Kucht gas range?

esteslizJune 22, 2014

Anyone heard of this brand or own one?
I can't seem to find much about it. But I really like the way it looks for the price.


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According to Kuckt's facebook page

"Our products are made with the best parts from all over the world. We use parts from Italy, Spain, Germany, USA, China and other places to make the best products. Our assembly facility is located in Guangdong, China."

I would be willing to wage a large wad of cash these are made by NXR. They look extremely similar the major difference is that they have different rated btu burners and according to the Facebook page again they have 430 SS side panels instead of the NXR's alleged 304 SS. The 304 has higher nickel content making it brighter and less prone to rust.

You can read plenty on NXR ranges by googling "gardenweb nxr"

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Well, it probably comes from the same China-based manufacturer who supplies the NXR stoves to the California based importer, Duro Corp. To be precise, neither Duro nor NXR actually make anything. NXR is a brandname that is owned by Duro. Duro contracts to buy shipping-container lots of the stoves in China from the manufacturer, Dongguan Hyxion Metal Fabricators. (The Chinese company is also sometimes called Hyxion Metal Industry and sometimes Hyxion Metal Works. The choice of name seemingly dependent on whims (and or fluency in English) of the various web-page developers at different times.) I've run across a couple of links for Hyxion, with one being here:


The other being here:


As best I can tell, Hyxion has decided to cash in on the luxury/premium appliances market and, much like what Haier did over the last decade, started to develop its own brand in addition to contracting for work from major and lesser brands.

Kucht Professional seems to be another importer bringing in models with a few differences from the NXR. The photo and specs on the Kucht facebook page look like the the specs and photos of the some of the models of the ranges shown on the Hyxion site.

The facebook page for "Kucht Professional" has not been updated for 8 months. There seems to be a current website, however, which can be found here:


The FAQ page on the website says that they have a receiving "facility" and a headquarters in Patterson, NJ. That facility has an e-mail address and a toll-free phone number but apparently does not have a street address. That makes me suspect that there is no connection to Duro/NXR as a brand.

Duro (the NXR importer) at least has a street address and a record of contracts with the likes of Costco, Dvorson's Austek and others.

Kucht is a limited liability company formed in New Jersey last October. There doesn't seem to be any information available online beyond that. (Unlike most states' corporations offices, the NJ Department of Revenue makes you telephone and order documents to obtain the names of registered agents, principal business location and etc.)

The foregoing makes me think that Kucht Professional is probably a start-up venture which is importing some variant stoves made for them by Hyxion. Makes Duro look substantial by comparison, though that may not be saying much when it comes to warranty service and support.

The differences from the NXR that I noticed are these: (a) the NXR burners are all dual stacked 15k-BTU burners but the Kucht ranges mix in some standard flat-capped 12K and 9k burners; (b) the design of the stove-top grates are different with the Kuckt seeming to have a more squared-off flat top grate design.

A quick google search showed one NJ retailer listing the Kucht ranges (with the 30" priced at $2300) and some Amazon sellers (asking $1799) and some e-Bay sellers.

That's all I could find on them so far.

I do not mean to be rude, but I see you just joined today. Mind if I ask how you even found these ranges? Do you have some connection to the New Jersey folks?

Here is a link that might be useful: Hyxion link - Kucht range?

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Thanks so much for replying! My husband and I are in the middle if a kitchen renovation and want a gas range. I love the look of the professional slide in ranges but they are not in our budget. I was searching amazon and I saw the kucht range and was excited to find one that was about our budget. But I couldn't find anything about them online. I guess I won't be buying that one. :)

This website is great , I always read the forum but just decided to join!

Any recommendations on a slide in gas range... Ge vs fridigaire?


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Recommendations on slide-ins abound, and I kind of recall two or three recent threads discussing both GE Profile and Frigidaire models, mostly favorably. If not much is turning up when you use the GW search box, try going out to google, bing etc. and use "gardenweb" in your search string.

GE models tend to get a bit higher test ratings from Consumer Reports but the differences are not huge. One thing for Frigidiare is that some of their gas slide-ins offer an electric convection oven heating element which may help with baking multiple racks of cookies, biscuits and such (meaning that you won't have to rotate and swap racks around as you might otherwise have to do.)

Also, many gas slide-in ranges have black painted or black-glass-ceramic on the cooktop. Not everybody likes the look and some people report that they are hard to clean.

GE Profile has at least one model with a stainless top, as well. The GE's have bigger ovens, which can be a convenience, and CR generally gives them marks for very even baking and very good self-cleaning. (The Frigidaires are rated "good.") Also, if you have the budget, some of the GE Profile slide-ins can be had with two full ovens.

Bosch ranges have been getting some good reviews, but they tend to as expensive and maybe more so than the GE ranges.

If you are interested in a pro-style stove, I'd suggest looking at getting a NXR from Costco.com. I've had one for 2 1/2 years and been very pleased with mine. Personally, I would not have bought one if I could not have gotten mine from Costco for reasons I'll exlain in a minute. Costco lists them at $1999.99 delivered but periodically runs sales at $1799 (also delivered)..

The reported problems with NXRs have mostly been the result of shipping damage, and mostly from folks who bought from a seller other than Costco This is not to say you won't get one from Costco with shipping damage; only that it is easier to deal with if you do. Buying from Costco.com means you get the full-refund-satsifaction guarantee which means you can take it back (or swap it) if yours shows up with damage, if you get a lemon, or if you just plain don't like it after several months of use. No restocking fees. No waiting for three tries to fix something. No waiting around for warranty service -- which can be slow and/or problemmatic with any brand that has a small market share.

As deeageaux points out, there has been a fair amount of discussion on them here and most folks have been well satisfied.

But, as has been said before, NXRs are not for everyone. Kind of like buying a four-wheel-drive pickup with manual everything. Great if you want serious off-road capabilities and often drive on very rough roads in bad weather, and want to do your own maintenance and repairs. Rather a pain otherwise

The NXR has virtually no convenience functions that many take for granted on home stoves. It has a burner reignitor function (if a low flame goes out, the ignitors fire until the burner relights or you turn the burner off.) The oven has two halogen oven lights. A manually switched convection fan. The oven can hold a steady 130F. That's it. The oven is about the same size as the Frigidaire's, so big enough for many things but not as big the GE ovens. (Can't put two half-sheet pans on the same rack, for instance, if you do that kind of thing.) Only five oven rack positions and two oven racks. No self-cleaning oven. No timers. No temperature probes. No storage drawer. No etc., etc. Build quality is okay but not fabulous.

WIth the four 15k-btu full-range dual stacked burners, it is a bit more stove than the Kucht's look to be. With the Kucht's burner arrangement being pretty much comparable to any other major brand stove, you are paying extra for what? The looks and not having much in the way of electronics. Personally, if my choices were the Frigidaire slide-in versus the Kucht, I think the Frigidaire gives better value for the money.

If interested, do a search from outside GW using "gardenweb + nxr" as your search string. Read the threads, if you haven't already done so.

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