BHG Curved Shower Curtain Install and Curtain Length

baboosh44June 27, 2013

I feel like a bit of a moron, but having difficulty with my Better Homes and Gardens Curved Shower Curtain Install. I installed it as stated in the instructions where it sits a few inches higher the the molded shower/tub top edge. My curtains are too short for this and it shows about 1 1/2' off white fiber glass tub, not pretty. If I lower the rod onto the actual shower enclosure than it would have to sit way lower than the enclosure to meet the floor, then the top of the shower shows. I'm wondering if I have some weird tub/shower size that does not coordinate with curtain sizes and other ? Oh Please Someone Set Me and My Shower Curtain Straight :-)

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Not pretty or not, that is normal... If you want longer curtains, you'll need to make longer curtains (or buy longer ones). That is "normal"--at least to me.

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Mine is 2" from the top of the enclosure, which allows for a standard 72" shower curtain.

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Mine is a little above the enclosure, and a bit of tub sticks out. I think it's normal, but honestly I'm just so happy to be rid of those nasty sliding doors I really don't care!

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