Any way to restore old chrome?

blondelleJune 3, 2013

I have 50 year old bathrooms in a rental with old corroded chrome. It's cloudy, greenish in spots, a bit rusty and nasty looking. The pieces are inset into the tile and were to hold soap and tooth brushes at one time. Removing them would break the tile. We tried some Noxon on them which didn't do much. Would Wenol help?

Is there anything that can be rubbed on them to deposit some metal on the chrome to make them look better? I once saw these products to make wood look like metal. You would apply it and then polish it up. Any spray on metal that would give them an even matte metal look I could use?

I'm sure others have dealt with this in an old house. Have you found a solution at all? Please help if you can. Thanks much!

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"I'm sure others have dealt with this in an old house. Have you found a solution at all? Please help if you can. Thanks much!"

The solution is to rip it out and replace it. Nothing lasts forever - 50 years - you got your money's worth!

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Are you sure there is not a tiny set screw on the bottom of the piece that fixes it to the part this is set into the tile?

I may be stating the obvious thing you already looked for but some of it was made to come off.

If it is the inset alcove type of thing, I was able to pry mine out with no damage to the tile very carefully. They were grouted into the mud bed, not attached with some kind of clamp and tiled around like some are.

We are currently renting an apartment in the same complex and the owner of this one carefully applied what feels like latex caulk as a layer over the recessed soap dishes. I don't know how he got it so smooth and it's odd and rubbery but at least it's not green and rusty.

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you just have to take it out and to replace it with new one, its a best solution for you. Dont waste your money, because it would b pain for you in future to refix it. You have to replace.

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Flitz or Simichrome polishes if there is any actual finish left.

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If you can remove them without damaging the wall, you can always have them rechromed.

I have a couple of plumbing parts for a 1920s sink at a metal plater right now.

If you don't know where to start - do what I did - call you local Harley dealership and ask who they use for custom chrome work. It's surprisingly not that expensive (at least locally).

And if you have a 1950s bathroom - it's totally OK to keep it retro with all the cool features they had. Yes, new and shiny is nice, but I think it's just that midcentury design is just coming into its own. Check out Retro Renovation for ideas - #savethepinkbathrooms! ;-)

Always ;-)

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