OT ))) I'm Still Kicking - And Fall Will Arrive

slinkeyOctober 3, 2010

A bit OT here..

Around this time, I usually have all my Fall stuff up, and I'm on to Halloween...This time however, I've been dragging. Pushing to get it done... Especially this past week, I've been ignoring all the 'Lupus Flare Up' signs, and just kept on going...until Friday...I felt like I was hit by a truck.. Cut to the chase, yesterday, My Doctor sent me to the ER... I had a high fever and very low BP. I was hooked up to IVs to bring up my BP and antibiotics to rid an internal infection which my immune system couldn't fight. Finally and thankfully, after being stabilized 6 hrs later, and (with much pleading on my part) they allowed me to go home....And > Not before the doctor gave me a stiff warning > Not to be stupid again and ignore these symptoms because this time they were able take care of it in time.

So now that I'm home (on meds and trying not to be stressed)...I've been 'Read The Riot Act' from those I'm always 'Preaching To' when 'They' don't take care of themselves, and go to the doctor !

I think Mothers/Wives/Women... never take what's ailing them

seriously...or can 'Make' the time for it..until it's too late.

Lesson Learned...ya think?

Anyway...enough of my 'Pitty Party'... I've got pictures

to post and will do so 'slowly'...

As DH says...' I'm A Glutton For Punishment'... I said

'I've Got To Get It Done.. ...It's Good Therapy, And Will Take My Mind Off Myself' !!


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Oh, Jane, that is quite a scary time for you & family! I am happy that your dr sent you to the hospital & the necessary things were done to get you back on your feet again! Hospitals are no fun at all ...I, another, tend to procastinate those "signs"...so we better shape up, hadn't we, woman! Take good care of yourself...post pics slowly & don't overload on Fall decor...Tksgvg will be coming & Christmas takes alot of time! Sending good thoughts & prayer your way...& listen to your DH & those others who you "preach to." Jeanne S.

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Oh Jane, This breaks my heart you waited so long before giving in. You do need to take care of yourself and try your hardest to keep the stress level down. We will give you until next year if that's what it takes to Get It Done!!! Maybe this was a big enough scare for you to put yourself first for awhile and stop being the "Head of the Class" always.

I am excited to see your decorations but please watch for signs and no more ignoring the way you feel. With that being said this is a good reminder for me to get an appointment scheduled for the following week for a check up that is WAAAAAAY past due.

Take Care My DF and meet with your doctor on a regular basis so that your condition and treatment can be monitored. Your way to sweet to be this sick. Makes me sad thinking about what you've been through.

Now get back on the couch and take it easy. Practice what you preach my dear. Sending Love and Prayers your way for a speedy recovery.


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Jane, what an ordeal you've been thru. I hope you take the doc's warning to heart since he let you come home!!
I'm afraid you deserved to be read the Riot Act by those who love you. Ignoring Lupus signs like that.

We love you here as well, so take better care of yourself
for us too.

Holding you close in thoughts and prayers,

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Thank you very much Sweet Ladies..
Jeanne I love your Vintage Photo...they always make me smile.
I've spent the entire day off my feet and in this dang bed!
If it weren't for this computer here with me...I think I'd go stir crazy.
I'm taking heed and will stop to 'listen' to my body more quickly. I don't want to go thru that scare again.
I'm scheduled to see my Dr again the end of the week, so that's good.
Punk...if my post made you 'Stop & Think' about making an appointment for yourself...then That's A Good Thing That Made Me Smile.
As I said, and Jeanne repeated, we Never take the time to do that for ourselves... So Jeanne you too, sweetie..take the time.. I sometimes think of my DM and if she had only done that...she'd still be here today...but you'd think I would have learned... so you see...I should 'Listen To Myself Too...as I'm Preaching To Others'..


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We must have been posting at the same time.
Thank you for your kind words..
As you know, Lupus and Fibro..are very similar, so you can well relate with all you go thru.
It's something I like to forget about when I'm okay...and try ignore when I get a 'flare up'.
Stupid, as the Dr put it, because this,or worse, can happen when you don't acknowledge it.
I appreciate you being there and for caring...

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Jane, Since I'm new here I don't know much about the others who have been here for a while. I am really sorry to hear about your flare up of lupus. I hope you will be feeling better soon and able to do the things you enjoy. Please take care of yourself.

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OMG, (((Jane))), you're right, you do need to start listening to your body's warning signs closer . . . and acting on them sooner, too! I'm so sorry that you had to go through your bad Lupus flare-up and ER trauma, but glad that you're on the road to recovery from it. Please let everyone around you spoil you for awhile, at least.

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Janey girl...you are just gonna' havta' take better care of yourself...what would we do if you couldn't bring your sweet self to the table??????????
I hope you are much better today and are listening to everyone who "fusses" at you!!
Texas sized hugs to you,

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Thank you...
NanaK...such thoughtful words..So glad you've joined us.
Lynn...Always concerned towards others...
I'm taking advantage of the 'spoiling' !
Jay...Always looking after others in so many special ways...Thanks for your Tx Huggs!

I've been 'laying low' all day yesterday and today.
I actually thought I was going to get up and get going today, but was a little...woozy..sooo, I went right back to bed..
There's always tomorrow.


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Jane, so glad you posted to let us know what's been going on with you--and here I had thought you were just busy getting your witch silhouette all finished up! So glad you are resting a bit now, and will follow the doctor's instructions. You are right, we women tend to think our symptoms will just go away if we ignore them--and yet, we fuss at the rest of our friends/family when they do that! You are very important to us, so please don't feel pressured to decorate, it's more important that you feel well enough to enjoy the season. Hugs to you--and I'm so glad to hear you have a laptop to keep you company--that means you can still be with us! ;o) Luvs

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Luvs...just read your post..and Thank you for your
caring words.
I'm feeling much better, and I'm looking foward to being out and about again real soon. I see the Dr on Wed - to get an 'all clear' and can hopefully move on.

Funny, the Witch has been sitting in the shed for a couple of weeks now..DH got her done real fast along with the cats.
I was going to put her up this past weekend, but..you know why that didn't happen...lol Hopefully in a few days..as I promised the kids.

As far as my Fall decos...I've got most done too. I think that's where I pushed too hard when I was feeling awful.
Right now, I'm in bed, downloading pics to Photobucket and will be posting. TG for this laptop!


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Jane, I am sorry to hear of your flare up. You are surely over doing. And you know, we can't help anyone if we are sick!
I know easy to say, but really, take care of yourself.
Prayers for a speedy recovery!

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Jane, you're on my prayer list.

Be careful, kiddo.

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Thanks for the advice...I know what you mean, and of course, you're right.

OA.. Thanks...I can use all the 'Prayer Input' I can get...

Thank you both ..it's nice to know someone's 'out there' who cares..


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