Faux Pumpkins, thumbtacks, and a tomato cage

PurplemoonOctober 11, 2012

Faux pumpkins with Krylon's Looking Glass Spray Paint

Faux pumpkins with Thumbtacks....

Tomato Cage for Fall Tree, you could also had the little white lights.

Enjoy, Karen

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Karen, the glass pumpkins are beautiful. Faux pumpkins w/tacks are awesome. That tomato cage with the vine, leaves and faux gourds and pumpkins is SWEET. I love the idea of adding lights too.

Some people are sooo talented.Thanks


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The "looking glass" pumpkins are cool, and OUCH on the thumbtacks! lol. I didn't expect that! :p

BUT... the tomato cage is so cute and it reminded me of an idea I had last winter. I was thinking I could take that up a notch and make those from my homegrown basket-weaving willow with no cage at all -- just a willow frame with twined willow. They'd be awesome because I can make them 6 feet tall if I want to -- my tallest willow is probably 8 feet! My willow won't be harvested for use until November, so I need to remember to make some then!!!

Thank you, PM!!! :)

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Love them! Does anyone know how long a pumpkin will last after being spray painted?

We had a huge harvest of pumpkins..in August. Canned most of them for pies, and it was just too hot to even think about decorating them.

If they last quite awhile, I may buy one and do the glass spray.

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These 'faux' pumpkins are really cool! That looking glass paint is remarkable! TFS, PM!

party ... hope you can do up your idea w/your willow...sounds great! Jeanne S.

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Oakley, use a faux pumpkin and it will last forever. A real one would depend on the weather, if warm like here in Calif. it won't last long. Cooler weather maybe a week or two if you're lucky.

Karen, I didn't know there was looking glass spray paint. That could be neat on some items for a new year's party. Not sure why but I always think of black and silver as New Year's.

Tomato cage would be really cool with orange lights on it for nightime.


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All of these are really cool, but I LOVE the looking glass ones. I'm going to have to go look for some of that paint!


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I'm loving the ones with the thumbtacks.
Seeing the pretty tomatoe cage , I'm really regretting giving my cages away because I'm to lazy to plant tomatoes anymore.. lol

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Christmas candy...look @Hobby Lobby for looking glass paint ...I've seen it...expensive but can use your 40% coupon. Jeanne S

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Love all the ideas..but like everyone else...the
looking glass ones were amazing.
Jeanne I've seen the glass paint too and yes expensive..I don't have a Hobby Lobby..will have to check other sources.

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ha! Jeanne, I just couldn't stand to wait!!! I grabbed some of last year's willow and some took a bunch of fresh cuttings, cleared a spot in the garden to work, and went to it as fast as I could!!! I only had 3 hours of daylight left and couldn't do better than this slightly skewed tree in that time -- but I was SO anxious to give it a try! Here she is:

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Oh that is wonderful, party!!! See how you motivated party, Purplemoon!!! I absolutely LOVE your willow tree! You are so talented! Ok, now if you like 'lights,' they have specialty 'rice lights' or whatever (the tiny ones) that now come on brown wiring...you could wrap it w/those tiny white lights & it would need nothing else.

Or...you can leave it just like it is!! It's beautiful! TFS, party! Jeanne S.

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THANK YOU, Jeanne! I will look up the 'rice lights'!

And THANK YOU, PM, for reminding me! :)

I could also make the willow tree to be used in the garden for climbing vines. I think I will need to make LOTS of these in November when I harvest! I hope that I can find the time... it's also physically taxing (hard on the back and the hands!), so I can only do so much for so long.

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Mine look like this pic in the link ... I goggled 'brown wire rice lights' ... but I bought mine at a specialty shop on a day trip a few yrs ago...they blend right in w/vine tree.

Oh gosh, I don't know how you do keep up strength to make these ...my neck is stiff & hands sore just thinking about it! Wonderful work, Party! Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: Outer Banks Country Store

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FYI, I looked up some info on the Krylon Looking Glass spray paint. Hobby Lobby, and sometimes Home Depot, will have it. But its around $12 a can, and they are not very big.(I bought one last year to do some glass vases with).
This product is meant to be applied to glass to give it a mirrored or mercury glass effect, and while you can't see your reflection or anything... the shiny metallic finish can be used on other items well. Once dry, you can add on several coats of poly to make it extra shiny!

I am wondering if Rustoleum's metallic Chrome Spray wouldn't do the pumpkins as well, and be a lot cheaper?

hugs, Karen

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Karen, I just searched Amazon because I buy EVERYTHING there, and they have it cheaper and shipping is free on orders over $25:

I added it to my 'wish list', though I don't have any idea what I'd use it for. ;^)

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Love the trees on here!! How do you keep the wind from blowing them over? I have a 3' artificial greenery tree below that I decorate all year round. Have tried putting it outside, but when we get a wind, it blows it over. Here is a picture of the tree:

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donna ...my vine tree is decorated on my enclosed porch ...so it's out of the weather...at Christmas I bring it to the dining room & it's there thru Valentine's Day. I would have the same trouble as you with the wind...blowing over! Your tree looks very festive for the Fall season! TFS!

party ...I also use Amazon...love the free shipping over $25 (some exceptions tho). TFS that info. Jeanne S.

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donna, I tried putting a full-size artificial tree on my porch last winter and it got blown over two or three times in very windy storms. My idea for this year is to try using an umbrella stand, rather than an xmas tree stand. I'm talking about the heavy wrought iron stands that are used for outdoor dining table umbrellas. I figure it won't be able to blow over in that! we'll see...

Jeanne, my grapevine trees have a heavy internal frame built from 2x4s. I don't think they could be blown over in a strong wind.

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