Any recs for a stylish, very well-made shower drain?

threeapplesJune 8, 2012

my tile guy is suggesting a brand, I can't remember what it's called, but it looks sort of cheap. What have you all been using? thanks!

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Don't know the brands, but do know to put the drain along the edge rather than in the middle where your feet will stand uncomfortably atop it. Or better yet, a trench drain.

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My plumber bought a drain that I'm sure was great -- but the drain cover was a yucky color that didn't match anything in my new bathroom. I had it powder coated to match my matte black faucets. yay! problem solved. You can also get things electroplated if you're trying to match a metal. Now that I think about it, I should have painted it to match my light tile instead.

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Trench drains are in.

They should have been in years ago. The center drain, although easy to install, puts the yuck right under your feet.

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I sought out this one because it was easy to remove the cover to take out hair. I have the brushed nickel and am very happy with how it looks. My tile setter appreciated that it was square, since I had small mosaic tile on the floor.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ebbe drains

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We have the same drain cover as olychick. I like the looks of it and it does collect the hair for easy removal.

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thanks, i was thinking of the ebbe drain as well. but, i have been looking into trench drains and am curious about those.
any comments on trench drains? thanks!

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A trench drain under the shower door (rather than a threshold to step over), with the shower floor and the rest of the bathroom floor both both slightly sloped towards the drain, makes it easy to clean the rest of the bathroom floor with a wet mop and/or water spray since everything will flow into the into the same drain. And there's no risk of a plumbing problem flooding your bathroom or your house with that arrangement. I suppose putting the trench drain behind the shower would allow the same thing, but I like the shower floor to be sequestered.

Although a small tile-sized drain could work the same way I suppose if you go with a non-threshold shower setup.

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I am using the ebbe drain as well. The was helpful over the phone. I ended up ordering the drain and the entire head and my plumbers found it easy to install.

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