor model has been on the floor for 6-7 years.

So, do I stretch my budget another $2,500 for a 6-7 year old Wolf dream oven? Or stick with a perfectly good Electrolux? WDYT?

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I would consider dropping from a double oven to a single and upgrading to the Wolf in a single wall oven.

Do you really need to have 2 ovens? That would be the question I was asking myself.


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Phil - in a word, yes. I have a double oven now and I would never go back to a single. Even though I am not a huge baker now, I do entertain and all the holidays are celebrated at my house. I need those two ovens for Thanksgiving and Christmas and those occasional parties.

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Phil - in a word, yes. I have a double oven now and I would never go back to a single. Even though I am not a huge baker now, I do entertain and all the holidays are celebrated at my house. I need those two ovens for Thanksgiving and Christmas and those occasional parties.

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Actually in a similar pickle. I have the 48 inch Wolf DF range priced out and realize that we could have a significant cost savings if we downgraded the range. My next choice is Electrolux too, but of course they don't have a two oven 48 inch model. Why is it so hard? Personally, if I were you I'd go with the Electrolux. They get great reviews on here.

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How about a single Wolf and a speed oven.
You have the functionality of 2 ovens with a bit of creativity.

I use my speed oven all of the time but am heading off to use my wall oven to bake cookies and muffin tops - I have a tough time keeping up with more than 3 shelves of cookies...

I have a Wolf and love it - but also considered the Elux - Wolf had a sale when I was looking and I upgraded - both are known to have porcelain chipping problems but hopefully not all of them.

OK - I am rambling on - if you want the double - go Elux :-)

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Are the ovens brand new or have they been used for demonstrations? Are they giving you a full warranty on the 6-7 year old ovens? That's one thing to consider. I don't know the relative prices of Wolf vs. Electrolux, but a $2500 upcharge for such old ovens seems high. Can you bargain them down some?

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Sounds like around a 25% discount for the Wolf - which is nice , but not a drop everything and get over there price. ALSO, that's 25% off of current pricing !

The oven is still the same but the pricing has risen ever year over that time so in ACTUALITY you're paying pretty close to full boat 2006-7 prices !!!

The price "looks" lower - but I don't think you are gettin a deal here. Doesn't sound like the dealer is that motivated to sell it, he's just wrapping it up in purdy package for you.

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I have the Electrolux Wave Touch ovens, and I love them. They bake evenly and I like the roll out racks. No problems in the last 2.5 years at all. I actually chose these over the Icons because I preferred the look of them, and at that time the Icon cavity was a little shallower, which was a deal breaker for me. I looked at the Wolf ovens and they're beautiful. I chose not to stretch the budget quite that far. I have no regrets.

The real questions are:

Can you afford the extra $2500? Only you can answer that. Whether you have the extra cash on hand or you can 'find it' by giving up other things over time is your call to make.

How much will it bother you to let the Wolf ovens go? It didn't bother me at all, because I really liked the 'Lux ovens. But, if I'd have had to give up my Miele induction cooktop (or any induction cooktop, for that matter), it would have taken some serious mental discipline not to have pang of regret everytime I used it. :-) We all have our priorities.

You're building your dream kitchen and you are not going to be replacing anything anytime soon, so if you can and you want to, I see no reason why not. BUT, I agree with the others that the dealer should reduce the price a little more, and I'd make sure that it comes with a full warranty.

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The trouble with Electrolux.

I have had my Electrolux oven for 4 years and 10 months. It was replaced when it was brand new because of shedding enamel. I love the way it bakes and all the things it does. I have self cleaned it 4-5 times and never a problem with the circuit boards and have recommended it many times on this forum. I can no longer do so. As I was cleaning it, I noticed what looked like rust in streaks on the bottom and looking with the flashlight the enamel was coming off. I contacted Electrolux and they basically said I need to call a repairman and they would do nothing. I told them that I would like assurance before I called someone out that it could be repaired because I had read that it couldn't be. I called a couple of times and got conflicting info on whether it could be repaired or not from CS at E-lux. They said the only way I could find out for sure would be to call the repairman out and he would have to call the tech support to see. I could not talk to them myself, to see if it could be repaired. Luckily I have an extended warranty and they will take responsibility. Luckily the techs have had experience(yes, they have!) doing this as it is basically rebuilding the oven.

It is one thing not to stand behind your product any better than that and yet a whole other level of massive failure in customer service not to give you information that they have as to whether you can in theory at least replace the liner without paying for a service call. The cost of installing the liner is also so high that it may not be cost effective to do for the appliance company that has the extended warranty. If I were paying for it myself, I would junk it and get something else rather than risk the enamel going bad again in a few years.

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Wekick, I'd heard of folks having trouble with their E'lux ovens years ago, and that would jibe with the timeframe in which you purchased yours. I think they've fixed whatever was causing it, because the reviews have been better than average overall in at least the last 4 years, at least since I did my research on ovens. I haven't had any cause to call customer service on my ovens during the 2.5 years I've had them, but I did on my E'lux washer, and I was very pleased with the immediate service that I received.

I'm sorry you had so much trouble with your ovens, I can imagine how frustrating that would be.


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I'm sorry too, to hear about Electroluxe's attitude about helping you out as as a customer, wekick. Maybe they are getting "Too Big for their Britches", Ya thinks?

Any company should answer any questions a customer has, and in as "forthright" manner as possible. I say this based on 16 years of owing my own service business!

It's really a shame, that Elux showed such an attitude, as cj47 mentioned, since the chipping problem has been solved, (based on posts where buyers had bought models later than 2010), but now "Arrogance" may cost them sales!

It's also a shame that Electrolux got rid of the removable oven bottom that my "circa de 2006" has. I've had no chipping problems at all but if the bottom did chip, it could easily be replaced (assuming I can find one), or it could be recoated.

Wolf, in fact, (from what we've read here in Gardenweb) is going to have a removable bottom in their new ovens that are coming out soon. Unlike Electrolux, we are seeing chipping problems on the new "current model" wolf ovens, 2012-2013- to present. We hope that all of those that have had problems, especially those where the ovens are 2 to 3 years old, keep us posted as to how the chipping problem was handled.

Anyway sorry wekick about the Elux arrogance, I would not stand for it either, as my attitude, when I ran my business was. "The Customer is Always Right",(sometimes that could be a real "challenge"), but I lived thru it and glad I did!


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