Bosch 800 Plus Dishwashers

nerdyshopperJune 10, 2013

It has been over a year since Bosch brought out the 800 plus line of dishwashers. Surely some of our members have bought one by now. The purpose of this thread is to give them a chance to inform us about their experiences with theirs. What I am thinking of is to give us the answers to three questions:
1. Does it clean well?
2. Does it hold enough dishes?
3. Any problems and how was the service experience?
Please feel free to elaborate.

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1. Cleans incredibly well
2. Holds plenty. We entertain lots.
3. Service no idea,never needed it.

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LOVE!! Cleans very well! Holds a lot- love the 3rd rack!
Don't know about service...

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AWESOME machine. The build quality was very obvious during a simple self install. Ours was stamped "Made in Germany"

Performance is REMARKABLE! Dishes, silverware, glasses and plastics are spotless, shiney and bone dry. Operation is silent. Oh.. and did I mention the tactile feel of solid German engineering when closing the door?

Very, very happy with the purchase. DW and I splurged on this appliance and would do it again in a heartbeat.

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I was hoping to see the actual model numbers of the new lines that are made in the USA. I can't tell from the descriptions I have read where the models are made.

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Our Bosch 800 Plus (model #SHE7ER55UC made in Germany) is now one year old.

1. Does it clean well?
- Yes, and much better than my 12-y/o Kenmore Elite

2. Does it hold enough dishes?
- Yes, although I really wish some of the dish tines were further apart, like they were in my Kenmore Elite. Certain casserole dishes have a difficult time fitting in the Bosch.
But ... we're now using that 3rd tray for the flatware and it definitely leaves us more space on the bottom rack

3. Any problems and how was the service experience?
- No problems, thank goodness.

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The top of the line models on their website that show 38 or 39 dBA noise level are made in Germany. The 40 and above dBA machines are made in USA and are deeper front-to-back so the racks can be about 1-1/2" longer. The German ones are shallower to fit typical European cabinetry which is less than the 24"d common in America.

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I've owned Bosch SHE58C since June '07. I think this is "800+," though not sure. It needed service in August '09 to replace failing motor and sound-proofing. Also have had to replace filters twice, but can get part myself via web for cheap.

Cleaning is fine, but not as good as a prior Bosch that was excellent. I understand that later models do not clean as well due to reduced water heating. Rumor I heard was reduction was required to address safety issue where older models were linked to fires. Had friend whose kitchen fire was started by older Bosch dishwasher. When insurance adjuster arrived he apparently named the culprit dishwasher before being told by friend. But those old ones cleaned so well!

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